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What Can Be Made From Recycled Wood? Home Furniture Products We Love

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Today with global warming and the environment being at the forefront of many people’s minds, people are looking for companies and organizations that are actively looking at ways to save the environment.

Recycled wood can be used for all kinds of recycled wood furniture products. Recycled wood must be collected and sorted, and processed. But when working with recycled timber, there are some things that you need to remember, such as the furniture will have some marks, distressing and even holes in the wood.

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What Can Be Made From Recycled Wood?

Recycled wood is a great resource to be used for furniture production. It is an excellent resource because recycled wood does not cut down any trees or use new wood to produce furniture pieces.

That means the recycled wood is not tossed out but is used for other reasons or purposes. Recycled wood uses wood for a new purpose, so no trees are cut down to produce an item out of recycled wood.

How To Properly Process Recycled Wood

Almost any product made from new wood can be made from recycled wood as long as the wood is processed correctly.

A few things to remember about recycled wood are:

  • Wood Must Be Checked For Safety – Some recycled wood may have chemicals and other substances. The wood must be checked and sorted to ensure the wood is safe for all products.
  • Recycled Wood Must Be Collected – Recycled Wood must be collected so it can be reused. This takes time and effort and can be more expensive than purchasing new wood.
  • Recycled Wood Must Be Sorted – Not all recycled wood is the same size, length, width, or size. Because of this, the wood must be sorted into sizes to be sold again.
  • Recycled Wood Must Be Processed Appropriately – The recycled wood must be processed appropriately. This can include pulling out nails, taking off the glue, and taking off finishes—all of these need to happen for the wood to be used in various products.

Working With Recycled Wood

Working with recycled wood is not the same as working with new wood. When designing furniture with recycled wood, there are a few things you need to remember.

Here are some things to remember when you are working with recycled wood:

  • Marks On The Wood – As the wood has been previously used, there can be marks on the wood. Some of these marks may be seen, so sanding them off or changing them can be challenging. Most people who use recycled wood like the marks as it looks like distressed wood.
  • Holes In the Wood – There can also be holes in the wood if the wood previously had been used. Holes from things like nails or other things that were placed on the wood can be there as part of the nature of the recycled wood.
  • Distressed Wood – As the wood has been previously used, there will be knicks and other distressed marks. That is why recycled wood usually does well for products that need a distressed look and feel.

Because the wood has these marks, it makes the recycled wood a unique kind of wood. Not every product can use recycled wood due to the nature of the wood.

That is why most people, when they design products with recycled wood, need to consider if the design will work with wood that can have marks, holes, or other distressed marks on the wood.

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Home Furniture That We Love That Can Be Made in Recycled Wood

Many home decor furniture products can be made in recycled wood. We make some home furniture in recycled pine wood. This pine wood gives the furniture pieces some great looks.

Here are some of our favorite items that can be made from recycled pine.

Recycled Wood Console Tables And Other Products

Closer Look At Recycled Wood Table

Console tables and other furniture products are a great look that can be made with recycled pine wood. Especially for some distressed looks of the furniture. We have made some consoles with recycled pine wood.

Recycled Wood Tables

Recycled Table By Mondoro Company Limited

Recycled wood can be used for all kinds of tables. We love the look of tables that have a recycled wood look.

Recycled Wood Chests

Recycled Wood Chest By Mondoro Company Limited

Recycled wood and be used for all kinds of chests and other items. We love how the wood will look old and distressed due to the natural distressing on the wood.

Recycled Wood Chest By Mondoro Company Limited

All kinds of cabinets and chests can be made of recycled wood. The recycled lumber gives the chests a great look in various colors and finishes. We can use recycled pine to make a lot of different recycled pine chests.

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