What Does A Supply Chain Look Like?

What Does A Supply Chain Look Like?

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Anyone that is buying or selling products is part of the supply chain. If you are buying products from overseas, it is good to understand what a supply chain looks like.

The supply chain looks at the network and connection between suppliers and companies as they create, manufacture, and distribute a product to the end consumer. It is about the product’s lifecycle, from raw materials to deliverers to the end consumer. Supply Chain mapping is one of the most effective ways to look at and understand the supply chain.

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What Does A Supply Chain Look Like?

The Supply Chain is a network of companies that will work together to move products from one stage of the production process to the final customer. Usually, most supply chains will have several companies working together, each with different roles.

The Supply Chain is identified as follows:

“A Supply chain is a network of individuals and companies who are involved in creating a product and delivering it to the consumer. Links on the chain begin with the producers of the raw materials and end when the van delivers the finished product to the end user,”

Supply Chain – Investopedia

From this definition, when we learn that the supply chain is the entire product lifecycle; a supply chain goes from the raw material of the product to when the finished product is delivered to the end consumer.

Supply Chain Mapping Helps Show Us What The Supply Chain Looks Like

To fully understand what a supply chain looks like, it is good to do a supply chain mapping. Supply chain mapping shows how a product can get from a different point in the distribution to the end customer.

Example of Supply Chain Mapping
China says (Purchase some parts) Vietnam (production of lamps) FOB. Hai Phong Vietnam export to the USA but by container ship.
We can have ships stopping in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and going to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles USA distribution.

Supply chain mapping looks at the entire lifecycle, from the production of the raw materials to the product getting to the end consumer. The mapping would track and look at all these points for the product to travel or go.

Supply chain mapping is essential because it can help customers see how their products need to move from one location to another. It can also help to define and see any bottlenecks or problems that can take place.

Here is some reason why Supply Chain mapping is an essential part of the Supply Chain:

  • Helps Identify Delays – Supply chain mapping can help companies to identify any delays in their supply chain. If a particular area has some delays, they can take steps to correct them.
  • See Production Problems – Production and manufacturing goods can often be a problem. By mapping out the supply chain production problems, a company can see what they need to do to correct them.
  • Issues That Can Negatively Impact Operations – A supply chain mapping can also help companies review any other issues that can negatively impact their operations.

Why Supply Chain Mapping Is Important

For many companies part of the supply chain, supply chain mapping is essential to their supply chain analysis. Here are some of the reasons why companies will look to do a supply chain mapping:

  • Minimize Costs – Effective supply chain mappings can help companies to look at ways to minimize costs.
  • Improve Customer Service – Supply chain mapping can help a company look at ways to improve customers.
  • Ensure Smooth And Effective Flow Of Products – At the core of supply chain mapping is to ensure the smooth flow of products; a supply chain mapping helps companies to see how effective their supply chain processes are.

Supply Chain Mapping Is Beneficial

The supply chain mapping benefits all the parties involved in the supply chain. The supply chain mapping helps all parties understand what is happening to the products and when.

Supply Chain Mapping Is Beneficial To Customers

Customer service and customers are at the core of the supply chain mapping. Supply chain mapping helps customers to understand where the products are coming from.

This can help the customers to make an informed decision about the products. It can also assure the customers that the product is safe and produced with quality.

Supply chain mapping also helps companies to create a better customer service experience for their customers.

Supply Chain Mapping Is Beneficial To Companies

Supply Chain mapping is also beneficial to the companies. It helps companies to be able to make the best decisions possible for their supply chain needs.

It also allows companies to examine how they must improve their supply chain. At the core of supply chain mapping helps a company look at how its supply chain looks as it follows the product from the raw materials to when it reaches the end consumer.

The supply chain is about ensuring a product’s lifecycle from raw materials to when it reaches consumers. Supply chain mapping allows companies to follow their products throughout their lifecycle stages.

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