What Is Solid Pine Wood?

What Is Solid Pine Wood?

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If you are looking to purchase a furniture item that says it is solid pine wood, it is good for you to understand precisely what solid pine wood means.

Solid pine wood is 100% wood; if you cut through the wood, you would see no hallow spaces, MDF, or engineered wood used. The solid pine wood would be made from 100% lumber cut down from the pine tree.

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Like most things to do with wood, not all pine wood is the same. Some pinewood is so soft that it will dent or scratch easily, but other pine wood is harder, even harder than some oak wood species. The lesson here is that not all pine wood is the same, but the type and kind of species used can make a difference in the quality of the product the pine wood is used for.

About Solid Pine Wood

Solid pine wood is, as the name implies, solid wood. This means that no glue, resin, or engineered wood is used for the wood, but the wood is solid throughout the entire piece.

If you purchase furniture that says it is solid pinewood, then the wood used should be lumber that is 100% wood cut down from a tree.

If you buy a piece of furniture, flooring, or another type of product that says it is 100% solid pine wood, then the item you are purchasing should have no engineered timber. If what you are buying says pine wood veneer, then only the very top surface of the piece would have a small amount of solid wood, but the rest would be MDF or engineered wood.

Here are some fundamental aspects of solid pine wood:

  • Solid pine wood has non-hallow spaces.
  • Solid pine wood usually has some knots and lines on the wood.
  • Solid pine wood uses pine lumber cut down from pine trees.
  • Solid pine wood is 100% pine wood; the structure has no engineered, resin, or other types of wood.
  • If you cut solid pine wood, you will see on the cross-section that it is wood throughout the piece.
  • Solid pine wood is from the pine tree that is from the conifer tree; conifer trees are classified as softwood trees.
  • Solid pine wood is known to be softwood, but that does not mean that the wood is not strong.
  • There are soft and hard pinewoods; even among the different pinewood trees and species, the hardness and strength of the wood are not the same.

There are many different types of pine trees and pine wood. Not all pine trees or wood are the same.

Soft Pine Wood Vs. Hard Pine Wood

Pine wood is generally divided up into two basic categories for the wood. One type is soft pine wood, and the other is hard pine wood. Hard pinewood also has a hardwood category known as intermediate hardwood.

Soft Wood Pine Trees

Soft pine trees are trees known for having a low density and grain. This means that earlywood to latewood growth has fewer growing points, knots, and spaces.

Sugar Pine Tree As A Example Of Soft Pine Wood

Softwood pine trees include tree species such as sugar pine, western white pine, eastern white pine, and limber pine. These woods are usually not as strong or hard as hardwood pine wood.

Hard Wood Pine Trees

Hardwood pine trees are known for being both very hard and dense. The hard pine trees have an uneven grain because of the transition from earlywood to latewood.

Shortleaf Pine As An Example of Harwood Pine Trees

The hardwood pine wood includes pine wood species such as shortleaf pine, slash pine, longleaf pine, loblolly pine, sand pine, spruce pine, table mountain pine, pitch pine, Virginia pine, and pond pine.

Intermediate Hardness Pine Species

Under the hardwood pine category, there is also another category that is known as intermediate hardness pinewood tree species. In this category, the trees have qualities found in the high and soft pinewood categories.

Two popular pinewoods in this category include lodge pine and ponderosa pine. The woods in this category are known as being lightweight but with an even grain.

Even with the different types of pinewood, you can see that not every pinewood is the same. Some pine wood species would be in the softwood category, while others would be hardwood or intermediate hardwoods.

For example, Eastern Pinewood is a soft pinewood that you can almost take your fingernails to dent the wood. But other pinewoods, like some yellow pine woods, are hard, even in some cases harder than some oak woods.

Pine wood can differ between the species of the different types of wood. So, even among pine wood, the kind of pine wood you use can significantly affect how hard or soft the wood is.

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