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Water Hyacinth Vs. Seagrass Materials

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Water Hyacinth and Seagrass are two materials that can sometimes get confused as they are used to weave baskets and other home decor products.

Water hyacinth and Seagrass materials are two materials that the handweavers in Vietnam used to hand-weave home decor products, including baskets. Seagrass is a material that grows completely underwater in salty, shallow waters. Water hyacinth also needs water to grow, but the water hyacinth plant will grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions on top of the water.

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Both Seagrass and Water hyacinth are fast-growing plants. Both are harvested, cut, and dried to weave various home decor and home furnishings products.

The Seagrass Material

Seagrass is a material that will grow completely underwater off the world’s coastlines. Around the world, this is a widespread coastal plant with over 60 different types of seagrass species across the globe.

Seagrass is known to grow best in shallow and salty waters. Seagrass will form a dense underwater meadow, vital for marine life. It grows well with muddy and sandy seabeds.

Many consider Seagrass as necessary to marine life as the coral reef. The Seagrass will provide food for the oceans’ habitats and give shelter to a diversity of marine life.

Seagrass is cut and explicitly harvested to be woven into a variety of home decor products as baskets, lamps, and other accessories. The Seagrass we used is harvested and cut precisely for this and does impact the marine life in the area they are harvesting the Seagrass.

Seagrass can also be twisted, cut, and flattened to be used in several basic types of weaves. You can find out more about the different Seagrass weaves by reading 5 Types of Seagrass Weaving Styles You Need to Know by clicking here.

The Water Hyacinth Material

Water Hyacinth is another plant that grows with water. The difference between Seagrass and water hyacinth is that Seagrass grows underwater, but water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that grows on top of the water.

Water Hyacinth is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It grows best with warm water and in warmer climates.

Water hyacinth has broad, thick, glowing leaves growing as much as 1 meter or 3 feet above the water’s surface. Because of how densely it can grow in the water, it can be a nuisance in many of the world’s waterways.

It can take over the waterways and make them impassable as a fast-growing plant. Because of this, water hyacinth is also known as the “terror of Bengal.” When not harvested or controlled, water hyacinth can be problematic in many parts of the world.

Water hyacinth used for home decor production will be cut and then dried. Once dried, it can use to weave baskets and other products.

Water Hyacinth And Seagrass Basket
Drying some Water Hyacinth and Seagrass Basket at Mondoro Company Limited Factory

Seagrass Vs. Water Hyacinth Materials

Seagrass and water hyacinth are two materials that need water to grow. They are both plants grown and harvested in Vietnam for basket weaving and other home decor products.

Seagrass is wholly submerged underwater to grow and is best with muddy and sandy soils. It does best when grown in salty water.

Seagrass is considered a crucial species to the health and survival of many marine life species. In Vietnam, it is grown and harvested in the swallow ocean waters off the coast of Vietnam; as it is harvested in the inland, shallow ocean areas, it is harvested for minimal impact on marine life.

Seagrass can be twisted and made into rope and other materials. It is also sometimes made flat to give it an almost flat look. It is a versatile material that can also be dyed in various colors.

Water Hyacinth is like Seagrass in that it needs water to grow, but unlike Seagrass, it will grow on top of the world’s waterways. It grows on top of the water in a tropical or subtropical region.

Water Hyacinth does not need to have salty water to grow. It is a very fast-growing plant, so it is considered a nuisance in many parts of the world as its thick growth can make it difficult for many boats to pass through the waters as the plants will get stuck in the boats’ engines, rutters, and other parts of the boats or ships.

Water hyacinth is cut and then dried to be used in basket weaving. Unlike Seagrass, when woven into baskets, it is a shorter and thick material, so it has a very different look and feels to the Seagrass material.

Water Hyacinth and Seagrass can be dyed into various colors or even painted.

The Seagrass and Water hyacinth material can be used and mixed in the same product. We do this a lot as both Seagrass and water hyacinth have a different look and feel, but the two materials work well together.

They are both materials that our Vietnamese handweavers are used to working with and are highly skilled to use in their weaving of various products.

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What is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant that grows on the surface of water bodies, primarily in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It has buoyant leaves and vibrant flowers.

What is seagrass?

Seagrass refers to a group of flowering plants that grow completely underwater in shallow, salty waters, typically found in coastal areas.

How are water hyacinth and seagrass used in hand-weaving?

Water hyacinth and seagrass are used by handweavers in Vietnam to create home decor products, such as baskets, mats, and other woven items.

What are the advantages of using water hyacinth for weaving?

Water hyacinth is fast-growing, readily available, and considered an invasive species in some areas. Using it for weaving provides an environmentally friendly way to control its growth while creating sustainable products.

What are the advantages of using seagrass for weaving?

Seagrass is a natural, renewable material that offers strength and durability. It is also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice for weaving.

Can water hyacinth and seagrass be harvested sustainably?

 Yes, when harvested responsibly, water hyacinth and seagrass can be sustainable materials for weaving. Proper harvesting techniques and management help maintain the health of the plants and their ecosystems.

How can water hyacinth and seagrass be maintained and cleaned?

Regular dusting and gentle cleaning with a soft brush or cloth are usually sufficient for maintaining water hyacinth and seagrass products. Avoid excessive moisture or harsh cleaning agents that may damage the natural fibers.

Do water hyacinth and seagrass have similar weaving properties?

Water hyacinth and seagrass have slightly different weaving properties due to their distinct textures and flexibility. Handweavers often adapt their weaving techniques accordingly.

About Weaving Water Hyacinth Baskets Into Home Décor Products

Water hyacinths used to be a nuisance on the waterways around Vietnam as the water hyacinth plant grows on the water and is extremely fast-growing. Today the plant is cut and dried and then handwoven into beautiful baskets and other home decor products. The water hyacinth material can be left in its natural color, dyed, or painted in a variety of shapes and forms.

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