Tips To Open An Online Home Decor Store

4 Tips To Open An Online Home Decor Store

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If you’re looking to start a home decor business, most people today are thinking about how they can sell their products online. It is not always easy to start a business, especially in the Home Decor industry and selling online.

To open an online home decor store, you need to narrow down and understand what type of home decor product you will buy and sell online. You also need to understand the price point and the market segment you will be selling to. You must know where you are going to source your product and how you will sell your product online.

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Unlocking Success: 4 Tips for Launching Your Online Home Decor Store

To establish an online home decor store successfully, it’s essential to start by defining the specific niche of home decor products you intend to offer online. Additionally, you should thoroughly comprehend the pricing strategy and target market you’ll be catering to. Equally important is having a clear plan for sourcing your products and outlining your online sales strategy.

Tip 1 – Know What Home Decor Products Your Will Sell Online

If you’re looking to open an online home decor store, one of the first things you need to understand is what you will sell online. Home decor is a broad term for home furnishing products.

If you’re looking to open an online home decor store, one of the first things you need to understand is what you will sell online, as home decor is an extensive term for home furnishing products.

Here are some of the basic categories from the home decor and home furnishing categories:

Lacquer Lamp By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Lamps – You need to understand what types of lamps you will sell as a table or floor lamps. To sell online in the United States, you need to have the UL, ETL, or another type of certification. If you are planning to sell to another worldwide location, you also need to understand what electrical certification is required. The electrical certification is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of looking to sell lamps online.
Brass Chandelier Product By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Lighting – Lighting is not the same as a lamp but is very similar. Lighting could include things at chandeliers, sconces, and those which will be plugged in or those requiring that they be wired. Again you need to fully understand what type of lighting you want to sell and at what price point. Especially in the lighting sector, the price points can go from low to high-end.
Gold Leaf Mirror By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Mirrors – Another large category would be those of mirrors. And even within mirrors, that could be different types of mirrors from small mirrors, floor mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and decorative mirrors.
Mother of Pearl Tray By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Trays – Another category for home decor is trays. Trays can be very small trays to a huge trays that would be put on Ottomans.
Faux Paper Box By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Boxes – Decorating boxes is another category that is quite popular for home decor. There are many types of boxes, everything from a jewelry box to an accessory box that would be put on the table. Boxes also come in various sizes and materials.
Seagrass Wall Decor By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Wall Art – The wall art category is part of the home decor sector that includes decorative wall art or wall art that is more like a piece of artwork.
Lacquer With Gold Leaf Table By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Accent Furniture – Small accent furniture can is a Home Decor category. Home accent furniture is usually a piece of furniture used as an accent piece in the home. Many times this would include a small side table.
Chair Metal Leg with Rattan Seat and Pillow By Mondoro Company Limited
  • Pillows, Cushions, And Textiles – Another home decor category could be pillows, cushions, and all l types of textiles for the home. Also, an extensive category can include anything from textiles for the kitchen to a throw pillow that someone would put on a sofa.

As you can see, the types of products you can sell in an online home decor store are vast. Most people starting to sell online need to narrow down and decide what kind of product they want to sell.

Tip 2 – Decide What Your Price Point Will Be

Next, you need to decide what your price point will be. In the home decor industry, there are several essential price points that can be divided up as follows:

  • Low-End Market – The low-end market would be the cheaper end of the market. To be very successful in this market, you would need to offer something at a price that is cheaper than someone can buy someplace else.
  • Low End To Medium End Market – The low-end to medium end of the market is a price range for a product that offers quality at a fair price. The low-end to medium-end market is usually considered a gift or gift product type. In going to many trade shows, I have seen some designs companies are offering in this price range at excellent prices.
  • Medium to High-end Market – The medium to high-end market is where many people work with designers or those who live in better houses. Many of the retail stores you see that sell to. this market segment is considered a better home decor store. To compete in this market you would need to offer unique designs that fit into the current home decor trends. Companies that do well in the medium to high-end market usually have designers helping to design their products.
  • High-End Market – The high-end market is for very high-quality products. To compete in this market, you must have unique designs and top quality and be offering something no one else has.

Before you start to sell them your home decor products, you need to know what kind of product you will sell and what price points. The type of products and the price points will help you focus on where to buy the products.

Tip 3 – Learn Where To Buy Products For Your Online Home Decor Store

Now that you know what kind and type of product and your price point range, you need to understand where or how to buy your products. Sourcing your products can be one of the most challenging aspects for most new online stores.

To find out more about this, we recommend that you read our blog Where To Buy Home Decor Items For Retail Or Your Online Store by clicking here. This blog post will give detailed places where you can consider buying items for your online store.

If you are going to manufacture the product yourself and then sell it, then you need also to figure out all the logistics and manufacturing aspects of the business, such as where you will buy your raw materials, how many items you can make in a day, the price you will sell them and how you many you can produce to sell each month.

Tip 4 – Understand How To Sell Your Products Online

Once you have decided what to buy, what price point you will segment, and where you will buy your home decor products, the next question will be how you will sell your products online. For most people, selling products online will probably be one of the most challenging aspects.

Here are some of the significant places where people put their products online to be sold:

  • Your Website – You can build a website and put your products on your website to sell them. The problem is that first, people will need to be able to find your website before they can buy them. One of the popular ways to do this is Shopify.
  • Social Media – Social media has become very popular in the last few years as a way to sell your products. But just like your website, you must have a following so that people can find your products. You can also advertise on social media so that people can more easily find you and your products.
  • Use An Online Platform – You can use one of the many online platforms to sell your products. Some of the platforms may be easier to get on than others. 

Here are some of our top online platforms:

  • Amazon – Amazon is a major online seller and is undoubtedly the world leader, but getting noticed on Amazon is not easy.

  • Bonanza – A company that has had quite a bit of success especially in offering unique and interesting products. Bonanza is easy to set up and use, and you only pay if you make a sale.

  • eBay – eBay has been around for a while but continues to be a place where many people look to buy and sell products.
  • Varagesale – This platform works together with Facebook. A lot of their products are used products like in a garage sale, but it becomes a place where people are also selling their products.
  • Etsy – Etsy continues to be an essential marketplace, especially for handmade products. Like Amazon, it may take some work to get noticed on the Etsy platform.
  • Chairish – The Chairish website has come out as a primary home decor online platform. Chairish can even help you to ship your products to the customer.
Ruby Lane
  • Ruby Lane – If you want to sell vintage or antiques home decor, then Ruby Lane is an excellent place to put your products on.

When looking to start an online home decor business, you need to consider many different things. You need to know what you are going to sell, what makes your product unique so that people will buy it, where you will buy it, and what platforms you will sell the products on.  

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