DUPRO product Inspections

DUPRO, During the Production Product Inspection Guide

The DUPRO inspection and pre-shipment inspection (PSI) are both product quality inspections. Though they are similar, the DUPRO is not the same as the pre-shipment inspection (PSI).

The DUPRO Inspection is a product inspection conducted during the manufacturing phase of production. The DUPRO is also known as during the production inspection. Its main purpose is to find any errors during the product’s manufacturing phase. Most manufacturing errors are easier to fix during the production process instead of when goods are completed.

A DUPRO inspection is an important part of any inspection process. This is why at Mondoro the DUPRO inspection is a very important part of our quality strategy.

What Is A DUPRO Inspection?

The DUPRO inspection means during the production inspection or the inspection conducted during the product’s manufacturing process. Products during the DUPRO inspection are completed from 20 to 80% and are randomly inspected for errors or issues.

To create, develop, and manufacture quality free products, the DUPRO is at the core of what a proper inspection entails. We consider the DUPRO an essential part of our product inspections.

Here are the reasons why a DUPRO is important:

  • Finding Errors – There are many errors or mistakes that can only be found during the DUPRO inspection. Many of these errors will not show up during the pre-shipment inspection (PSI).
  • Product Inner Construction – During the DUPRO you can see the inner construction of your product and catch any mistakes that cannot be seen in the final production phase.
  • Check Production Process- You can see where and how far along your actual product is in the production process. This can allow you to judge if the shipment will really be on time or if there could be a delay.
  • Product and Parts Testing – During the DUPRO we can pull a few parts, pieces, or other materials and do any other tests that may need to be done. For example, we may take some hardware or screws and conduct a simple rust test on them.

At Mondoro we believe in conducting a DUPRO inspection throughout our production process. In fact, in many cases, our inspectors may conduct a weekly or bi-monthly DUPRO inspection for our product manufacturing.

Why We Conduct DUPRO Inspections?

The main reason a DUPRO inspection is conducted is for the inspector to find any potential or actual product errors and to stop those errors before they become a quality problem. It is usually easier to correct manufacturing errors during the DUPRO inspection phase than once the goods are completed.

The goal of the DUPRO inspection as with all inspections is to produce an error-free product. Because of this all manufacturers should welcome a DUPRO inspection and see it as a way to ensure the product they are producing is up to the required quality and standard.

There are many reasons why we conduct DUPRO inspections for our product manufacturing. Here are some reasons:


One of the major things that need to be looked at during the DUPRO inspection is the overall construction of the product being manufactured. In manufacturing home decor and home furnishing products we will look for:

  • Construction process – During the DUPRO we can see the entire construction process for our item and ensure it is up to the required quality.
  • Base quality – We will look at and check the overall quality and construction of the base being manufactured.
  • Materials – We will check that the materials used are up to the required standard. This includes things like glue, screws, or even welding on parts and pieces.

By checking the overall construction of a product it allows us to really see how the product is constructed and what materials are used. This allows us to find any errors in the manufacturing process that could not otherwise be fixed or changed. Once a finish is put on a product it can be harder to see the construction of the actual product.


During the DUPRO we will check to make sure the finish for the product is up to standard. If there is a production sample we will match it against the actual production.

The DUPRO also allows us to help answer any questions that the supplier may have about the finish or how to apply the finish. These are things we can fix or adjust easier during the manufacturing process instead of after the products are completed.

Packing and Labeling:

During the DUPRO we can also check any packing or labeling concerns. Here some basic packing issues we look for during the DUPRO inspection:

  • Packing quality – During the DUPRO we can check the packing quality of the product before the product is actually packed for shipment. This allows us to make any adjustments at this phase if needed.
  • Product Labeling – A DUPRO allows us the opportunity to go over any labeling or special labeling with the manufacture. Labeling is easy to fix before a product is packed but once a product is packed it can become a very difficult issue to fix.
  • Drop Test – We can conduct a drop test. The drop test allows us to see any packing or quality issues so that we can change or adjust our packing as required.

A good DUPRO will look at all aspects of a product from the construction, finishing to packing. It is usually easier to correct these errors during the DUPRO inspection instead of during the pre-shipment inspection (PSI).

The DUPRO inspection is an essential part of any product inspection strategy. The reason is there are many errors and mistakes that can only be seen or found during the manufacturing process of a product.

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