What Is The Most Popular Furniture? According to Pinterest, The Top Trends

Most Popular Furniture Items

Pinterest is one has a trend tool that helps you to see what people have been searching for. We have used the data from this tool to see the most popular furniture.

The most popular piece of furniture in the United States is desks. On Pinterest, “desks” were searched more than chairs, tables, and sofas. Another popular search for furniture was coffee tables. This shows that many are looking at furniture and decor for their home offices and living room spaces.

Top Overall Furniture Trends
Pinterest Trends – Furniture Types That People Are Searching (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – desk, green – chair, purple – table, orange – sofa) – Pinterest Data

Most Popular Furniture

According to the Pinterest search data, “desks” is the most searched term for furniture. There have been some huge spikes in the search for “desks” during the last year.

As more people are working from home, they search for desks and decor for their home office spaces. We believe this is a trend that will continue.

Interestingly, the Pinterest data shows that desks’ search is so much higher than other basic kinds of furniture such as chairs, tables, and sofa. This shows that “desk” is the clear winner for the most popular furniture item.

Pinterest Search Terms By Rooms in House.
Pinterest Search Terms By Rooms in House. (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – living room, green- kitchen, purple – bathroom, orange -home office) – Pinterest Data

Most Searched Rooms In A Home

On Pinterest, one of most search rooms in the house is “home office.” You can see some peaks when “home office” was searched—these peaks, of course, correspond to the time when more people were working at home due to Covid.

This Pinterest data shows us that having a “home office” is now a significant room in the home. Eventually, the “home office” trend is the level with some of the other major rooms in a home, but we believe the home office trend will continue.

Pinterest the Home Office
Pinterest the Home Office Trend. (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – desk, green – desks, purple – home office, orange – desk decor) – Pinterest Data

The Home Office Trend

When we compare the “desk” search terms, we find that the “home office” search on Pinterest is more popular than “desk.” This shows that people that are searching for desks for their actual home office

This means that home decor companies should be looking at the home office as an important room in the house. People are also searching for how to decorate their home office as well as finding furniture for it.

Pinterest Search Trends For Tables
Pinterest Search Trends For Tables. (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – table, green – coffee table, purple – dining table, orange – accent table). – Pinterest Data

The Table Trend

On Pinterest, the data about the search for “table” also gives us some insights. The number one table people are searching for on Pinterest is coffee tables.

People are looking for coffee tables either for their home office or for their living room space. Quite far down this list on the Pinterest data searches is a dining table, table, and accent table.

People may also be buying a coffee table for their home office. Or as more people are spending more time at home, they want to spend the money on the spaces where their family is congregating.

Pinterest Trends By Sofa and Couch
Pinterest Trends By Sofa and Couch. (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – sofa, green – sofa ideas living room, purple – couch, orange – couches living room). – Pinterest Data

The Sofa or Couch Trend

Pinterest data on the sofa and couch search is also fascinating since people will use either the sofa or couch search term. If we combined these terms, it would be significant searches for this kind of furniture.

This Pinterest data also shows that the living room space is important. People are spending money on their home spaces that are the most important as the living room.

Pinterest Trend in Outdoor Furniture
Pinterest Trend in Outdoor Furniture. (The Key of the Searches Are: blue – outdoor furniture, green – patio furniture, purple – outdoor sectional, orange – outdoor patio ideas). – Pinterest Data

The Outdoor Furniture Trend

The data on Pinterest also shows that people are looking for outdoor furniture. The searching for outdoor furniture also corresponds to the springtime when people start looking at their outdoor spaces.

A strong Pinterest search term for outdoor furniture was outdoor sectional and patio furniture. These Pinterest search terms show that people are looking at their outdoor space as an outdoor living room.

Pinterest Trend Insights

If you live in the United States, UK, or Canada, you can access these trends for Pinterest. To find the link, click here.

The data is only available now for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The data only also be accessed only from these locations.

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