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Hawaii is a magical place, and if you are like me, you have some fond memories of visiting the shores of Hawaii and soaking up the sun. Hawaii draws you in, so you naturally want to bring some of the island home decor flavors home with you.

The traditional Hawaiian house is known as a Hale. The Hawaiian Hale was made from logs, grass-thatched roofs, and mosaic stone floors. To have all the elements of the traditional Hawaiian home in your home, you should have home decors products from natural materials, the ocean, and stones.

All three of these elements – natural, ocean, and stone help to signify the spirit of the islands and a true Hawaiian Hale or home. The elements of natural material such as rattan or bamboo, mother of pearl from the ocean, and faux agate stones are materials that will help bring the islands’ flavors home with you.

An example of the traditional Hawaiian Hale House on the beach in Hawaii. Copyright: melastmohican

The Traditional Hawaiian Hale

We can not really talk or write about the spirit of Hawaii or Hawaiian decor without talking about the traditional Hawaiian house known as the Hale.

For hundreds of years, the traditional Hawaiian Hale or house was the predominant architectural structure on the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaiian Hale is made of thatched grass or leaves.

The 19th Century Hawaiian Historian David Malo said this about the Hawaiian Hale and its significance to the Hawaiian Islands:

“Three things were important for the well-being of the kanaka maoli [original Hawaiian people]: The canoe for travel, fishing and warfare, the ‘aina [land] for planting taro, and the hale that provided the place to rest

“We have seen the revitalization of the sailing canoe and farming taro among our people. Now, the revitalization of the hale fulfills the last of the three requirements for a complete and healthy Hawaiian lifestyle and culture

Maui Magazine

This traditional Hale was made from ocean-cured ohi’a logs that were tied or lashed together with sennit. The roof was a thick layer of pili-grass thatching, and the floor was a mosaic of smooth “ili” or small stones gathered from the shoreline.

For a long time, these Hawaiian Hale houses all but disappeared from the islands. In recent years they have slowly started to make a comeback.

Any home that wants to bring the Hawaiian islands’ spirit in should look at all the Hawaiian Hale elements, including 1) natural materials, 2) products from the ocean and 3) stones or agates.

The Hawaiian Home DecorAnd Natural Materials

When you think of Hawaii and the traditional Hawaiian Hale house, we think of natural materials: rattan, bamboo materials, teak woods, or woven grasses. All of these materials help to show the spirit of the Hawaiian islands.

The Hawaiian decor is all about bringing these natural materials into your home.

Here are some of our favorite ways that natural materials can bring the spirit of the Hawaiian Hale into your home:

  • Woven baskets – Nothing speaks the islands quite as much as a nice woven basket. All kinds of natural materisl such as rattan, bamboo, sea grass and water hyacinth.
  • Bamboo products – We have some great bamboo products. Everything from spun bamboo to bamboo cups and straws.
  • Woven mats and rugs – Hawaiians always traditionally used woven mats, especailly for eating or sleeping on. So any kind of natural woven rugs makes a wonderful addition to your home,
  • Woven Lampshades – We love the handwoven lampshades that can be used for a lamp or lighitng.
  • Handwoven Furniture – Nothing quite speaks the island as much as a handwoven peice of furniture. Whether it is a water hyacinth poof, a woven mirror or handwoven faux rattan furniture that can be used inside and outside the home.
  • Teak Wooden Furniture – Teak is a wonderful island wood. Teak furniture can be used both inside and outside the home.

The Hawaiian Home Decor And Ocean Sea Shells

Hawaii reminds us all of the ocean. For the ancient Hawaiians, the ocean and seaside were the focus of Hawaiian island life.

The Mother of Pearl seashells bring the Hawaiian islands’ spirit directly from the ocean or river beds. They are great natural techniques that help bring the ocean home to you.

One of the great things about Mother of Pearl is that the materials come in many different colors and types; the material is all-natural pearl shells. The mother of pearl shells can also be cut into various shapes and sizes and inlay into a host of home decor and furniture products.

Here are some of our favorite ways that the mother of pearl materials can bring the spirit of the Hawaiian Hale into your home:

  • Lampbases – Mother of pearl material on a lampbase is a great way to use the lusterous mother or pearl materail.
  • Home Decor Acessories – Mother of pearl can be used to make everything from boxes, trays to all other kinds of home decor products.
  • Furniture – We have used mother of pearl on a cabinet doors of a piece of furniture. This gives the furniture some added beauty as the natural colors of the mother of pearl shines through.

The Hawaiian Home Decor And Faux Agate

Stones were an important part of the Hawaiian Hale as they used the stones to make mosaic floors. All kinds of agate or stone designs are an important part of the Hawaiian Hale home.

At Mondoro, we manufacture a lot of faux agate. The faux agate is a technique that looks and feels like real agate and stones.

Here are some of our favorite ways that the faux agate materials can bring the spirit of the Hawaiian Hale into your home:

  • Lampbases – Faux agate makes some wonderful lampbases. We apply some gold and silver leafing onto the agate to give it an extra glamour and feel.
  • Home decor accessories – There are a variety of home decor accessories that can use the faux agate material such as trays, boxes, candleholders, and host of other items.
  • Furniture – We have used some faux agate to cover part or all the furniture shape. We really love this look as it has the look and feel of real agate.

When bringing the Hawaiian islands home, we can look at natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and teak wood, products from the ocean – the mother of pearl – and other natural materials as faux agate. These materials help bring the ocean home to your house as you make your own Hale or Hawaiian house.

At Mondoro, we create, develop and manufacture home decor and home furnishing products using many materials. We love all kinds of natural materials, mother of pearl and faux agate home decor, and home furnishing products.

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