Then Sanguine Outlook Home Decor Trend 2021

The Sanguine Outlook Home Decor Color Palette and Trends

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Optimistic, Positive, Upbeat, Confident, Cheerful, Happy. Not every color is in the neutral tones for the home decor color palette. Color and how we use color will still be very important this years and beyond.

The Sanguine Outlook home decor color palette is a color palette filled with bright, fun colors. The Sanguine Outlook home decor color palette is about optimistic, positive, upbeat, cheerful, and happy colorways. It is a home decor trend that will last throughout the years and beyond.

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Of the four home decor color trends we have characterized this year, the Sangrine Outlook home decor trend color palette, boasts the most vibrant colors. (See the link at the bottom of this blog for the link to the other three home decor color palettes and trends)

The Sanguine Outlook Home Decor Color Palette 2021
The Sanguine Outlook Home Decor Color Palette 2021

The Sanguine Outlook – The Optimistic Home Decor Trend

The Sanguine Outlook home decor trend and color palette is about adding color to home decor. These colors are not overly bright but when used correctly they can be the major design driving force for your entire home.

When I think of the word Sanguine – I find the word Sanguine to be very fitting for this years home decor trend. Sanguine is defined as being “optimistic or positive especially in an apparently bad or a difficult situation.”

There is no doubt that the events and challenges of the past years have been difficult for many people. Many of us were not able to hug a loved one for quite a while. Others have had their exciting travel plans or vacations put on hold.

Children were not able to hug their grandparents. Grandparents have not seen their grandchildren. Weddings had to be postponed. Many have been spent their life on Zoom looking at others through a computer screen.

The Sanguine Outlook home decor trend is about putting an optimistic and positive outlook into our lives and home decor. This trend states that despite everything we have experienced, we still have a bright and optimistic view of life.

The Dulux Paint Brand added some bring and bold colors into some of their trend predictions. In speaking of these trend color choices they said this on their website:

“With uplifting colours and a bold sense of renewal we welcome the new normal with open arms. It’s time to renew ourselves, by embracing unified colours and retro influences. Life may feel a little slower, but each moment is enriched by building new connections with those around us. Bolder tones lift interiors to brighten your outlook. Vibrant pops of fun retro colour hint at 70s nostalgia.”

Dulux Paints

The Sanguine Outlook home decor trend is as Dulux paints has said – it is about welcoming the future with an optimistic and bright outlook.

The Sanguine Outlook Trend and Statement Pieces

The Sanguine Outlook home decor trend is also about some added brightness and personality in your home. Many times people will add these by having one or even a few statement pieces.

A statement piece in your home can be anything kind of furniture, accessories, wall art, mirror, or lighting. A statement piece adds personality to your home and shows a bit about your personality and your own individual style.

Many statement pieces may also tell a story about your or your family. For example, this was a chandelier that my Swedish grandmother had in her home in Sweden for many years.

A statement piece is usually something that everyone’s eye is drawn to because not everyone has it. This is because a statement piece can be the anchor or guide for the rest of your home decor. A statement piece is usually bold and eye-catching and it can be a talking point that people ask about when they come over to visit. In other words, a room may be designed around one statement piece.

As part of the Sanguine Outlook home decor trend we see the continunation of the creating, designing and developing of statement pieces for home decor and home furniture products. Simply put – many people want things that are unique, interesting and are something that hardly anyone else has.

One trend that is sure to continue throughout these years and beyond is the trend that there really is no trend. What I mean by that is that there is so many home decor products, tastes, looks and designs out there that there is not one single trend that is correct or right. The trend that is right for you is the home decor trend you like and can live them.

In many people’s homes today they will mix many different styles. We continue to see this as a trend that will continue, especially as more people spend more time in their homes. Their homes will reflect their personality and personal tastes more than any specific trend.

Here are a few trends that are being seen and will continue to see throughout the years. You may want to incorporate all, some, or none of them into your home or home decor product offerings.

  1. Lightwoods – There is no doubt that lightweight woods are back for home decor. We love the brighter woods and feel they do well in the Sanguine Outlook or optimistic trend.
  2. Multipurpose spaces – As people have stayed home more, many have realized that they need to have a home that is more multi-purpose oriented. The multi-purpose spaces in a home are now more important than they have ever been. People realize that may need a multi-purpose space that can be used for working from home, doing schoolwork, or even entertaining.
  3. Sustainability – As many people continue to be worried about things as global warming, sustainability is also on many people’s minds. This is one reason why we love the recycled pine wood furniture. You can discover more by reading our blog Recycled Pine Furniture, What You Need to Know by clicking here.
  4. Natural Elements – Natural and organic materials will continue to be mixed in with every home decor trend. Throughout the world, people want to have more natural and organic materials in their homes.
  5. Grey tones – Grey tones are in every color palette this season. This is because grey is an important and familiar color.

The Sanguine Outlook home decor trend brings a fresh perspective of color into your home. It is a trend of optimism. We love many of the bright color tones in the Sanguine Outlook home decor trend color palette. These colors in the Sanguine Outlook home decor color palette will well in almost any home.

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