How To Lighten Up And Clean A Seagrass Basket? And Other Tips

How To Lighten Up And Clean A Seagrass Basket? And Other Tips

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Seagrass is a beautiful natural material to use for baskets and other products. But like many different types of natural products, there are things that you can do to clean or lighten up the basket.

One of the best ways to lighten your seagrass basket is to put it out in the sun. When put in the sun, seagrass will naturally lighten up. You can also use soap and water to clean your seagrass baskets. We recommend putting the seagrass baskets out in the sun as this will help freshen up your basket or other Seagrass products. Seagrass is a great eco-friendly material. But with most natural materials, you want to be sure that you clean or lighten it up by using the correct steps so that your seagrass basket or other products will not be damaged.

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How To Lighten Up A Seagrass Baskets

If you put seagrass out in the sun, it will naturally lighten up. If you go to a seagrass weaving factory, they will put seagrass baskets and other products out in the sun to lighten and change the color.

Sample basket product of Mondoro Company Limited using Seagrass materials

You can do the same thing with your seagrass basket. On a sunny day, take it outside, stick it on the surface of your front yard or driveway, and allow the sun to shine on the basket. You may need to do this for a few days to get the desired color.

This is one of the best ways to lighten up your seagrass basket and the most natural way. As a bonus, when you put your seagrass basket outside, it will also help to freshen it up and take out any smell or unwanted smells.

Besides the basket, you could do the same thing with seagrass rugs, accessories, or even seagrass furniture. All of them will do well out in the sunshine.

Colored Seagrass Baskets By Mondoro Company Limited

How do you clean your seagrass basket or other seagrass products?

If you find that your seagrass has gotten dirty, then there are some things you can do to clean your seagrass. Here are the steps that we recommend:

  • Dust Off The Surface – Use a soft, dry cloth or brush to dust off the surface of your seagrass basket.
  • Mild Soap And Water – Use water with some mild soap. We recommend that you use soap like dish soap. You would use about 1 gallon of water to about a capful of dish soap. You do not need much dish soap but just a little soap to freshen up your basket.
  • Rinse Your Basket – Once you use soap on your basket, use a towel or wet cloth to wipe off any soap residue.
  • Dry Basket – If it is sunny, we recommend you put the basket outside and allow it to dry in the sun. Seagrass dries very well when put out in the sun.

How do you get a musty smell from your seagrass basket or product?

Seagrass is a natural material, and sometimes it can start to mold or smell musty. To get out the mold or musty smell, you can do the following:

At Mondoro Company, we put the seagrass basket under the sun to lessen the smell.
  • Dust Off Basket – Take a dry cloth or brush, wipe the seagrass basket, and get off any dust.
  • Spray 1:1 Water And Vinegar – Spray a one-to-one white vinegar solution. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a cup of water. Either the vinegar or the lemon juice helps freshen your basket.
  • Allow To Dry – Next, allow your basket to dry. If it is a sunny day, we recommend you put it outside in the sun. The sun will also help to freshen up your seagrass basket or other seagrass products.

How Do You Keep Your Seagrass Baskets From Smelling?

Sometimes, your secret grass basket can smell. Maybe the seagrass basket has to be damp, or it has been in storage for quite a long time. To get the smell out of your basket, you could use the vinegar and lemon juice solution to clean your baskets and get the musty smell out.

Another way that you can help with the smell of your baskets or other seagrass products is as follows:

  • Sprinkle Baking Soda On Surface – Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of your basket or other Seagrass products.
  • Use Damp Cloth – Next, use a damp cotton cloth to spread the baking soda around so that you cannot see any more of the baking soda.

Baking Soda will absorb excess moisture and help remove any unwanted odors. Baking soda is also safe for seagrass baskets or other products.

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