10 Key Skills Every Sourcing Professional Needs

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Sourcing is an essential part of any supply chain. There are many different attributes and traits that a successful sourcing professional needs.

An excellent sourcing professional needs to be someone who can build and not tear down the relationships required to get the products’ quality, price, and quantity that you need. Professional sourcing needs to understand the product while at the same time having the mathematical, technical, and analytical skills required for them to source products successfully.

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The Top 10 Essential Skills for a Successful Sourcing Professional

In the dynamic and challenging world of sourcing, professionals are required to navigate a complex landscape of negotiations, supplier relationships, market trends, and risk management. To excel in this field, certain key skills are indispensable.

Our comprehensive guide unveils the top 10 skills that we believe are crucial for any sourcing professional aiming for success. These skills range from technical know-how to interpersonal abilities, each playing a pivotal role in effectively managing sourcing operations.

Whether you’re just starting in the industry or looking to refine your expertise, understanding and mastering these skills can significantly enhance your performance and career trajectory in sourcing.

A Sourcing Professional Needs Relationship Skills

Relationship skills are soft skill, but it is also a skill that is very important for every sourcing professional. Relationship skills are essential because what you will do as a sourcing professional is about building relationships and trust with others.

If you are mean or do not treat people well, they may not sell to you; if they do not like you, they may be willing to do that extra bit. In my home decor and home furnishing industry, that little extra bit can make all the difference between the success or failure of a product. People want to work with people that they like.

Sourcing Professionals Need Product Knowledge

To correctly source a product, you must have product knowledge. There is so much technical understanding and know-how in any product purchasing decision.

Professional sourcing personnel needs to have the proper product knowledge, or they need to have the ability to know where and how they can obtain that knowledge. Having this knowledge also helps them assess whether or not a supplier will be able to get them the quality, quantity, and price that they require so they can make the right purchasing decisions.

Sourcing Professional Needs Research Ability

To be a successful sourcing professional, you also need to have the ability to research. Throughout my years in Asia, I have found that some of the best sources are often not showing at Trade fairs or even on social media. Sometimes, some of the best sources we see are the ones we have to search for or use our connections to find.

A professional sourcing expert must be able to research and dig deep to find the best possible resources.

Sourcing Professional Needs Analytical Skills

Sourcing professionals need to have excellent analytical skills.  A sourcing professional is going to have to be able to dissect a lot of data and understand that data will come in to make the best decision possible.

When you are working with sourcing, you need to understand numbers. You need to know the FOB cost, what it will cost to do the shipping, and what it will cost to get the product to the end customer or your warehouse. An excellent sourcing professional needs to understand all of these things and be able to calculate them easily when looking at the pricing of the products they are sourcing.

Sourcing Professional Needs Negotiating Skills

An essential skill for the professional sourcing team is negotiating with their suppliers. Negotiation is a refined skill as it requires you to know precisely when to push a supplier and when to pull a supplier. To be a good negotiator, you need to read the other person and understand what more they can give you to get a fair price.

Sometimes, it is best to fold up and walk away when negotiating. Other times, you need to be able to sit at the table to work out a solution. An excellent sourcing professional understands when they need to do each of these in their negotiation tactics and which one is best for them to use.

Sourcing Professionals Need Cultural Understanding

Today most professional sourcing professionals also need to understand the culture they are buying or sourcing products from. In our home decor industry, many products are being made overseas. Sourcing professionals need to have some cultural understanding of where they source their products from.

A cultural understanding will help them better understand the companies and factories they are buying from and will help give a lot of goodwill between them and those manufacturers.

A Sourcing Professional Needs To Be Tech Savvy

So much of sourcing today is done through technology. An excellent sourcing professional needs to be tech-savvy and understand basic computer programs. It is no longer just about knowing Excel or Word; many other programs and technical skills are needed.

A Sourcing Professional Needs Industry Knowledge

Professional sourcing personnel need to have in-depth industry knowledge. The experienced sourcing personnel needs to understand what they are buying, where they are buying it from, and the acceptable quality and price for the industry standard.

Whenever I go to the factory, I always want to see the area where they are packing or ready to load a container. I like to check the cartons to see who they are selling.

A good sourcing professional should understand their industry and some of the top names, carton markings, or brand names. Understanding this can help them know what the factory can or cannot do and what quality level and price the factory is manufacturing.

Understanding all of these things takes a great deal of industry knowledge.

A Sourcing Professional Needs To Collaborate

To be an excellent source of a professional, you also need to be an ideal collaborator. Sourcing is only one part of the supply chain process.

To be a sourcing professional, you should be able to be a team player. Sourcing and procurement decisions are usually made with a team and not just one person. An excellent sourcing professional can collaborate for all their sourcing and other needs.

A Sourcing Professional Needs Patience

Sourcing, especially global sourcing, will require some degree of patience. It may take your time to get some necessary answers, or you may need to have patience with another person as they may not speak English as their native language, so you may not fully understand what they are trying to tell you.

Sourcing is an essential part of any supply chain. It is also one part of the supply chain that requires many different skills to find the correct sources. It is not always easy to find the products you need at the quality, quantity, and price required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities are important for an excellent sourcing professional?

An excellent sourcing professional needs to possess relationship-building skills, as well as an ability to understand the product and have mathematical, technical, and analytical skills to source products successfully.

How important is relationship-building in the role of a sourcing professional?

Relationship-building is crucial for a sourcing professional as it enables them to establish and maintain connections with suppliers, negotiate effectively, and foster long-term partnerships that contribute to obtaining the desired product quality, price, and quantity.

Why is understanding the product important for a sourcing professional?

Understanding the product allows the sourcing professional to identify the specific requirements, evaluate potential suppliers’ capabilities, and make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable suppliers for the job.

What analytical skills should a professional sourcer possess?

A professional sourcer should possess analytical skills that enable them to assess market trends, evaluate supplier performance, analyze pricing structures, and identify cost-saving opportunities, ultimately leading to effective sourcing strategies.

How does mathematical skill contribute to successful sourcing?

Mathematical skills are valuable in various aspects of sourcing, such as calculating costs, comparing supplier quotes, analyzing pricing structures, and conducting financial assessments. These skills aid in making data-driven decisions and optimizing the sourcing process.

What technical skills are necessary for a sourcing professional?

Technical skills relevant to sourcing may include proficiency in using procurement software, understanding supply chain systems, knowledge of industry-specific regulations, and familiarity with quality assurance and inspection processes.

Can a sourcing professional solely rely on relationships without technical and analytical skills?

While relationships are important, relying solely on them without technical and analytical skills may limit the effectiveness of the sourcing professional. Technical and analytical skills provide the foundation for strategic decision-making, supplier evaluation, and achieving optimal outcomes.

How does a sourcing professional contribute to product quality?

A sourcing professional plays a crucial role in ensuring product quality by selecting reputable suppliers, conducting quality inspections, implementing quality control measures, and addressing any quality-related issues that may arise during the sourcing process.

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