Our Artisans

Helping Local Craftsmen – With A Social Conscience

Mondoro actively seeks to work with a small enterprise that is run and operated by women.   We believe it is our responsibility to have a social conscience as we passionately seek to develop this part of the world we call home.  For us, this means ensuring ethical job creations. 

We strive to work with small to medium-sized enterprises (SEM’s) out in the local craft villages, where families have been manufacturing the same kind of product for many centuries.   We help preserve the heritage of these craft villages and the skill and knowledge of these local craftsmen. 


From the lacquer villages of Vietnam to the wood factories of China, many Asian artisans have been developing their craft and skills for centuries.   Mondoro actively seeks out to train and mentor these local artisans to compete on a global scale.  

Without the help and support of Mondoro, many of these craftsmen would not be able to survive in today’s fast-changing and competitive world.  By passionately focusing on these local craftsmen, we believe we are impacting the local economies positively. 

Meet Some Of Our Artisans


Loi is the 5th Generation of his family to be involved in ceramic manufacturing.  He has such great skill that he has several museum-quality pieces in museums around Vietnam. In generations past, his family produced ceramics for the Kings of Vietnam.  Now a new generation has taken over with his oldest son as the head of the factory. 


Lan’s family and her village have been producing lacquer for over 800 years; the entire family is involved in lacquer production.   They live at their factory, and so her son and daughter-in-law are also deeply involved in manufacturing lacquer and other products.


Long grew up in the basket village where his family and the entire village have been weaving baskets and furniture for about 500 years. He literally grew up in his home learning how to weave wicker, rattan, seagrass, and other natural fibers.   

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