4 Easy Steps to Design a Home Decor Accessories Tray in Procreate

Designing a Tray in Procreate

Procreate is a wonderful program to design home decor and home furnishing accessory items. We love to use Procreate for our home decor and home furniture tray product designs.

Designing a home decor accessories tray in Procreate is easy if you follow our 4 simple steps and instructions as 1) find a tray shape to use as a reference photo, 2) import the photo into Procreate., 3) add layers in Procreate for each part of the tray, and 4) use the clipping mask function.

A home decor tray is one of the easier product designs you can design in Procreate. If you are just starting out to do your home decor and home furniture product design in Procreate, a tray design would be a good item to start with.

Here are our 4 Easy Steps to Designing a Home Decor and Home Furnishing Accessories Tray Using the Procreate Program

Step 1 – Find a Tray Shape Reference Photo

The first thing you need to do is to find a tray shape that you will use as a reference. You can find one online or maybe you already have a shape of a tray in your collection that you like and just want to see how a change of color or a pattern will look.

If you want you can draw out the tray from scratch on the Procreate canvas, just as you would be paper. But, we have found it much easier to start with a photo of a tray as a reference. This will give us a very good base for the shape and design.

Whatever tray photo you choose, the photo will not be seen on the actual design. We usually either delete the layer the photo is on once the design is completed or turn off that layer. But we never show the reference photo layer on the final design.

Step 2 – Import Into Procreate

Import your reference photo onto a canvas in Procreate. Before you actually import it in, we have found that it is best if you can crop the reference photo as close to the shape as you can. This way you do not have a lot of extra background on your canvas and will make it easier to work with the photo in Procreate.

Cropping an image is usually much easier to do in another program like Apple photos, Photoshop, or Lightroom. We do not recommend trying to crop or change it too much in Procreate, especially as the photo is only for a reference that will not be seen on the actual design.

Import the reference photo by using the add photo function on the left-hand side of the Procreate canvas. Use your two fingers to adjust the photo to the size that you want for your drawing.

I find that the larger the reference photos and drawing the easier it is for me to work with the design. You can always adjust the size later but work on as large a surface as you can as this helps you to get the detail that you need.

Step 3 – Add Layers, Outline the Shapes, Then Fill with Colors

One of the most important things you can do when you are designing with Procreate for home decor and home furniture product design is you need to add layers. Everything shape, side, part, and design element should have their own layer.

This is where a lot of people make a mistake with their Procreate product design. They do not add a layer for each shape and each design element. Here is an example of the tray design:

  • Bottom of the tray – Add a layer and do draw the bottom of the tray outline, then fill the shape with color.
  • Right Side of the tray – Add another layer. Outline the right side area of the tray and then fill it with a color.
  • The left side of the tray – Add another layer, outline the left side of the tray, and then fill with another color.
  • Top of the tray – Add a layer, outline the top of the tray and then fill with another color.
  • The rim of the tray – Add a layer, outline the rim of the tray and then fill with another color, etc.

As you can see from this example every single part of the tray has a layer. This will make it much easier for you to change and adjust colors as needed or add in other design elements by using the clipping mask function.

When we are designing a home decor tray we do not worry about the actual colors of the tray parts. In fact, we will usually do each side and part in a different color on purpose. The reason is when we are designing the tray then we can clearly see our design and if we need to make any adjustments. We will change the colors and finish once we have outlined the entire tray.

You will also notice that on each layer when we outline the shape we will fill it with a color. Making sure the shape will actually fill with color is important in this entire design process and especially for using the clipping mask function.

If you want to know what Procreate pens will work best to be able to fill in the shape with a color, you can read our blog on What Procreate Pens or Pencils To Use Procreate’s Clipping Mask Function? Read the blog by clicking here.

Step 4 – Use The Clipping Mask Function to Put In The Final Colors.

We like to use the clipping mask function for almost all our colors or designs. The reason is that when you use the clipping mask function it does not show the outline of the design but will just show the color. We find this gives a much better look for the entire design to use the clipping mask function whenever possible.

To find out more about the clipping mask function you can read our blog on 4 Easy Steps To Using the Clipping Mask Function in Procreate by clicking here.


We love to use Procreate and find it to be a very useful tool to help us with all our home decor and home furniture product accessories design. Designing a tray in Procreate can be quite easy to do.

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