Erasing With Procreate, 7 Tips When Using the Eraser Tool

The Procreate eraser tool can be great, especially if you know the correct way to use it. The erasing feature in Procreate is an example of a feature that Procreate has which is simple to use but actually quite advanced.

Using Procreate to Make a Pattern R...
Using Procreate to Make a Pattern Repeat for Your Designs

When erasing in the Apple Ipad’s Procreate App, you should first crop the image. Once the image is cropped, you then adjust the size of the eraser to help you get a clean erase. With Procreate, you can move your image around the canvas and resize it to be larger or smaller to help you erase.

Here are our 7 top tips to help you use the Procreate eraser tool:

Crop Your Image

Whenever I am going to erase something in Procreate, one of the first things I will do is crop the image in the Apple photos app and then import the cropped image into Procreate. The reason I will do this is that I want to erase as little as possible by first cropping the image as much as I can

This of course makes sense because the less you have to erase the quicker and easier your erasing in Procreate will be. So the first step in erasing in Procreate is to crop as much of the background you do not need so that you have less to erase with Procreate.

Erase On Correct Layer

If you were working on multiple layers, you need to remember that to erase in Procreate; you must be on the right layer. This is a mistake that I have made many times in Procreate; I may try to erase something, and then I quickly realize it’s not erasing because I am on the wrong Procreate layer.

Procreate uses layers like Photoshop or other programs; your design elements should have a layer, so you need to work on that layer, or the erasing will not work properly.

Adjust the Erase Size and Opacity.

One of the great things about Procreate is that you can adjust the eraser size and opacity. You can make the eraser very large or you can make it very small. You can also adjust the opacity if you don’t want to have the background be completely erased.

I really love this feature of Procreate, but like many of Procreate’s features, you must understand to erase the background, the opacity level must be correct.

Use A Smaller Size On Edges

Procreate will allow you to adjust the size of the eraser tool to be very fine and small. I will usually use a very small size eraser around all of the edges. This will help me to be able to get an excellent line and detailed edge when I am erasing something.

One of the great things about Procreate is that if you make a mistake, you can double-tap on the screen with your two fingers, and it will bring you back to where you were previously; you never need to worry about making a mistake and not be able to correct it.

Use Larger Size On Larger Areas

You can use a larger size eraser to help you erase the larger areas. This is one of the great things about Procreate and how you can quickly adjust the size of the eraser.

With the Procreate eraser tool, you can bring the size of the eraser from large, to medium, to small to very small. All of these sizes help you to be able to erase just about anything.

Move Your Image In and Out

Another great feature about Procreate is you can use your two fingers on the iPad by bringing the image or layer in and out or larger and smaller. For example, if I need a very clean edge, I will make the object very large and then use my eraser to erase it as close to the edge as possible.

When I am looking to erase a large area, I will bring my photo or layer out to erase it. The ability to bring your image in and out is a great feature of Procreate; it also helps to ensure that you can get a clean erase on an image or layer by using the Procreate eraser tool.

Check Your Erasing By Changing Your Background

A trick that I used to check how clean my erasing is in Procreate is I will change the background color from white to another color. If you need the background to be white, you can always change it back again. But I found that changing the background to a darker or another color helps me see any areas of my erasing that I have missed.

This changing of the background color is a great way to be able to check if there are any issues with your erasing in the Procreate app. This also shows how versatile the Procreate app is; when you understand all these small tricks, it makes using the Procreate app very easy.

We love the Procreate app. We find that it is a great app that is really intuitive; the Procreate app can help you to design home decor and home furnishing products.

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