Mondoro Bath Accessories

Luxury Bathroom Accessories, A Complete Set, For Product Development

Bathroom accessories can add a lot to the interior and design of your bathroom. At Mondoro we create, develop, and manufacture some luxury bathroom accessories sets.

A complete set of luxury bathroom accessories would include a wastepaper basket, tray, canister, tissue box, soap dish, and soap pump. We can help you manufacture these in a variety of materials from lacquer, gold or silver leaf, mother of pearl, faux paper, metal, ceramic and woven.

We love these luxury bathroom accessory sets as we believe the bathroom should be one of the most important rooms in any home. Alicia Keys reminds us all why we want to have a bathroom that is filled with things that are luxurious and beautiful when she said:

“If I want to be alone, someplace I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”

Alicia Keys

This is why a bathroom should be the one room in any home that is not forgotten. A bathroom should be a refuge and a place to get away from it all and a place filled with luxury and glamour.

Mondoro Bath Accessories
Mondoro Bath Accessories with Mother of Pearl

What Is A Complete Luxury Bathroom Accessory Set?

There are several items that should go into a complete luxury bathroom accessories set. Here are the items that we consider to be a complete set:

  • Wastepaper Basket – The largest part of any bathroom accessory set is the wastepaper basket. The shape and sizes of these can vary. Some of these will have a metal liner in them to help protect the outer wastepaper basket.
  • Tray – Another essential part of any bathroom accessory set is a small tray. This tray is used to put smaller items on in the bathroom countertop.
  • Canister – The canister is a small box that has a lid on it. It can be used to put things in as cotton balls or Q-tips.
  • Tissue Box – Our tissue box is a standard size and will fit a standard tissue box.
  • Soap Dish – Our soap dishes have two parts. One is the outer part and the other is the inner part where the soap can be placed. The inner part is made of resin and can be washed.
  • Soap Pump – The soap pump is for liquid soap to be put into the soap pump. We import our pumps and the inner plastic bottles from some very good suppliers. We do this as we want to be sure to give you the highest quality soap pump possible.

All of these items today make up one complete luxury bathroom accessory set. We use the finest materials available to make these beautiful bathroom sets.

Mondoro Bath Accessories
Mondoro Bath Accessories with Faux Paper

Materials to Make Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Accessory Sets

Here are some of the materials we can use to make these luxurious bathroom sets.

  • Lacquer – We can manufacture these bathroom accessory sets in a variety of lacquer colors. Lacquer can be great to be used in the bathroom as it has some inherent waterproof qualities.
  • Gold or Silver Leaf
    – To add a bit of glamour to your bathroom accessories, you can use gold or silver leaf finishes.
  • Mother of Pearl – We really love all kinds of mothers of pearl and other natural shells that can be used to make a glamourous bathroom set.
  • Faux Paper – One of our most popular finish techniques is the faux paper. In this technique, we do a variety of finishes from faux horn, to faux agate and to other luxury finishes.
  • Woven – If you are looking for a natural look, we can also offer you some bath accessories that are woven or made out of natural materials.
  • Metal – We could do some bath accessories in metal and metal with glass.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic has long been stable for bathroom accessories. We can do some luxury bathroom accessories out of ceramic.

A luxury bathroom accessories set is a wonderful way to be able to add some design and glamour to a bathroom. At Mondoro we would love to work with you to create, develop and manufacture some amazing bathroom accessory items.

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