Do Silica Gel Packets Expire?

Today almost everything you buy will have a Silica gel or dry packet in it. When using Silicia Gel packets, one may wonder if the silica gel packets expire?

Silica gel packets do not expire, but they will lose their usefulness when exposed to moisture and the atmosphere. These silica gel packets are put inside many products to help keep the moisture out of the products.

Silica gel packets, also known as desiccant and dry packets, are made from a nontoxic material. That is why they are so safe to put inside a variety of products.

Silica Packets Do Not Expire

The silica gel packets – also referred to as desiccant packets or dry packets – do not expire. They are made from a material that will not expire or go bad.

But as the silica gel packets are exposed to air and moisture, they will become less effective until eventually, they have totally lost their usefulness. The key to ensuring that the silicon packets remain useful is to keep them in an airtight environment.

Over time, the silica gel packet, when exposed to the atmosphere, the packet becomes saturated with moisture and will no longer act as a desiccant. When this happens, the silica gel packet is no longer useful; some people may consider this lack of usefulness as the expiration of the silica gel packet.

But the material the silica gel packets are made from will not expire or go bad after a certain date or time. These silica gel packet only lose their usefulness when they have collected all the moisture they can hold.

These small silica gel packets are extremely efficient at collecting and holding water and moisture. These small silica gel packets can hold up to 40% of their weight in moisture because of the silicon dioxide molecules inside these tiny packets.

These tiny silica gel packets are so useful that they will help to keep potato chips crisp, nuts, and beef jerky fresh.

These tiny silica gel packets are also essential when exporting products. They help ensure that a product will not take on the extra moisture, especially during the shipment process.

The great thing about these tiny silica packets is that they will not damage any product put in. Many products you buy will come with one of the small packets.

What Are Silica Packets Made Of?

Silica gel packets are made up of a mixture of silica and water, which is also the main component of sand. These two ingredients – silica and water- create a pellet that, when examined very closely, has almost a sponge-like structure.

It is this tiny sponge-like structure that allows these tiny silica gel packets to be able to absorb water so well. The tiny sponge-like gaps of the silica gel will pull the moisture into the packets.

Technologically speaking, the Silica gel packets are desiccants; a desiccant is a material that is made to suck up the moisture in the air around it. That is why many times, these tiny packets as also called desiccant packets or dry packets.

Silica Packets Are Non-toxic

One of the added benefits of these tiny silica gel packets is they are non-toxic. They are not to be eaten, which is why it clearly is written on every packet “do not eat.”

But if someone does accidentally eat the silica gel packet or eats the contents of the packet, it will not cause major illness or bodily harm. According to the poison control center, the biggest issue with the silica gel packets is people choking on the packet itself.

When placed in food, children may think that the packets are part of the food and should be eaten.

Generally speaking, eating a silica gel packet is not life-threatening. If someone does accidentally eat a packet, the best course of action, of course, is to call your local poison control center, or if they are choking on the silica gel packet, call 911 and seek immediate emergency medical attention.

The fact these tiny silica gel packets are not toxic is excellent news to any company that is putting them into its products.

At Mondoro, we create, develop and manufacture home decor and home furnishing products. For all the products we manufacture, we will always put in several of these silica gel products. These silica gel packets help us to ensure the products will arrive without any issue.

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