How Do I Keep Dogs Off Outdoor Furniture?

How Do I Keep Dogs Off Outdoor Furniture?

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You are not alone if you own a dog and struggle to keep them from getting on your outdoor furniture. While we love our canine companions, none of us want muddy paw prints all over the backyard chairs or couches!

It is essential to learn how to discourage dogs from jumping onto outdoor furniture – luckily for us, there are easy methods to help ensure your yard remains clean! We will discuss various tips and tricks for keeping your pet off outdoor furniture so that everyone in the family can enjoy lounging outside without any pesky animals making messes. Keep reading to learn more!

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Effective Strategies for Keeping Dogs Off Your Outdoor Furniture

For dog owners, maintaining the cleanliness of outdoor furniture can be a challenging task. Our furry friends, as much as we adore them, often leave behind muddy paw prints and fur on our backyard seating arrangements.

However, there’s no need to compromise on enjoying your outdoor space with your pet. In this section, we’ll explore various practical and easy-to-implement methods designed to discourage dogs from occupying your outdoor furniture.

Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn jumper or a sneaky lounger, these tips and tricks will help ensure your outdoor area remains inviting and clean for all family members. Stay tuned to discover how you can enjoy your outdoor oasis without the hassle of unwanted pet messes.

Train Your Dogs Not To Sit On The Furniture

Of course, the best way to keep your dog off the furniture is to train them not to sit or lie on your outdoor furniture. But for this to work, it will take some training.

Here are the best ways to train your dog not to sit on the furniture.

  • Start When The Dog Is Young – You can teach older dogs not to sit on your furniture, but it is easier to start when they are young or come into your home. Otherwise, if you change suddenly, it can confuse the dogs.
  • Be Consistent – With dog training, you need to be consistent. If you are not consistent, training your dog will also be hard.
  • Teach Them The “Off’ Or “No” Cue – Make sure that your dog understands the “off” or “no” cue. One way to do this is to toss a small treat onto the floor and then with a sweeping hand gesture as you dog move saying “off.” When you repeat that enough, the dog should understand what “off” means.
  • Have A Spot The Dog Knows Is Their Own – If you do not want your dog on your patio furniture, then consider having a spot that he knows is his own, like an outdoor bed or blanket.

Most dogs like to be near their masters, so if you are outdoors, the chances are that your dog will want to be with you and near you. So having a spot he can call home will help to feel he is part of the group conversation or your life, but he still has a spot he considers his own.

Turn The Furniture Upside Down

One way to ensure that your pet is not on the furniture is if you have chairs, you can stack the chairs or you can lean the chairs against the table.

This will ensure that your dog cannot get onto the furniture when you are not home.

Bring Furniture Indoors Or Store It When Not In Use

You can store your furniture or bring it into an indoor space when it is not in use. That way, you only bring your furniture out when you’re using it outdoors in your outdoor space.

Although outdoor furniture is designed to withstand outdoor elements, it is still essential to bring outdoor furniture indoors during winter. This will help protect your outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions, such as extreme cold and snow, which can cause damage to outdoor furnishings.

We recommend you always bring your outdoor furniture indoors during winter. Not only will the furniture last longer, but it will also add to the longevity of the cushion parts and other things. It also means that your dogs and other animals cannot get on the furniture when it is stored indoors.

Buy Animal Spike Mats

You can buy some spike mats when the furniture is not in use. These are mats to ensure that no animals, including your dog, will get on the furniture when it is not in use.

These spike mats are very efficient to be used. If you have a place you do not want your dog to go, these spike mats are a great solution. Eventually, they will also help to train your dog not to go onto the furniture as they will not want to sit or lie on the spike mats.

Use Animal Deterrents Like Sprays Or Repellents

Various sprays and repellents are available on the market and specifically designed to discourage animals from specific areas. If your outdoor furniture is used as a toilet area for your pet, these sprays can effectively discourage them from returning to the same area.

It can also help to get other animals off your outdoor furniture.

Create A Designated Pet Free Zone

You can set up a designated outdoor area for your pets. It can help them to understand where you want them to be when they are outdoors. Some people may use a fence and have a fence where their pets will be located outdoors.

You can train your dog to understand that the area where your patio furniture is is pet-free, and they are not to go there.

Choose High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

If none of these ideas seem to be a good option, we suggest you invest in high-quality outdoor furniture with cushions. Investing in quality outdoor furniture will help to ensure that the outdoor furniture is more resistant to wear and tear caused by pet use.

This will ensure that your furniture will last longer and look better for extended periods.

Buy Outdoor Furniture That Has No Cushions

You can also purchase outdoor furniture that has no cushions. Today, many very comfortable styles will last a long time and will have no cushions. The advantage of this is that you can clean this off more easily.

Our office dog (Pelle) also loves sitting on outdoor furniture.

When looking for outdoor furniture without cushions, it is essential to look for high-quality pieces designed to withstand the elements. Look for teak wood, faux rattan woven, metal, or lightweight concrete that can handle rain and snow exposure.

Outdoor furniture can provide a stylish and comfortable experience in your outdoor oasis. But to ensure that outdoor space has no problems, we recommend you look at ways to help ensure that your dog or other animals do not destroy your outdoor furniture,

If you have any questions about outdoor furniture and pet damage prevention, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!  Happy outdoor living!  

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