Where Do Small Furniture Stores Get Their Furniture?

Where Do Small Furniture Stores Get Their Furniture?

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If you want to open or start a small furniture store, you may wonder where small furniture stores get their furniture and products.

Many small furniture stores will buy their products wholesale from a wholesale furniture company. Many companies in the United States wholesale furniture to small furniture stores. Other small furniture stores may decide they want to manufacture or produce the products themselves. Successful stores have used both methods to source furniture for them to sell in their store.

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Small Furniture Stores Get Their Furniture From Wholesalers

Small furniture stores will usually buy their furniture from furniture wholesalers. There are many reasons small furniture stores will work with a wholesaler and not try to purchase and design the furniture themselves.

  • Do Not Need To Keep Stock – The small furniture store will only need to buy the furniture they show or sell in their shop; they do not have to keep much stock. Keeping stock can be expensive, especially for a small furniture store.
  • Wholesaler Does The Design – Many furniture wholesalers have an in-house design team that will do the design for their furniture and other products. The small furniture store does not need to worry about the design but can buy the products they like from wholesalers with the designs they want.
  • May Get Financing – Many wholesalers may give some small furniture stores some financing. This depends upon the wholesaler and your agreement with them.
  • Wholesalers Do Drop Shipping – Many wholesalers may also help you do some drop shipping. This means that you will not need to have a warehouse or keep goods in a warehouse; instead, they will help you to ship the furniture directly to your client.

This is why many small furniture stores continue to purchase furniture from wholesalers; because of all the services they offer to the small furniture stores, they are an essential resource to these smaller stores.

Wholesalers and small furniture stores will work together. They are stakeholders in a business aiming to get the products to the smaller furniture stores.

Buying Furniture Wholesale In The United States

Most small furniture stores will attend a trade show to meet with wholesalers and their products. In the United States, the major trade shows are.

  • High Point Furniture Market – The High Point furniture market takes place in April and October each year. It is the major furniture show in the United States and, in fact, the world. At this show, you can find many different types of products and many different types of furniture. If you are serious about opening up a small furniture store, this would be the market to go to and the place to see as much as possible.
  • Las Vegas Furniture Mart – There is also a Las Vegas Furniture Mart, which takes place from the end of July to early August or the end of January to early February each year. This has also become a significant furniture market, with many of the major wholesalers having showrooms in this market.

The Las Vegas and the High Point Market are probably the major furniture markets now for at least medium to high-end furniture. There are also other markets you can consider attending, especially if you live in cities such as San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago. All furniture wholesalers may not be showing at all these markets, but you may be able to find enough people you can buy from by attending them.

To learn more about attending these markets, you can read our blog on High Point Furniture Market, Insider Tips, And Guide by clicking here.

These markets are generally not open for retail sales. Sometimes you may be able to go to the market together with an interior designer if you are sourcing some products for a specific project or home. Most of the furniture wholesalers want to see you be able to buy a certain amount of goods before they open up an account for you.

Also, to get into most furniture showrooms at any of the markets, you will need a market pass. Each showroom will also usually have a front desk, and the front desk will want you to sign in and know who you are before they show you the products and the pricing.

If you were opening up a small furniture store, you might even find that some wholesalers do not sell you products as they may already have an agreement with a store in your area. You must check out all those things before going to any of these markets.

You can find a list of the major furniture markets by reading Where To Buy Home Decor Items For Retail Or Your Online Store? by clicking here.

Manufacture Their Furniture And Products

Some small furniture stores may decide that they do not want to buy from a wholesaler but would instead design and have their products manufactured for their store. Some may try to find a local manufacturer to produce the products they need.

Usually, small production runs like this can be quite expensive, but some small furniture stores may be selling very high-end or custom-made products, so this is the route they’ve decided to go.

Others may decide that they want to buy the product directly from overseas. Usually, most overseas manufacturers will require you to buy at least a minimum quantity for all the products you wish to purchase. If you are a small furniture store, you will need to have the ability to carry and sell quite a bit of stock.

Those are the two significant ways most small furniture stores will get their products. Either they will work with the furniture wholesaler, or they will try to manufacture the products themselves.

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