Is Having A Social Media Account Necessary Today?

Is Having A Social Media Account Necessary Today?

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Social media is one of the many channels we have for our personal and professional lives. But as social media has continued to become mainstream, many people wonder if social media is still relevant and vital.

A social media account is essential for many individuals and companies. For an individual, their goal is usually to stay in touch with families and friends who may live around the world. A business’s goal is to have brand or company awareness among its targeted clients or business community. Each of these has its challenges.

Our Personal Social Media Accounts

I recently had several of my sisters completely delete their Facebook accounts; they said they never used them and felt it was a waste of their time and effort.

The truth is that my sisters are not alone in their thinking, and many feel like they do and are getting off social media platforms. This seems to be a trend in the United States more than elsewhere.

But despite social media numbers in the United States going down where people are deleting or ignoring their social media accounts, social media users worldwide continue to grow. Today, over 4.3 billion or almost 60% of the world’s population is on Social Media.

Facebook And Our Social Media Accounts

Facebook and Other Social Media Platfroms
Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook continues to be the number one platform used globally; massive facebook growth is seen in countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, and Vietnam.

In the United States, there are several reasons why platforms like Facebook have seen a decrease in users. Here are three of the primary reasons (and also reasons why several of my sisters cited why they deleted their accounts):

  • Distrust Of Facebook – Facebook has received a bad rap for how they target its advertising. Many feel it has become more spammy than a real social media platform. Together with this is the fact that Facebook likes controversy. The more a post is controversial, the more people comment or interact, and the longer they stay on Facebook.
  • Increased Discord On Facebook – Over the years, there has been an increased discord on Facebook, in particular in the political arena of the United States. Many people are tired of opening their Facebook feeds to find this discord in front of them daily. For others, they become shocked when someone posts or reposts a message they consider to be politically or otherwise offensive.
  • No Longer Interested In Facebook – Many people are bored with Facebook and no longer interested in the platform. This group does not use Facebook and does not like the platform.

Even though the United States is the 2nd leading country for Facebook in the world, I have noticed that my Facebook friends in the United States are generally less active than five years ago. This is a shift that we are seeing for Facebook and Social Media in general.

Despite these numbers, I believe that for our personal lives and keeping in touch with our friends, family, business associates, and others, Social Media continues to play a significant role in our lives.

For most people to continue having this Facebook and social media connection is essential for them to know if someone’s parent has passed away, their college roommate had a baby girl, or someone’s daughter got married; social media helps keep them connected to friends and family across the globe.

Our Business Social Media Accounts

Social Media

Whether we like it or not, Social Media has continued to be essential for most brands and companies. Social Media still allows companies to connect one-to-one with their target audience. Suitable social media campaigns can nurture those audiences to become customers.

Social media helps connect companies and brands to the world.

Here are some of the issues we see with companies and brands using Social Media as their primary marketing platform:

  • You Do Not Fully Know Your Audience – On social media, it is hard to know and market to your audience thoroughly. The goal of every social media platform is to keep people on the platform and not have them go off to your website. If you have a mailing list, you, in a sense, ”own” that list, but with social media, it can be harder to get the word out there to your entire audience.
  • Change Of Algorithms – Social Media platforms (just like Google) constantly change their algorithms. I have noticed these changes make it harder to see what other people are posting, and in reality, for a business, this also means it is harder for you to reach your target audience.
  • Platforms Like Facebook Decide Who Will See What – Used to be, you would see everyone’s profile who are your friends. Today, the algorithm has changed, so you only see a few posts from specific people. In reality, most of your clients are probably not seeing what you post for your business.
  • Growth May Not Be For Your Audience – If your primary target audience is in the United States, you may find that your influence or your ability to market with social media is shrinking. The reason is that the growth of many social media platforms is not in the United States as much as in other places such as developing and under-developed countries.

These things make it harder for companies, brands, and others to get the word out through social media. Social media companies aim to keep people on their social media sites as long as possible so they can show them more advertising.

More advertising also means more income for social media companies. Social Media platforms want people to stay on the platform and not leave, so as an advertiser or brand, you need to find a way to keep people on the platform while reaching your business goals.

Despite all these realities with social media, I believe that Social Media continues to be relevant.

We all need to have a Social Media presence, but it is also more challenging to fully see and understand our ROI (Return On Investment) with our social media. I believe many other small businesses are in the same position – we see social media as necessary, but it is not our primary focus.

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