Autodesk Fusion 360 Vs. Shapr3D For Design

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When many people are learning to use a 3D program, they wonder if they should use the Autodesk Fusion 360 or Shaper 3D.

Autodesk Fusion 360 and Shapr3D are both CAD or 3D modeling programs. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud-based desktop modeling program with an app that you can use to collaborate with others through sharing, viewing, or commenting on designs Shapr3D has a fully functioning 3D modeling or CAD app that works on the Apple Ipad with the Apple Pencil.

Shapr3D now also offers some desktop versions of their design program.

Fusion 360 Vs Shapr3D

Both Fusion 360 and Sharpr 3D are 3D or CAD modeling programs; they have become critical 3D programs.

One of the main differences is that Autodesk Fusion 360 is mainly a cloud-based desktop program with an app used on Andriod and IOS mobile devices. The Fusion360 app will enable you to share, view, and comment on designs you have already produced on the desktop version.

When using the Fusion 360 program, you would do your main design work on the desktop and use the mobile app to collaborate on the drawing when away from your desk.

Fusion 360 is excellent for mechanical or technical designs, but it is more restrictive to sculpt 3D models or do more artistic work. Those who find it easy to learn Fusion 360 usually have an excellent background in CAD software.

Fusion 360 has a limited free version, so you will need to buy their yearly or monthly subscription if you plan to use it for anything more than a few drawings.

On the other hand, Shapr3D is a CAD or 3-D modeling app first created on the Ipad using Ipad technology and software; they now also offer a desktop version. Designing with Shapr3D is very intuitive; you draw shapes directly on an Ipad just like you were working with a sketching pad and pencil.

With Shapr3D, most designers use the Ipad to do their creative designs and not the computer program. If you have a lot of CAD experience and are used to designing CAD or 3D on a computer, you may not like the Shapr3D program.

On the other hand, if you are like me and want to draw on a screen as you would draw on a sketch pad and paper, you may like the feel of Shapr3D.

Shapr3D offers a lot of great videos to help you learn their program.

Shapr3D, like Fusion 360, also has a free version, but to do much with the Shapr3D program, you will need to buy a yearly subscription.

Both of these programs will require a subscription for you to use them and use all the functions they provide.

About Learning Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is known as Autodesk Fusion 360, and it has a cloud-based 3D modeling program for CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCE software. This program is set up for product design and manufacturing applications.

Here are a few things about Fusion 360 and Learning Fusion 360

  • Mainly a desktop program
  • Has a Fusion App that allows you to collaborate and view the 3D images on the go. You use the desktop version to design and then you use the Fusion 360 app for collaboration.
  • To easily learn Fusion 360 you should have previous CAD computer experience; the people who say it is easy are those that have a lot of CAD experience and know other CAD programs. So if you do not have CAD experience learning Fusion 360 can be a steep learning curive.
  • Autodesk offers a huge amounts of videos in their learning library. You can go onto their website and find an array of vidoes about their program and how to use their program; if you decide you want to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 you will not be in short supply of resources to learn from.
  • You can also find a lot of videos on Youtube to help you learn Fusion 360, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Fusion 360 has a mobile app that allows you to use the program when you are not at your desk or on-site.

Here are some things about the Fusion 360 app

  • The Fusion 360 app is free but to actually use it you need to sign into your Autodesk Fusion 360 account.
  • The Fusion 360 App has three main functions which are:
    • View – View allows you to view the documents you have already created on your desktop version of the program.
    • Comment – Comment allows you or others that you are working on the document to comment direclty via the Fusion 360 app.
    • Share – The Fusion 360 App allows you to share your comments or markups that you have made. The app allows you to easily share this with others. The app gives you a lot of ways to share the drawing by email, on the cloud or even via social media.

You will notice that for the Fusion 360 app, designing is not listed as a function; it is best to do your design on a desktop and not on the Ipad or mobile device.

About Learning Shapr 3D

I have chosen to learn Shapr3D, even though I have no other CAD experience. One of the reasons I choose Shapr3D is that it is a very intuitive program.

I tried to learn some other CAD and 3D programs, but each time I wanted to understand them, I gave up as I found it very cumbersome. If you are a college student and in a University program where you will take a few semesters to learn a CAD program, you may find that you prefer to design on a complete desktop program; one of the things that appealed to me about Shapr3D was that it was on an Ipad.

You will need a good quality Ipad to design with Shapr3D, and we recommend that you invest and get an Apple Pencil. An Apple pencil is tested to work well with both the Ipad and the Shapr3D program.

The other brand that seems to do well with all my apple products is Logitech. I have not personally used the Logitech Crayon with the Shapr3D, but I use other Logitech products with my Apple products without any issue.

Here are some things about learning Shapr3D:

  • Intutitive – Sharp3D always talks about how intutitive they are and I have to say in using the program; the program is very intutitive. The programs many times knows what you may be doing next.
  • Easy To Learn – I have found learning Sharp3D ieasier than other CAD or 3-D programs. Learning any CAD or 3D program takes time, but Shapr3D is easier to learn than other progarms due to the nature of the interface and how the program works.
  • Draw On Ipad – All of Shapr3D starts with the sketch. You draw on the Ipad. I find this to be a natural way to draw out an object. This is one of the things that makes Shapr3D really unique in the lineup of CAD or 3D programs; it is fully function on the Ipad.
  • Design On The Go – If you need to have to design on the go or design on a factory floor, Shapr3d should be your choice for CAD or 3D programs. It is fully functional on the Ipad. No need to draw on a desktop or carry a aptop around – you can do all your design on the Ipad.
  • Lots of Videos and Lessons – Shapr3D produces a lot of videos and courses. You can find them on their website, YouTube and even on Udemy. To learn Shapr3d you should first master the sketching part of the program and then go on to the 3D and other aspects. Shapr3D also has a lot of courses where you can design along to make a product. This helps you alot if you are looking to design specific products.
  • Great Support – I posted some questions on their community and immediately got some great feedback. So if you are looking for a way to ask quesitons, join a community or partiticpate in a community Shapr3D has a great community.

I am still mastering the Shapr3D, but I have found it easy to learn; in fact, much easier than other CAD programs I have tried to understand.

Shapr3D is a great CAD or 3D program for the home furnishing and home decor industry. The program is capable of doing all your CAD or 3D programs right on your Ipad.

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