What Are The Types of Wood Used In Furniture?

What Are The Types Of Wood Used In Furniture?

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When designing and developing furniture, one of the most important things you can do is understand and know what kind of furniture you will use and why you will use that wood.

Wood for furniture is divided up into hard and softwood. Though the woods have some similarities, they also have some differences. Different looks and types of furniture may require a certain kind of wood. Some wood species will be higher priced, and others will be cheaper; price, durability, look, color, finish, and structure can decide what wood to choose for your furniture piece.

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Types Of Wood – Hard Vs. Softwood

The types of wood used in furniture are usually hard or softwood. In general terms, hardwood comes from a deciduous tree that will lose its leaves annually.

Deciduous trees are usually slower-growing trees. Because the trees are slower growing, the hardwood is a more dense and stronger wood.

The softwoods come from a conifer tree, which usually means an evergreen tree. Evergreen trees do not lose their leaves.

Evergreen trees tend to grow faster, so a lot of the softwood is also a softer or less dense wood than many the hardwoods; as the name implies, softer wood.

But even between hardwoods and softwoods, there can be differences. For example, a softwood as a pinewood that grows in frigid climates can grow slower and be harder than some of the hardwoods that thrive in warmer temperatures.

Differences Between Hard And Softwoods

There are some basic differences between hard and softwood; understanding your wood can help you know your furniture wood choices.

Here is a chart to show some differences:

Type of Tree Deciduous TreeConifer Tree
Examples Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, MapleFir, Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Redwood,
Prices Usually more expensive Usually Less Expensive
Density Usually harder (but not always) Usually softer (but not always)
Color Usually has a darker color to it Usually, a lighter color
Furniture Use It can be used for most kinds of furniture It can be used for most furniture.
Hardwood Vs. Softwood

Basic Types Of Hardwood Used In Furniture Production

Hardwood is usually an excellent choice for furniture. The reason is that the wood is hard, so the furniture is a quality piece.

Hardwood ensures that the furniture has beauty and durability and will last a long time. That is why hardwood is the choice for most people for many higher-end pieces of furniture.

Here are some of our top choices of hardwood for furniture:

  • Maple Wood – Maple wood is also an excellent wood for all kinds of furniture. It can also be found on a desk or table as Maple wood also takes to many different types of stains very well.
  • Walnut Wood – Walnut wood is one of the toughest woods out there. Walnut wood also has a beautiful grain and character.
  • Teak Wood – Teak wood is a popular wood for outdoor furniture. Teak wood does well in the outdoor setting and will naturally change colors in the sun.
Mahogany Wood
  • Mahogany Wood – Mahogany Wood is an incredibly strong wood with higher compression and bending strength. It is solid and durable wood. We have seen furniture used a lot in dining wood sets.
  • Rubberwood – Rubberwood is considered medium-density hardwood. It is usually cheaper than other hardwoods, and it can also make some excellent furniture and take to the finishes very well.

Hardwood furniture is generally more expensive than softwood furniture, so many finer furniture items are made with hardwood.

Best Type of Softwoods Used In Furniture Production

Many furniture pieces are also made using softwoods. There are particular looks in furniture that softwood will do best.

Softwood for furniture production is usually cheaper as softwoods are more accessible to obtain than some hardwoods. Softwood is also an easier wood to work with than some hardwood varieties.

Some people prefer softwoods such as pinewood, as they can have a rustic look and feel. Some designers like woods like pinewood as the woods have many natural knots in the wood.

Most softwood is susceptible to rot, cracking and splitting, and other water damage, so softwood is usually not advised for outdoor furniture. Usually, softwoods are fine for indoor furniture production.

Here are some of the most popular types of softwood used for furniture production

  • Pinewood – There are many varieties and species of pine, so pine continues to be a popular choice for many furniture production. Pinewood can be very rustic looking and have some knots to add to its character.
  • Cedar Wood – Cedar can also be a popular softwood for furniture production. One issue with some cedar is that it can dent easily, and also, the colors can fade to a grey color.
  • Fir Wood – Firwood has a coarser grain than many other kinds of wood, so it does not take a stain or other woods. Firwood does hold well with adhesives.
  • Red Wood – Red Wood has been used a lot in Furniture production. It is softwood with a red tint and a pretty straight grain. For some looks and types of furniture, it is an ideal wood.

The type of wood is between a hard or softwood, and then what kind of price, look, and quality you what for your your furniture piece. All these factors need to be considered for your furniture design.

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