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How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last?

People are always looking to buy something new for their house. When investing in home decor or home furnishing products, it is good to understand home decor trends.

Home Decor Trends like fashion will go in and out of style. But some objects and styles never really go out of fashion as they are considered classics. Like fashion, there are classics in the home decor and home furniture industry that never go out of style.

It’s hard to say how long a trend will last. So many variables may decide whether or not a particular Home Decor Trend will stay. Generally speaking, the simpler the look is, the longer it will usually last.

Some trends will stick around and become classics. Other trends will go away quickly. But the truth is once a trend has established itself as a classic, it never really entirely goes out of style.

For example, the modern farmhouse style has had some staying power because it works with many classic colors and furniture. Some people also prefer an older home as they feel it has character and charm.

White walls always look fresh. Black or Navy accents are striking, bold, and dramatic. They seem to be colors and trends that never really go out of style, primarily if used correctly.

Just like fashion, Home Decor Trends can go in and out of style. Think about the classic Navy blue jacket. There always seems to be some way the classic Navy blue jacket can use with fashions and trends.

Another example is blue jeans. Many people thought that blue jeans would go out of fashion a long time ago, but they have become a staple in the fashion industry. Many Home Decor Trends will never quite go out of style.

If you plan to decorate your house and don’t want to re-decorate in five years, look for a timeless trend. Look for trends or pieces of furniture that never really quite go out of style and can be used in all kinds of styles and trends.

Roxy Te Owens, the Founder of Society Social Furniture, said:

Just like the fashion industry, home decor fads come and go …Truly timeless designs and materials are rooted in history and can be found in stylish spaces throughout the course of history.”

Roxy Te Owens

Trends or pieces of furniture that have a history of the place you have gone or have personal meaning are pieces that never go out of style. Those pieces have memories associated with them.

  • White Walls – White is a primary color for walls. There is so much you can do with a white wall, whether to put great art on it or even family photos. White is the kind of color that you can work with for any trend coming in. Also, there are so many great shades of white that you can choose from. That is why when you look at the color trends of any of the home decor paint companies, you usually always see some white tones in there as it is still such a primary color to work with for decorating.
  • Oriental Carpets – I cannot see how a great-looking oriental carpet can ever really go out of style in a room. If you want to invest in a carpet that will last for years, get yourself a good quality oriental carpet.
  • Antiques – I am a great fan of antiques, and I find that you can find a place for your antiques in almost all houses and trends. Antiques are known to mix well with all kinds of furniture. I have a lot of Chinese antiques in my house, and I can not see how something so classic as a nice piece of antique furniture can ever go out of style.
  • Wooden Bookcase – Almost every house needs some wooden bookcase. Even though books are not as popular as they once were, there is still a lot that you can put on a bookcase, even just some nicely framed family photos.
  • Travel Artifacts – I love to travel, and along the way, I have often picked up some unique or exciting pieces. Whether it is an antique pot or artifacts, I do not see these going out of style as they are part of your life and experience. I think anything about your culture, life, history, family history, or what makes you unique should never go out of style and always have a place in your home and life. It is all part of what who you are.
  • Classic Styles – If you do not want to redo your house, go safe and go with the classics. A lovely Chesterfield sofa is a great classic design. Basic classic-looking coffee table in a material like a nice solid wood or other materials. Plain furniture that is a classic finish. All of these are classic styles that have been around for a while.

The good thing about home decor is that the trends do not change as fast or as much as fashion. And as home decor is an individual choice. Most home decor trends last for a while.

It is said that the home decor or home accessories fashion cycle will change every ten years. So if you are worried, then hang on for ten more years, and eventually, it may just come back into fashion again!

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