What Does FSC Certified Wood Mean? 

What Does “FSC Certified” Wood Mean? 

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When hearing about solid wood, you may sometimes see the term ”FSC Certified” Many people wonder what the term FSC means.

FSC means the Forrest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit certification process to ensure that wood used for products is from a managed forest and source. The goal of the FSC is to stop illegal logging activities and certify that wood used for a product has reached the standard to be called FSC-certified wood.

What Does FSC Certified Wood Mean?

FCS means the Forrest Stewardship Council. The Forest Stewardship CouIt is a nonprofit organization set up to have standards that ensure those working in the forestry or wood industry are responsible for the wood they use or cut down.

One of the main focuses of the FSC is not to cut out all wood products but to ensure that the wood products purchased or produced are done sustainably. Forest covers about 30% of the earth; the FSC wants to ensure that those forests continue to be a viable resource for the world.

In many parts of the world, forests are declining, and people are not replanting new trees to go in the place of the trees they have cut down. Formerly forest-rich countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Myanmar are being depleted of their forests at an alarming rate.

One of the main focuses of the FSC is to ensure that illegal logging is stopped and that forest-rich countries will find a way to plant trees to replace those that have been cut down. The goal is to ensure that products sold with an FSC label provide the wood used is from a traceable managed forest.

Not all wood suppliers are FSC certified. In fact, due to the costs involved in the certification process, FSC wood products can often be more expensive than non-FSC wood products.

Just because a company does not have an FSC label on their product, it does not mean that the wood is not from a managed source; instead, it can mean they did not send the additional money to purchase the wood with the FSC Certifications.

Understanding The FSC Labels And Certifications

The FSC has set up a standard for its wood production. The FSC works to help ensure wood used in products is not contributing to deforestation or illegal logging.

FSC Helps Us Know Where The Wood Comes From

One of the main focuses of FSC is for the end consumer to know that sustainable methods were used to produce the wood product. Having an FSC label can ensure that the wood was not illegally logged or an endangered species.

Understand Different FSC Labels

Even within the FSC Standards, there are different labels for different products. Here are some of the different labels and what each of the labels means:

  • FSC 100% – If there is an FSC 100% label on the product, it certifies that the products come from 100% FSC-certified forest and forest management.
  • FSC Recycled – If there is an FSC Recycled label on the product, it certifies that the wood or paper comes from reclaimed or recycled material.
  • FSC Mixed – The FSC mixed label means that the wood in a product comes from at least 70% FSC or recycled materials, and the other 30% is made from different wood sources. The FSC mixed label is essential as sometimes the manufacturer will buy wood from a source that is not FSC certified.

The FSC has these three label levels as they understand that sometimes wood sourcing can be complex; having three different labels can give options to the suppliers or manufacturers. The main goal of the FSC is to ensure that wood products are manufactured with forest management and the environment in mind.

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Understanding The FSC Database

One of the main things that the FSC Council does is to have and control a database. The FSC database provides a Product Classification tool to research and identify companies, including importers and exporters, who will use FSC-certified materials and products.

FSC And Corporate Social Responsibility

At the core of the FSC is about a company and its Corporate Social Responsibility and showing that sustainability is more than just a word but has meaning. The FSC is trying to help companies see that businesses and corporations become part of the solution, not the problem.

FSC is at the heart of what is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility or what is known as environmental responsibility. Environmental responsibility refers to the belief that organizations should conduct themselves to help and not hinder the environment.

The FSC believes that one of the ways that corporations can be environmentally responsible is to ensure that the wood they purchase is managed wood that did not participate in any illegal logging.

FSC continues to be an essential consideration for wood furniture, especially in the outdoor wood furniture industry and production. Many outdoor furniture suppliers or importers want FSC wood and the label on their products.

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