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The Kultur Fusion Color Trend for Home Decor and Home Furniture

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The world continues to get closer with the internet, youtube and social media bringing us closer together. This why the trend to fuse together cultures from all over the world remains an important part of home decor and home furniture product design.

The Kultur Fusion Trend is about bringing the cultures of the world together. Global inspirations continue to be an important part of home decor and home furniture design. The Kultur Fusion color palette is rich with vibrant colors. The trend data shows that the Kultur Fusion trend will continue to be an important home decor trend.

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The Kultur Fusion trend is about blending several cultures into your house at one time. The trend is the fusion of the global world as Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian simplicity or bold African prints on an Asian style box.

What is the Kultur Fusion Trend?

The word Kultur means culture in Swedish. Fusion is about the bringing of two things together into one. So Kultur Fusion is about bringing culture together.

The world continues to come together in many ways. It is now common that someone in North Carolina may say “I really love Vietnamese pho,” even though they have never traveled to Vietnam. While another person in Vietnam who has never traveled outside Asia may say “I really love American hamburgers.”

The world’s food, music (just look at how K-pop has taken over the world), television, movies (Netflix offers so many foreign-language films and series) and even our homes are starting to fuse together as one culture. The world is getting closer together. If we have learned one thing from the COVID-19 virus it is that what happens in another part of the world can and will affect us.

Enid Hwang, who is the director of community and culture for the San Francisco-based social media platform of  Pinterest, said this about upcoming trends and what their data is showing them.

“Our data is telling us so strongly that people are thinking sustainably and getting global inspiration more than ever before, … So those two big themes are being tripled in importance through everything that includes style and home and all of the purchasing and decorating decisions therein.”

enid Hwang – Pinterest

According to Pinterest’s data, people are interested in the global or cultural style and they are interested in things they see as sustainable.

Sustainability with the cultural element will continue to be a trend going forward. In speaking about this Dayna Isom Johnson a Trend Expert has dubbed this year as the “year of the purpose.” What she means by this is that people will want to have a reason or purpose to buy. It is no longer just to support a large corporation.

In speaking of this Dayna Isom Johnson said how people are changing their buying habits and how they want to have a story behind what they buy or to feel like they are supporting a worthy cause. Dayna Isom Johnson said:

 “This is about starting at the beginning of the purchase: Why am I purchasing this? What meaning does it have? What story does it have? And how can I directly support a good cause? And a good cause doesn’t necessarily have to mean a philanthropic effort; it can mean supporting a small-business owner.”

Dayna Isom Johnson

The Kultur Fusion trend is not just about culture but also about something much deeper. It is about being a bridge in this very big and vast world that we live in.

It is why at Mondoro we believe so strongly in working with a social conscience. You can read more about this by reading our blog Having Social Conscience, What Everyone Should Know by clicking here.

The Kultur Fusion Color Palettes

The world is filled with rich and wonderful colors. The Kultur Fusion trend color palette is filled bold and rich colors. This trend has all the vibrancy the world has to offer.

Here is the Kultur Fusion color palette:

The Kultur Fusion Color Palette
The Kultur Fusion Color Palette – Mondoro

The Pantone colors are all from the Pantone Home & Fashion (TPX) book.

The Kultur Fusion Trend Data

One of the best ways to get a pulse on what consumers are thinking is to look at what people are searching for on Pinterest. Pinterest has a wealth of free information if you know how to access it.

You can access the Pinterest information by logging into your Pinterest account and then doing a search. Under the search, keywords will come up in the order that people are searching for them.

Here is some of the data we found when using the words Culture, Culture Decor, Fusion Decor, and Sustainability. We only picked the top 10 search terms or keywords that Pinterest came up with.


When putting the word culture into Pinterest these top 10 search keywords came up (they are listed in the order of importance): Chinese, Mexican, World, Black, Pop, African, Hip hop, Gang, Aztec, Filipino

This shows us that just for the word culture Chinese is one of the top word searches. This, of course, can be in part of the recent COVID 19 pandemic. But it can also be that people are curious about Chinese culture.

Culture Decor

Now when we add decor to the world culture the following words will come up: Pop, Mexican, Indian, Vulture, Ideas, Geek, Chinese, Multi, Black, Mexico.

I find the Pop culture decor as quite interesting and also that Mexican and Indian looks are both strong now. The vulture culture decor is interesting as that is about skeletons and bones. I had no idea so many people were interested in this.

Fusion Decor

The terms Fusion Decor gives us also some interesting data with the top keyword terms being: Asian, Indian American Wedding, African Asian, French Asia, Indian, Global, Japanese, Afro, Ford, Home

When I look at these I find the Indian American wedding interesting as that must be searched a lot. I like the African Asian and French Asian keywords as they are both very nice fusions in these looks and culture.


The top 10 keywords searched together with sustainability are Living, Fashion, Architecture, Packaging, Design, Home, Wedding, Living for Beginners, In childcare, Energy. When I look at this I see that things to do with homes, buildings and living dominate the top 10 search keywords.

What we can learn from this is that people are looking at sustainability for their homes and where they live. They are looking at how to make their lives more sustainable from their decor to how they organize their childcare and energy. And since one of the top 10 was sustainable living for beginnings, this means people are checking how their lives can become more sustainable.

The Kultur Fusion Trend is a trend that blends together many cultures into one look. As the world continues to fuse together, it is only natural that home decor and home furniture design will also blend together and follow the same trend.

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