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Mondoro - Affiliate Disclaimer
Mondoro – Affiliate Disclaimer – Swim At Your Own Risk

This is my Affiliate and earnings disclaimer, so I can comply with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guide. If you enjoy reading government policy, please feel free to read the guide by clicking here.

With that said, please note you are now visiting “” (this website) at your own risk.

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Published Content

The content we publish on may contain affiliate links and/or targeted affiliate advertisements, offers, photos, graphs, and banners to relevant products and services that I, Anita Hummel, or others who write on trust or use in our daily business and life. We will, therefore, recommend these products to the visitors of our website, frequent readers, and clients.

As part of this, we may also do some Product Reviews and give a star rating to a product we have used or recommend.

If you click on an affiliate link, this means by “your” action that it will be tracked as clicking on the link through cookies. If you want to know more about our cookie policy, please click here.

But, should you wish to click on any of the affiliate links or affiliate advertisements placed on to purchase a product or service, please understand that Mondoro or “I” may also earn a small commission at no additional cost to “you”. This helps to support this blog.

These products and services that “I” ( recommend maybe also be mentioned through:

  • Online reviews, articles, blog posts, and product reviews.
  • Video content, audio podcasts, and other electronic forms of content and communication.
  • Email newsletters. may also promote affiliate products, services, and information on their social media platforms, including:

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If does happen to mention or endorse products and services on social media, these will be marked with the hashtag #Ad or #Recommend

Products, services, and other information we are endorsing we pay for ourselves. If, for some reason, it was given free, we will disclose this to you. and Anita Hummel will not be held responsible for any success gained or lost if you choose to purchase or buy a product or service recommended or reviewed on

Furthermore, we will also not be held responsible for any success gained or loss made if “you” take any advice or use any techniques, teachings, methods, or strategies outlined on this website or any other medium or communication we may use.

Simply, there are unknown risks in any business, and in particular online business, that Mondoro or I cannot foresee.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or these terms, or any of the content found on this website, please feel free to contact me, Anita Hummel (the site owner), at