Meet The Team

We are also passionate and very proud of our Team! It is our team that ensures the magic happens.

Meet The Team

Anita Louise Hummel - Mondoro


Team Captain
Lover of Dogs


China Manager
Detail Chief
Avid Walker


Vietnam Manager
Lacquer Artist
Trend Master
Yoga Enthusiast


Sourcing Enthusiast
Government Expert
Bead Stringer
Keen Runner


Quality Control Obsess
Lacquer Expert


Quality Fanatic
Avid Traveler


Office Mom
Cooking Expert
Showroom Organizer
Dog Walker


Rat Chaser
Food Connoisseur
Keeper of Secrets


Houdini Expert
Office Therapist
Neighborhood Watch

Work With This Great Mondoro Team!

We pride ourselves on not being like anyone else!  This is because when Mondoro started operations in 1997, not many people were talking about things like social conscience, ethical job creation, or making a difference in the communities we call home. 

But Anita, the founder of Mondoro, started to speak about those things right from the beginning.   Mondoro’s team always has their eyes and ears open to look for ways to make a difference while still creating, developing, and manufacturing awe-inspiring furniture and home décor products. 

That is just one of the many reasons to choose Mondoro since when you choose to work with our team and us, you are also saying that ethical job creation and working with a social conscience do matter.

At the same time, you are gaining an amazing team of trend lovers, unique and inspiring finish and color chip creators, product developers, and manufacturing quality fanatics. 

Contact Anita TODAY to find out more about how Mondoro can help you by clicking here.

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