Why Is Shapr3D So Expensive? Is Shapr3D Worth It?

Why Is Shapr3D So Expensive? Is Shapr3D Worth It?

The relatively new 3-D CAD modeling program on the market is the Shapr3D. A subscription to Shapr3-D can be quite expensive for many people.

Shapr3-D is expensive because it is a program that is made for design professionals. Shapr3D has many training videos so that you can learn how to design 3-D CAD drawings. Shapr3D can help you design 3-D products for your home decor and home furnishing design needs.

If you are a hobbyist and will use Shapr3D every once in a while, the cost you need to spend on Shapr3D may not be worth it, so you may want to consider their free version.

Why Is Shapr3D So Expensive?

Shapr3D is one of the new kids on the market for 3-D CAD modeling. What makes Shapr3D so unique compared to many other programs is that Shapr3D is designed to be used on the Apple iPad with an Apple Pencil.

Shapr3D can be used on a Mac computer with a subscription, but most people use it on the Apple iPad. There is also a BETA version being tested for Windows systems.

But like many other programs that are out there, Shapr3D is an investment.

Shapr3D app is a professional design-driven program whose main focus is for the program to be used by designers, engineers, product designers, and entrepreneurs who want to design and manufacture their own products.

Shapr3D offers a free version, but it is limited in what you can do with it. If you are serious about 3-D CAD modeling or need to have 3-D CAD as part of your workflow, you will need to buy the professional version of Shapr3D.

So if you need to have 3-D CAD for your professional work, as we do, then to really be able to work with all the functions that Shapr3D offers you must purchase Shapr3D. The Shapr3D will cost you a standard subscription of 239 USD per year or a business subscription of 499 USD per year.

The Business Version gives you everything; the business version allows you to export 2 D drawings for manufacturing; The Business Version also gives you priority support. You can find out more about Shapr3D and its programs by clicking here.

Is Shapr3D Worth The Money?

The next question that people ask themselves is if Shapr3D is really worth the money?. After all, there are many programs for 3-D modeling like Blender that are open source and completely free.

If you are in a field that requires 3-D CAD modeling, then Shapr3D is worth the money. Especially if you are an Apple iPad user and feel more comfortable designing using a sketchpad and pencil; Shapr3D will feel very natural to you as a sketch on the Apple Ipad with an Apple pencil.

I love how intuitive Shapr3D is. I find it natural to design on an iPad with an Apple Pencil instead of a computer with a mouse.

Also, someone who is presently designing using a sketchpad and pencil might find it easier to design using Shapr3D on the Apple Pad. If this is how you like to design, Shapr3D may be worth the cost and time to learn.

If you are a hobbyist and do not use Shapr3D very often, or it is not a program you really need, then the program’s cost may not be worth it. So consider using their free subscription, which has limited features but will still allow you to check out the Shapr3D program.

What Are Some Advantages of Shapr3D?

I have been using Shapr3D for a while; I am not an expert. But I do like the Shapr3D program. Here are some of the advantages I see with using Shapr3D for 3-D CAD modeling:

  • Uses Apple Products and Technology – I am a fan of Apple and use all their products. I appreciate the fact the Shapr3D is built and designed using Apple products and technology. I believe the Ipad will eventually become more important than a computer. I have to admit that I use my Ipad more than my computer these days.
  • Sketch On A Screen – I love how Shapr3D allows you to sketch with the Apple pencil. For me, this is another plus of using the Shapr3D program because I really appreciate how I can sketch things directly onto the screen.
  • Video Training – Shapr3D has a huge library of video training. You can start from the basics to more advanced products. They also have a variety of training from designing machine parts to furniture pieces to lamps and lighting. You can find their videos on YouTube, or you can view some of them on the Shapr3D program and follow along with the design on your Ipad screen.
  • New Way To Design using 3D CAD – I really believe that iPads will be the future for most CAD programs. This is because it is so intuitive and easy to use that eventually, all the CAD programs will start to go in this direction with 3-D CAD design. This was one of the main reasons I decided to pay for a subscription to Shapr3D and learn the program. If I was going to work to learn any program, I felt I wanted to learn one whose technology will be viable for many years to come.

The Shapr3D CAD modeling program is worth the money if you need to do a lot of 3-D CAD Modelling and you prefer to use the Apple Ipad and Pencil to do it. I find it an excellent program, and though there is a learning curve required to learn Shapr3D or any 3-D Modeling program, it is worth the time and effort to learn and master Shapr3D.

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Why Is Shapr3D So Expensive? Is Shapr3D Worth It?