What Is Social Conscience? Social Conscience Examples

Social conscience is one of the new buzzwords that many people are speaking in business. What exactly does it mean to have a social conscience?

A social conscience is about an individual or company concerned about society’s injustices and problems and then doing something about it. Social consciousness is about using your moral compass to try to make your community somehow a world a better place. Every company can start to take steps to ensure they have a social conscience for the products and services they purchase.

Social Conscience Defined

Social conscience is about our sense of responsibility and concern for the injustices and problems of society. Social consciousness is related to our moral conduct in our day-to-day lives and concerning individuals and society.

If we break down the word Social Conscience into two words, we can see how these two works work together for one meaning:

  • Social – Social is about society or the world in which we live. It concerns our surroundings, communities, cities, states, or homes. Even the world in which we live can be our society.
  • Conscience – Our conscience is our moral compass. That inner voice or feeling helps us do something right or understand when something is wrong, i.e., ”we have a guilty conscience.“ In simple terms, we could say our conscience understands what is morally right and wrong.

When we put these two words together in social conscience, we can understand that it means to understand our moral compass for what is right or wrong within our society.

Our social consciousness is linked to a collective self-awareness of being part of society and understanding the injustices of society in which we live; it is about caring about those injustices and others within our community.

Social Conscience Example

Social consciousness is about your moral compass and doing what is correct within society. To understand what a social conscience means, we will use the example of a fictional fishing community to illustrate what a social conscience means.

Example of Social Conscience And A Fictional Fishing Community

An example of a lack of social consciousness would be if there were a fishing community and all the fishermen would go out every day and they would catch as many fishes they wanted. Some fishermen decided they wanted to work harder than other fishermen, so they would go out and catch as many fishes as they could within a day to sell the fish to a nearby community.

These fishermen catching as many fishes as they could were not concerned about whether the fish had time to reproduce or whether or not their neighbor would have enough fish to catch.

For the first year, it worked fine as there was enough fish in the lake for every fisherman who needed it. But during the second year, there were no fish left because there was not enough fish in the lake for the fish to be able to reproduce and replenish the lake’s fish population.

A socially conscious community sets up policies to limit how much fish a fisherman could catch every day to ensure that they would be fish that was left for many years to come. A socialist-conscious community and fishermen would not allow one group or group of individuals to catch so many fish that the fish could not be replenished or replaced.

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Things We Learn From The Fishing Community About Social Conscience

  • Social consciousness is about looking out for what is suitable for the entire community and not just one individual or group of individuals.
  • Social Consciousness is also about looking at the future and future generations.
  • Social Conscience looks out for your neighbor, not just yourself and your needs.
  • Having a Social Conscience is about having a moral compass.
  • Social Conscience helps to protect society as a whole.
  • Social Conscience is about morality, ethics, and simply caring about others.

Social Conscience As A Business Model

In today’s business world, it s essential that every business looks at its social conscience policies and business. Many younger consumers want to work with and buy from companies that show they care about society.

Here are some ways that you can have a Social Conscience as your business model:

  • Environmental Impact – Look at the ecological impacts that your business has on your society. If you negatively impact the environment, find a way to change it.
  • Fair Wage And Fair Trade – Ensure you pay a fair wage for products or services and that you are part of ensuring Fair Trade in all your sourcing.
  • Ethical Sourcing – Be part of the ethical sourcing movement and ensure any products you source are ethically sourced.
  • Supply Chain Responsibility – Ensure that social conscience and responsibility are part of your entire global supply chain.

As you can see from this list, there are many things that companies can do today to ensure that they have a social responsibility for their global supply chain. We can all care about the society around us; we can all have a Social conscience.

At Mondoro, we believe having a social conscience is an essential part of any business; having a social conscience is part of our core values. We believe you can do business while still doing good.

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Social Conscience Definition, What It Means

Having a social conscience is about being concerned about society’s problems or injustices or simply caring about those less fortunate. Many worldwide suffer from extreme poverty by living on less than 1.9 USD per day.

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How Social Environmental Responsibility Helps Fight Poverty

Social Environmental responsibility is about a company having social responsibility while also being concerned about its environmental impact. A Social Environmental Responsible company will look at profits and benefit society while being responsible towards the environment.

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What Is Social Consciousness? 7 Reasons It Is Important

Social consciousness is about being aware of the problems and injustices of society and then trying to do something about them. It is about leading with moral and ethical leadership and looking to do good. A company with a social conscience believes in human dignity while also considering the health of the planet.

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