Is Procreate Free On Ipad?

Many people have heard of the Procreate App. You may even have an Ipad and heard about the program.

Procreate is not free on the iPad; you must pay a one-time US$9.99 charge. Once you have paid the $9.99, there are no additional charges. You will receive a compelling sketch, paint, design, and creator program for that small amount of money. We love Procreate and all its unique features.

Procreate Is Not Free On The Ipad – There Is A One Time $9.99 Charge

Procreate program is not 100% free on the iPad. To use Procreate on your iPad, you must pay a $9.99 one-time fee. Once you have paid this fee, there are no additional charges or no payments you must make per month.

The $9.99 fee is very reasonable considering the Procreate App continues to be an award-winning design program. Procreate has won the Apple Design Award not just once but twice. (Winners in 2014 and 2022).

They continue to win awards, primarily from Apple, because Procreate continues to improve its program. For being such an inexpensive program, it is compelling. The Procreate App continues to innovate and create new ways to use its painting, sketching, and design program.

To use the Procreate App and download it onto your Ipad, you need to have an Apple Ipad Pro, and we recommend having an Apple Stylus pencil to go with it. We have found the Procreate App works best with the Apple pencil.

As the Procreate App only works on the Apple Ipad Pro, it can only be purchased from the Apple App Store. If you do not have an Apple Ipad Pro, you can not use or even download the Procreate App.

What Can The Procreate App Do?

We love the Procreate App as we have discovered many things it can do. You can sketch, paint, design, and create using the Procreate App.

The Procreate app is very versatile and can be used for many different types of creative products. Some people use it for illustrations. Other people may use it for animation. Some people use it for creating artwork. And we use it to help us do some design and design conceptions.

We also use Procreate to help us to define colors and color palettes for our design work. And we use it to take notes during a design meeting to mark down what type of changes we want to see for a particular design.

All of these different uses show the many ways you can use the Procreate app is limitless. You can use the Procreate App in many different ways. It can be for designing or creating artwork but can also be used as a notebook to organize colors and color chips.

About the Procreate App

Procreate App is a compelling design and creation app, especially considering the price you pay to use the Procreate App on your Apple iPad Pro.

Here are a few things that Procreate App has:

  • Complete Color Control – Procreate App allows you to use any color you can imagine. You can take a photo and then get the color value from that photo. Or you can import an image or artwork and be able to get the color value. Procreate gives you complete freedom in choosing any color you want to work with. The colors and color combinations are limitless on Procreate. Procreate has a color drop function; you can pick any color and drag it to the canvas to fill the area.
  • Over 200 Brushes – Procreate comes with an entire library of brushes with everything from pencils or charcoals to artistic brushes. Each brush can be customized with your brush studio, or you can download thousands of other brushes. This means that the type of brush that you want to use is limitless.
  • Intuitive Program – The one thing I have learned while working with the Procreate app is how intuitive the program is. Once you know many of the basics of using your fingers and pencil, you also understand that procreate you to use simple gestures to help your creative work—things like tapping on your screen with two fingers to undo something.
  • Helps You Create Shapes – Procreate can help you to be able to create shapes. You can create a perfect circle, a straight line, or a square. They have a function called quick shapes, which can help you create an ideal shape whenever possible. I have found this helps me with my design process.
  • Add-Type To Your Designs – Procreate also allows you to add type and typography to your artwork. You can scale fonts or color the fonts for a perfect design and even import your favorite fonts into procreating.
  • Comes In A Variety Of Languages – The Procreate App comes in various languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.
  • Family Sharing – With Family sharing enabled, up to six family members can use the Procreate app.
  • Tons Of Extras – Procreate has many other great features, such as 3-D animation, modeling, and filters.

Procreate genuinely is a program that is for everyone. Even though the program is not free, the cost is extremely reasonable; for a small one-time payment, you will get a compelling design, painting, and creation program.

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Why Use Procreate for Home Décor Accessories Designing?

Procreate is a powerful Apple app with many Photoshop features, but it is more user-friendly than Photoshop. Procreate allows you to design a home decor accessory item, and then with a few quick adjustments, you can quickly view the same product in a variety of finishes and colors. Procreate is very user-friendly and is a tool that can help any home decor designer, interior designer, importer, and manufacturer.

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How To Crop In Procreate? Using The Procreate App

Procreate has a tool called “Crop & Resize,” a straightforward tool you can use to crop your canvas. The Crop & Resize tool also allows you to do other things such as adjust your pixels, DPI/PPI and rotate your image on the canvas.

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