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We really love mirrors. A decorative mirror can really add design to any room.

Many Interior designers use mirrors to help them with their decorating. This is because a mirror can become a design focal point for any room. A mirror can help to brighten up a dark space and make a room look larger than it actually is.

Using mirrors in your home decor never goes out of style. This is one reason mirrors continue to be an essential design element.

Home Interior Mirrors Ideas

Designing with mirrors never goes out to fashion. In fact, in almost any home or interior space, you can find mirrors as part of the decor.

Entire floor-to-ceiling mirrors are outdated, but that does not mean that mirrors are outdated – far from it. Mirrors will always stay an important part of any home decor.

Here are some great ways that mirrors can add design to any space or room:

  • Brighten Up A Room– Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room. If you place a mirror next to or opposite a window, it will help to brighten up the entire room.
  • Helps the Room Look Larger– A mirror also helps a room to look larger than it really is. Growing up, my mother used this trick in our dining room. We had a larger mirror that helped the room look much larger than it really was.
  • Great Focal Point – A mirror is a great focal point for any room. This is especially helpful if you do not have a fireplace or mantel piece your mirror can become a focal point for your room.
  • Help a Windowless Room Not Feel Windowless– I trick that many interior designers use, especially in a hotel room that does not have a window or not an enormous window, they will use a mirror in the room to help the room feel brighter and more spacious than it really is.
  • Brightens Up Dark Corner – if you have a dark corner in your room, a mirror can help that corner not feel as dark. Especially if you place the mirror near a lamp, it will help to reflect the light off the lamp and make the entire.room feels brighter.
  • Give Design Edge To A Room– A mirror, especially an interesting decorative mirror, can help to give a unique or trendy feel to a room or space. The mirror can take the place of wall art and will help define the entire look and feel of the room.

Home Interior Mirror Manufacturing Looks and Ideas

At Mondoro, we manufacture a lot of mirrors. This is because we really love the look of a mirror and all it can add to a design space. Here are some of our favorite new mirrors that we have recently completed:

Mother of Pearl Mirror
Mother of Pearl Mirror

Long Mother of Pearl Mirror

This long mother-of-pearl mirror has some gold leafing on the inside rim. We love this mirror as we can use it in so many ways. It would be a great mirror to have in the bedroom but also a living room.

Gold Leaf Mirror on Waal
Round Gold Leaf Mirror

Round Gold Leaf Mirror

Gold leaf is a great finish and this round gold leaf mirror Vietnamese Lacquer mirror is no exception. This is a great mirror to have in any room. We love gold leaf because it is versatile, that we can use it almost anywhere in a house.

Faux Horn Mirror on wall
Faux Horn Mirror

Round Faux Horn Mirror

Faux horn continues to be popular, especially as black and white colors in home decor continue to e strong. This round faux horn mirror is an outstanding example of a mirror that we can use with home decor.

Faux Agate Mirror on Wall
Rectangular Faux Agate Mirror

Rectangular Faux Agate Mirror

This rectangular faux agate mirror is a splendid example of a mirror that can use as a focal point in any room. This mirror is an outstanding example of a mirror that can also help bring light into any room.

These mirrors go the entire spectrum; from being a straightforward long mirror to a mirror that’s more decorative, I can be the statement for an entire room. We feel like all of them could add to the decoration of any home.

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