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Our Top 4 Social Media Platforms for the Home Decor Business | Mondoro
Top 4 Social Media Platforms

Our Top 4 Social Media Platforms for the Home Decor Business

Over the last 10 years, the way companies do their marketing has changed dramatically. Social Media has now become the norm of marketing.

Social Media is essential for home decor companies. Our 5 top social media platforms for the home decor and home furnishings business are 1) Pinterest, 2) Instagram, 3) LinkedIn, and 4) Facebook. We believe each of these can help give you brand recognition for your home decor brand.

Some of you may have noticed that we did not mention Twitter We know that a lot of brands use Twitter. Though Twitter is a very good social media platform we do not feel it is the best platform for the home decor and home furniture industry.

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Our Top 5 Social Media Platforms For A Home Decor

1. Pinterest

Our number one pick for the home decor business for a social media platform is Pinterest. Here is the reason why we love Pinterest:

Pinterest acts as a search engine

Yes, that is right, Pinterest is not just a social media platform but it also acts as a search engine. How many times have you done a search and there you see as number one or two on the google search results also link to Pinterest? This is because Pinterest is no longer just about social media, it is also a search engine.

Why does this matter? Well, it matters because through your pins it helps to drive people to your brand and also your website. I find that I get more links from my pins to my website than any other social media platform.

Pinterest is visual content

Pinterest is a completely visual platform that is great for the home decor and home furniture business. This means that every single pin you put up should have visual content to it along with some tags and keywords and a link to your website.

Can use Tailwinds to give your pins more reach

A lot of people who are on Pinterest or known as pinners are using a program like Tailwinds. I have been using Tailwinds for quite a while now.

Tailwinds allow you to join some Tribes. A tribe is a group of people who have a similar interest as you do such as Home Decor or Home Decor blogging. The Tribes have rules in that usually you share your pins and then you need to share some of the pins of other tribe members.

What this does is it helps you to get your pins onto more boards and increase your reach. It is a kind of “I help you, and you will help me” kind of program.

Tailwinds also allow you to schedule your pins ahead of time so you can be pinning 10, 15, or even 20 pins per day without having to open the Pinterest app.

You can find out more about Tailwinds and how to join Tailwinds Tribes by clicking here. In order to use Tailwinds, you must have a Pinterest Business Account set up and operating.

2. Instagram

Our next favorite social media platform is Instagram. Here is why love Instagram:

The visual look of Instagram

We like the visual look of Instagram. Pinterest normally has pins that are taller than they are wider. Sometimes this can mean that you need to cut off parts of a photo or only show parts of a photo. But most Instagram posts are square. We find this a very nice visual size to put up content.

A Social Platform

We find that generally speaking, we get a lot more comments on Instagram posts than on some other social medial platforms. More comments, thumbs up or likes shows that people are engaged or at least engaging with the content.

Great Way To Tell Your Story Through Photos

Instagram is basically a photo story app. So it is a great way to tell your story. You can show people what you do through the stories and messages your share online with your Instagram followers.

3. LinkedIn

Our third social media platform that we like for the home decor and home furniture business is LinkedIn. Here is why we like LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is not about being social as much as it is about being professional and giving brands a chance to find ways to open doors and find contacts through LinkedIn. Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the only platform that is truly made to be a professionally focused social media platform.

Search Engine Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn allows you to optimize your search engine profile. You can do this by adding specific keywords to your profile, summary, and work experience.

Export Connections

Unlike many of the other social media platforms, LinkedIn will allow you to actually export your connections. So you can export and manage your LinkedIn contacts in a contact management system.

4. Facebook

Our fourth choice is Facebook. We understand that a lot of people use Facebook, but we have found that Facebook has made it a lot harder during the last few years to see what all your Facebook friends are posting. But despite this, we still use Facebook, and here are the reasons why:

Top Social Media Platforms Used Worldwide

Facebook is still the top social media platform being used throughout the world. Just by that fact alone means that every company should be on Facebook.

Can Set Up a Company Page

Facebook allows you to set up a company page. Many companies may only use that company page instead of their website. This page usually makes it quite easy for people to contact you or message you.

Can Post From Instagram

One of the things we love about Facebook is that you can post the same content you have put on Instagram to your Facebook Page with just a click of a button. So if you are already posting on Instagram, you can also post the same content directly to your Facebook page.

Use Hootsuite To Schedule Post

To post to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn we schedule and post via the program Hootsuite. Here are the reasons why we like and use Hootsuite:

Can Schedule Posts

Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts when you want to schedule them and for the day you want to schedule them. This means you can set up posts weeks or even months in advance. This saves you a lot of time.

Easy to Use

We find using Hootsuite very easy to learn. This makes it a great choice to help you manage your social media.

Send You Data

As with any social media program, you should keep track of the data. We like how Hootsuites will send us reports and show us the data for our posts. This helps us to look at our ROI (Return on Investment) for our social media marketing.

If you will pick 4 social media platforms to use for your home decor and home furniture business promotion, we suggest using Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Each one of these platforms can help give you some outstanding brand recognition.

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