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Why Do Social Media Strategies Fail On Implementation?

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Social media is one of those aspects of marketing that can be very confusing for many brands and companies. This is because like so many other things in our world today it continues to change at a very fast pace.

Social media strategies usually fail on implementation because there is no social media strategy in place. Companies and brands have also taken social media out of social media, and they forgot that social media is all about people. Their social media posts no longer feel real or do not interact with their audience.

Luckily there are ways that this can be changed and adjusted. A brand or a company change their social media implementation from failure to success by following and changing the way they implement their social media strategy. Below are some of our tips for having a successful social media strategy.

Having No Social Media Strategy

One of the main reasons is that a company fails is that the company or brand has no social media strategy. In other words, they just randomly post haphazardly on their social media accounts without any real strategy or plan.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons a brand or company’s social media strategy fails because they have no social media strategy.

I understand that social media can take a lot of time and effort. It takes time to implement a social media strategy. Most companies will try to get someone in their office to do this or hire it out. But one of the biggest mistakes is when a brand or company totally discounts Social Media as an effective marketing tool, so they have no strategy.

Taking The Social Out Of Social Media

Some companies and brands say that their social media strategies they have implemented have failed; upon closer examination you discover that they have taken the social out of social media.

Social media is about being social. You interact with people you know and do not know online. If somebody asks you a question they would like answered, you promptly answer it. You show them that you care.

At the core of social media is about being social. This is why companies or brands who do this also understand this fact, making sure they are active on their social media platforms. They will have someone trained to help ensure that they are actively participating on their social media accounts.

I get this -all of us takes a lot of time. To really be effective on social media, it is something you need to plan and have a plan for. There are programs out there to help you with your social media postings as Hootsuite’s or Tailwinds.

These programs are set up to help you manage your social media accounts while allowing you to schedule posts in advance. This can help you to be able to streamline your social media.

Facebook understands the importance of scheduling and linking accounts with the new Facebook business that now links your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Forgetting It Is About People Not the Brand

Like social media is about being social, social media is also about people and not the brand. One of my favorite commercials is one by Toyota. This Toyota commercial has nothing to do with Toyota cars; in fact, not even one Toyota car is commercial.

Sometimes a commercial is so inspiring that when you see it, you cry. I watched this commercial and just sat there and cried. It is a commercial about the paralympic named Jessica Long.

Jessica Long, a 13-Time Paralympic gold medalist who lost her legs due to a rare leg condition and disease she had; was adopted by an American couple Despite these challenges she has gone one to become one of the greatest Paralympic athletes of all time.

You can watch the Toyota commercial by clicking in the video below.

Every time I watch this Toyota video clip, I cry. There is not one Toyota car in that ad, but it is extremely effective as the Toyota ad is sending the mesage that Toyota cares about people.

Toyota understands that they are not just selling cars, but they are selling experiences. People buy a Toyota car to get around, but the car is much more than just a metal box with 4 wheels and an engine – a car is about people and their lives.

Social media is the same. It is about people. People want to feel that you care and are interested in them.

Not Making the Social Media Feel Real

Another reason why brands and companies feel like there’s social media campaign they have implemented has failed because their social media does not feel real.

Over the years, marketing has changed. It used to be that companies would say, here’s what I have, isn’t it wonderful. But now that has changed, and that is no longer the way to do the marketing. People want things to feel real.

Take, for example, the rise of social media platforms TikTok and YouTube. Many videos have mistakes in them or are not perfect, but people love them and eat them up. Many of them are outright silly, but people love it!

This is because it is real, and it feels real.

I really love this commercial by Purina. I am a dog person, but more than that, this commercial to me is a bit silly but also real. I can relate, and it makes me want to go out and buy a big bag of Purina dog food.

Discounting Videos In Social Media

Another area where people have social media campaigns fail is because they ignore the importance of videos. Tiktok is a great example of a platform that has taken off short video clips.

Google has google shorts which is a Google competition to the TikTok platform. But all of these are about making s short video to send a quick and effective message. Video continues to be a very important part of any social media campaign.

Not Using Live Social Media

Another area where many brands and companies fail with their social media implementation is discounting the importance of live social media. Live social media is when you go live to your audience, such as YouTube Live. This advantage, of course, that you can interact with your audience anywhere in the world live.

Google does this really well. They have a lot of the Google Experts interacting live many times each week. People line up to be able to be on Google Live to answer specific questions.

I have attended some of these live YouTube LIve events, and I have watched many of them after they have been on YouTube. They really are genuine in that it is more like attending a class and someone is answering your questions.

Google is doing this because they understand that tapped people want a real company or brand that speaks directly.

If all of his can seem overwhelming – I can completely understand. Social media and the way it is implemented continue to change at a swift pace.

But like with anything that you were doing with social media strategy, start to implement the easy changes first and then go to the more complicated changes.

The worst thing you can do is to do absolutely nothing or to have no social media strategy at all.

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