An Insider Guide To Where Home Decor Stores Get Merchandise

An Insider Guide To Where Home Decor Stores Get Merchandise

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If someone is looking to open a home decor store or sell products online, they might wonder where I can find all that fantastic merchandise I see around. Do I need to manufacture and make it myself, or how do I find things to sell?

Home decor stores have three primary ways to find the products they can sell. The first way is to attend a tradeshow and buy from a wholesaler. Another way is that they will look to manufacture the product themselves. And finally, a store may look to source products from a local artisan.

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Discovering the Sources: How Home Decor Stores Stock Their Shelves

Embarking on the journey of opening a home decor store or venturing into online sales brings with it a crucial question: where do all these stunning home decor items come from? Whether you’re curious about sourcing unique pieces or contemplating the balance between manufacturing and procurement, understanding the sourcing process is key.

Home decor retailers typically employ three main strategies to curate their collections. First, they often visit tradeshows to purchase items from wholesalers, gaining access to a wide range of products. Alternatively, some choose to manufacture their products, allowing for greater control over design and quality.

Lastly, partnering with local artisans provides a channel to offer distinctive, handcrafted items, adding a unique touch to their inventory. Each of these approaches offers its own advantages and opportunities in the world of home decor.

Some of the best home decor stores we have been to will use a mix of these different buying methods. In other words, they will buy some great-looking products from wholesalers, have some products they have manufactured or sourced themselves, and then bring in some local craftsmen and sell them. This gives the stores a unique mix and look.

When we speak about home decor stores, we talk about physical storefronts and online stores. Today, most successful stores will have both a physical and online presence.

Home Decor Stores Buy From A Wholesaler At A Trade Show

Many large and small home decor stores will buy their merchandise from a wholesaler. The advantage is THAT a wholesaler will import the products and keep the stock for the retailer. A good wholesaler also has its own unique and exciting designs.

Some wholesalers may help the retailer dropship packages to the end consumer. Buying from a wholesaler means the store does not need to keep a lot of stock but can buy it as needed.

To find a qualified wholesaler, the home decor and home furnishing industry has three major tradeshow retailers attend to discover new products and resources for their businesses. Besides these three shows, several smaller shows exist around the USA and other major shows such as Dallas and New York City.

Home decor is constantly evolving, and trade shows are pivotal in shaping the latest trends and styles in this dynamic industry. Drawing from my extensive experience, this section offers a comprehensive review of the most significant home decor trade shows that I have had the opportunity to attend multiple times.

Each show is a vibrant hub of inspiration and innovation, showcasing various products, designs, and ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the home decor industry or a newcomer eager to explore, this personal insight into these trade shows will guide you through what to expect, the key highlights, and how they can influence and enrich your approach to home decor.

Here is a review of the significant home decor trade shows. I have personally seen all these shows many times.

High Point Furniture Market (April and October Each Year)

High Point Furniture Market, sometimes called Market, is truly a Who’s Who of everyone in the home Decor home furnishing business. The show is a furniture show so every major furniture company will show there. But the show also does have a lot of home decor, lighting, lamps, and other accessories. You can find almost everything and anything to do with home decor at the High Point Furniture Show.

About 75,000 to 80,000 attendees will come to the small town of High Point, North Carolina, each April and October. Because of the number of people attending the show, getting hotels, rental cars, and other services is not easy. If you plan to attend the High Point market, you must prepare to get a hotel or a rental car beforehand.

It would be best to do your homework before attending the show. When you are attending the show for the first time, they will ask you to show information about your company to ensure that you are a qualified buyer. Like most tradeshows, the High Point market will not just allow anyone to enter their doors. You will need to plan for this show well in advance.

As most suppliers are also very busy during the show, if there are certain brands you want to see, you should try contacting them and making an appointment ahead of time. Many showrooms will have a front desk and only allow those who have been prescreened or considered their actual buyers.

In other words, this is not a show; you can wander around and hope that everyone and anyone will allow you to enter their showroom. This is a show that you must plan for well in advance.

Even if you spent the entire week at High Point going from building to building and door to door, you would not see portions of everything the show offers. This is another reason you must ensure that you have done your homework and know who you want to talk to and why.

You can learn more about the High Point Furniture Market by clicking here.

America Mart -Atlanta (January and July Each Year)

Another show considered one of the major home decor product shows is the Atlanta-based America Mart. The America Mart is in downtown Atlanta; you can easily take MARTA, the public transportation system, right into the building that hosts the show. Also, like the High Point Furniture Market, many hotels will provide bus transport directly from the hotel t the show.

America Mart is not as large as the High Point Furniture Show, but they do show various products. For example, if your home decor store is also looking to have products such as dinnerware gifts, Christmas decorations, or even some clothing, America Mart would be a market for you to go to because you can see all of those things, plus many major home decor wholesale companies.

In some ways, the Atlanta America Martis is easier to shop at than the High Point furniture market because it is more condensed and has fewer exhibitors. This also means you do not have the variety that High Point Market, but you will be able to shop the market easier than you would at the High Point Market, which is spread out.

You can find out more about the Atlanta America Mart by clicking here

Las Vegas Market (February and August Each Year)

Like the Atlanta America Mart, the Las Vegas Market is also relatively easy to shop at. Various people show at this market, from furniture companies to home decor accessory companies. But unlike the Atlanta market, it does not have as many gifts, Christmas, or clothing as the Atlanta America Mart.

The Las Vegas Market is more of a home decor and furniture show, so this is also a great show for you to attend. I like the Las Vegas Market because, for first-time show attendees, it may not be quite as overwhelming as a show like the High Point Furniture Market.

The dates on this market can change sometime between late January to early February; it is best to check with the show for the exact market dates. Find out more about the Las Vegas Market by clicking here.

To attend any of these trade shows, you must be prepared before attending. All three of these trade shows are excellent for finding great home decor or furnishing product wholesalers.

Manufacture Your Own Home Decor Products

Some retail stores do not want to buy from a wholesaler; instead, they would prefer to manufacture their designs and products. Many of them will buy these products from overseas.

To manufacture from overseas suppliers, you would first need to have the design ability and be able to buy some decent volume. Most overseas suppliers will not sell you one or two pieces but will want you to have some volume and to ship a container.

Some retail stores may produce all of their products in-house and then sell them in their retail store. The problem with this is that you would need a lot of products you would be able to manufacture to stock and supply to your retail store. This is why most retail stores I have seen choose this model, which will have some items they want to manufacture.

If you are interested in finding out more about sourcing products from overseas, you can read 6 Common Product Procurement or Sourcing Errors, What You Need to Know, by clicking here.

Locally Sourced Home Decor Products

Some retail stores will look to source some products locally from local craftspeople. This is also a great way to support your local community and get some unique items into your store.

Some of the most attractive retail stores I have been to will purchase from local craftsmen, buy from overseas, and then buy from wholesalers. This way, their stores have an exciting mix of products to sell.

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