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What Are the Abode Apps? The Adobe Desktop Apps Explained

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If you are like me and subscribe to Adobe, you sometimes look at all the Abode desktop apps and wonder exactly what everything is used for. At times all those Abode desktop apps can be confusing.

Adobe Desktop Apps included Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Photoshop, Dimension, Illustrator, Indesign, Incopy, Premier Pro, Premier Rush, Audition, Media Encoder, Prelude, After Effects, Aero, Lightroom, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Adobe XD and Animation.   These Adobe apps have a specific purpose and way of working together in the Adobe suite of ‘desktop apps.  In this quick 8-minute read, you can discover all about what each of the different Abode desktop apps can do to help you with your design needs.

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Understanding Adobe Desktop Apps: A Quick Guide

Introduction Rewrite: “If you’re an Adobe subscriber like me, you might sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by the array of Adobe desktop apps, each with its unique purpose. Navigating through apps like Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Photoshop, Dimension, Illustrator, and many others can be daunting, especially when trying to understand their specific uses and how they integrate within the Adobe suite. This guide offers a concise, 8-minute overview of each Adobe desktop app, providing clarity on their functions and how they can assist in fulfilling your design requirements.”

Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe Apps

Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps that will help you with everything from photography, design, video, web, and more. All of these apps usually have desktop, mobile, and web versions.

The Creative Cloud is your one-stop shop for all of your creative needs. But more than that, the Adobe Creative Cloud is where you will keep all of your Adobe files. To sign into Adobe, you need to sign in through your Creative Cloud account.

Abode Apps – Acrobat

If you work with or open a PDF file, you use Adobe Acrobat. Adobe has a free version that anyone can use or a paid version that allows you to do more things with a PDF, like editing a PDF file, adding signatures, and merging PDF files.

Adobe Apps – Photoshop

Photoshop is one of Adobe’s core programs. You can do everything from photo editing, digital painting, animation, graphic design, and even 3-D rendering; you can do a lot in Photoshop. Like the other Adobe programs, Photoshop has desktop and mobile versions.

Adobe Apps – Dimension

Dimension is a 2D and 3D Adobe tool used to bring 3D to life. If you want to design 3D, photoshop has an excellent 3D option. Dimension is used a lot in packaging, i.e., to show how a label may look on a bottle or box or place a 3D object in a room set to see how an item may look in the room.

Adobe Apps – Illustrator

If you want to design a logo, web and mobile graphic, icons, illustrations, product packaging, and billboards, Illustrator is where you will do it. We use illustrator when designing a logo or a large printed banner. Illustrator allows us to quickly scale up or down to the sizes we need.

Adobe App – InDesign

Indesign is a program designed to help you with all your digital publishing needs. If you want to layout a book, catalog, or other digital media, the best place to do that is with InDesign. Indesign also allows you to create interactive PDF files, which are PDF files that have hyperlinks to your webpage or another website. We use Indesign for all our Lookbook publications.

Adobe App – InCopy

InCopy is a workflow app that allows copywriters and editors to style text, track changes, and make simple layout changes on the same document simultaneously while the designers are working on the same file with Adobe Indesign. This is useful for people looking to publish an ebook, catalog, or magazine requiring a team of people to simultaneously work on the same project.

Adobe App – Premier Pro

Premiere Pro is Adobe’s software for film and video production. You can quickly learn to create a Premiere Pro video that is 1 minute or 1 hour long. An added feature is that it integrates with other Adobe apps. We use Adobe Premiere Pro to create many of our YouTube Videos.

Adobe App – Premier Rush

Adobe also offers Premiere Rush, which allows you to create and edit new video footage from any device. This free mobile and desktop app allows you to video edit from your iPad or phone. Many of the advanced editing features on Premier Pro are unavailable on Premier Rush.

Adobe App – Audition

Audition is Adobe’s sound tool that allows you to capture, design, and mix sound. It has multitrack, waveform, and spectral frequency displays that will allow you to easily clean up, edit, and record your audio content and sound. This is a good tool to use for podcasts or voice-over for your videos or V blogs.

Adobe App – Media Encoder

Media Encoder works seamlessly with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition to help you process and manage your media across various platforms. You can use the media encoder app to specify what social media channel to publish to, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Adobe App – Prelude

Prelude is a video tag and transcode video footage tool that allows you to create a rough cut for your video productions quickly. Like other Adobe tools, this is a video production workflow tool that allows for commenting, teamwork, and collaboration of the same project.

Adobe App – After Effects

After Effects is used for motion graphics and visual effects. A motion designer, graphic designer, or video editor will use the After Effects app to create motion graphics for video production.

Adobe App – Aero

If you want to design Augmented Reality, Aero is an app that you can use. One of the great things about Adobe Aero is no special coding skills are required. The program is in beta and is free for Mac and Windows users.

Adobe App – Lightroom

Lightroom is an Adobes App for photos. There are several Lightroom desktop apps, so it can get confusing which app to use. Here are the two major Lightroom apps:

  • Lightroom Classic – If you want to have the maximum control over your photos, Lightroom Classic is the app you need. On this app, you can do everything from very minor to major photo corrections. This is the app that many professional photographers will use.
  • Lightroom – Lightroom is a web and mobile-based photo editing program. It allows you to easily upload your work on the web or other Adobe apps as Spark. Many of the photo correction features that are on Lightroom Classic are not on Lightroom.

Adobe App – Bridge

Abode Bridge is a file management program that is specially set up to work with other Adobe apps. It will allow you to easily view, compare, and review several images side-by-side so you can quickly see the difference between your photos.

You can think of Bridge as your Adobe file management system that helps you stay organized while streamlining your workflow. It is a powerful program that allows you to do everything from adding keywords and meta tags to managing your images in categories.

Adobe App – Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the Abobe program for designing, coding, and publishing websites and web applications. It will support HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. It is a standard web design program used by many web designers.

Adobe App – Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a program that is used to help the workflow of designers such as web designers. It is a program to help with the workflow of \by streamlining work processes. It also has some powerful collaboration features that allow teams to easily work together on the same project.

XD Design is used mainly for UI design (User Interface Design) and UX design (User Experience Design). As UI and UX can be actual products or digital products, XD design can be used as a workflow and collaboration tool for any kind of design, though it is used a lot by web and app developers.

Adobe App – Animation

Adobe has several Animation desktop programs. Their two main programs are:

  • Animate – Animate allows you to design inactive vector animation for games, apps, and the web. This is used for things such as cartoons and banner ads.
  • Character Animation – Character animation is, as the name implies, a program that enables the creation of expressive, high-quality animation.

One of Adobe’s great things is that you can do almost everything a business will need with all their desktop apps, from designing a brochure a logo, making a YouTube video, creating products, or improving your photos. Abode helps you to do all these things.

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