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Top 9 Benefits Of Global Sourcing

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Global sourcing is when a company purchases products from overseas. Many companies enjoy the benefits of buying and sourcing their products globally.

There are many benefits for companies to source their products and even services globally. Sourcing their products globally usually allows them to buy a product with the design, price, quality, and quantity they need. It also allows companies to reduce costs while having a streamlined business model.

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Our Top 9 Benefits of Globally Sourcing Your Products

Companies can reap numerous advantages by sourcing their products and services globally. Opting to procure products globally gives them the flexibility to acquire precisely the product they require in terms of design, price, quality, and quantity.

Additionally, it empowers companies to achieve cost efficiencies while maintaining a more streamlined and efficient business model.

Below, you’ll find our top 9 advantages of sourcing products on a global scale.

Global Sourcing Adds Value To Products

No matter how cheap your production is, there are many products that you will never be able to compete with products that are manufactured overseas. Of course, one of the main aspects of the tariffs that the Trump administration put on many goods coming into the United States from China was trying to make American manufactured products more competitive.

The truth is that those tariffs did not bring back that many jobs to America; instead, countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines benefited from those tariffs. 

Companies that source the product globally understand that there is added value in manufacturing their products overseas instead of trying to manufacture them locally in a place like the United States.

Many Globally Sourced Products Have Superior Workmanship And Skills

There are also many skills that a country overseas may have that are better than your own country; this would give that country a competitive advantage in producing the product.

This is especially true in the Home Decor and Home furnishing industry. For example, Vietnam has a lot of handicraft villages that have manufactured items such as lacquer or hand weaving for hundreds of years. It also means a highly skilled workforce understands how to produce or manufacture these products.

Areas with a highly skilled workforce usually have a fully integrated supply chain where the raw materials are manufactured.  In other words, the materials they need to find are also being manufactured nearby where the products are being produced; this also becomes their manufacturing advantage.

Many Overseas Factories Have Effectively Managed Processes

Many overseas factories are also set up to have a highly effective management manufacturing process. They have been doing this production for a long time and understand how to manufacture your product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This is why in Asia, many factories do not produce or manufacture their brand names but produce and manufacture the designs the customer gives them. In other words, they are specialized only in the manufacturing process and not in the design or creation process.

Many significant companies, such as Nike and Reebok, do not own any manufacturing but instead have design teams that work with factories producing their designs. 

The factories have the advantage that they’re able to produce your designs at a cheaper cost than other companies could while at the same time offering the highest quality.

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Global Factories May Have Production Capacity

Many overseas factories are set up to have a considerable production capacity. I have been to factories in China that have thousands of workers. These factories are almost like mini-cities.

Large US companies may need the production capacity these overseas suppliers have. Especially now as countries like the United States and Europe have problems with many companies finding lower-skilled workers. Many restaurants are even having a hard time finding workers.

Even if a company wanted to set up a factory in the United States, they might have difficulty finding the workers to help them produce the products they need at the price they need. 

Many companies go overseas to find their products because they have few other options. Those companies need to work with factories that can offer them the capacity to produce the volume and price they need.

Global Products Have Strict Quality Control

Most global suppliers also have an intricate quality control system in place. They have this in place because they understand that they will have to pay for a problem if there is an issue.

Many importers find that they can receive better quality overseas than they would if they tried to produce it at home or themselves. This is because the quality for most exporters is at the forefront of what is important to them.

Global Sourcing Allows You To Move To New Sources

When the US instituted high tariffs on most goods from China, we have all seen that many US importers started to look to where they could move their goods to another country. The companies that owned manufacturing in China were not so lucky, and most of them either had to downgrade their manufacturing, figure out how to produce it cheaper or close down their factory.

Those importers who did not have overseas factories could look to move to a new country or location. Even though we fully understand that moving a supply chain is not easy, they have that option.

Global Factories Have Great Product Development

Product development is an expensive process. Most manufacturers will charge extra for product development. It costs a lot of money and usually requires a highly sophisticated team to develop the products you need.

Many of overseas manufacturers fully understand product development. They will have an entire department to help with product development. In some cases, factories will have a production line set up only for product development.

Product development is usually a significant advantage of globally sourcing your products.

Global Sourcing Allows You to Defer Costs

Many importers purchase their products globally, allowing them to defer some costs. Whether it is in terms of when they pay for the actual product so they get some financing. Or if there is a complaint, they usually make the manufacturer pay for that complaint.

The ability to defer some of these costs is why many companies look to source and buy their products globally.

Global Sourcing Makes A Streamlined Business Model Possible

Buying your products globally allows you also to have a streamlined business model. People can work from home and outsource everything they need to sell things online via wholesale or an e-commerce site.

Today, you can find someone to manufacture the products for you, another company to import them, or a company to warehouse them and ship them out for you. You can even find people online to help you do your e-commerce and other types of work. Globally sourcing products allows you to have a streamlined business model.

Despite the global supply chain issues, I do not see all the production suddenly moving back to the United States or Europe. The reason is that companies have many advantages to source their products globally. These advantages and benefits will continue to be important in years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Global Sourcing for Your Products

What is global sourcing, and why is it important for businesses?

Global sourcing refers to the practice of procuring products, components, or services from suppliers located worldwide. It’s essential for businesses as it enables access to a broader supplier base, cost savings, and increased competitiveness in the global market.

What are the primary benefits of global sourcing?

The key benefits include cost reduction, access to specialized expertise, diversified supplier options, economies of scale, and enhanced product quality through global competition.

How do I find reliable global suppliers?

Research, due diligence, and establishing strong relationships are essential. Online sourcing platforms, trade shows, and industry networks can help you identify reputable suppliers. Mondoro would love to talk to you about we can be your reliable global partner and stakeholder; you can find a link to contact us below or on our Contact us page.

What risks are associated with global sourcing?

Risks include supply chain disruptions, quality control issues, cultural differences, geopolitical instability, and regulatory challenges. Mitigating these risks requires robust risk management strategies.

How can I manage language and cultural differences in global sourcing?

Hiring bilingual staff, providing cultural training, and using translators can help bridge language and cultural gaps. Building strong relationships with suppliers is also vital.

How can technology facilitate global sourcing?

Technology solutions like sourcing software, data analytics, and communication tools enable real-time collaboration with global suppliers, improving efficiency, and reducing sourcing risks.

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