Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Differences Explained

Today if you are looking to buy a new mattress, you will probably hear the terms foam mattress and pocket coil mattress. Even though they can be similar and highly comfortable to sleep on, there can be some differences.

If you were looking to purchase a foam mattress or a pocket coil mattress and were unsure which mattress would be better for you, there are some differences between a foam mattress and a pocket coil mattress. One of the main differences will be how you feel when you sleep on the bed and what type of support each mattress will give you.

Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Difference Explained

The foam mattress and the pocket coil mattress are mattresses that have similarities and also some differences. They are both two types of top-rated mattresses. Which one you want to buy will depend upon what is most important for your mattress needs.

Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Comfort

Both the foam mattress and the pocket coil mattress can be extremely comfortable. But as the foam mattresses are made 100% from foam, sometimes this can be a bit more snug and comfortable than a pocket coil mattress.

Because the pocket coil mattress has the pocket coils inside the bed, it has a spring feel for the mattress. So whether or not you want a foam mattress or a pocket coil mattress, the difference is if you want a mattress that feels nice, snug, or has more of a spring to it.

Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Support

A foam mattress and the pocket coil mattress can give you excellent body support while sleeping. The main difference is that the memory foam mattress will also help alleviate pressure points on your body.

So if you have a sore body, a memory foam mattress may help you to have a more comfortable and pain-free sleep. This is because a memory foam pad mattress will compress differently when you lay on it than a pocket coil mattress.

On the other hand, a pocket coil mattress is known to give you better spinal support than a foam mattress. So if you have back issues or other spine problems, a pocket coil mattress may be better for your sleeping and the overall health of your spine and back than a foam mattress.

Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Temperature

The pocket coil mattresses tend to be more breathable, and because they are more breathable, they tend to be a mattress that will keep you cooler. If you live in a hot climate, you may find that a pocket coil mattress would be your best option to keep your body cool at night.

As a foam mattress does not have any air going underneath the bed, it can be a hotter mattress. So if you live in a climate where you may be cold at night, the foam mattress may be your better choice as it would help keep your body warm.

Today there is also a new technology that allows for foam mattresses to be infused with cooling gel. If you purchase an entire mattress with cooling gel technology, the bed will also be cooler, just like a pocket coil mattress.

Pocket Coil Mattresses And Memory Foam Mattresses Durability

No one wants to change their mattress after one or two years, so understanding how durable your mattress is can be a deciding factor for many people when purchasing a mattress. On average, a good quality pocket coil mattress should last you between 8 to 10 years.

A good foam mattress is known to last you for about 12 years. Of course, how long the beds last can depend upon many different things, from your body weight, to how you may use or abuse the mattress.

Foam Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil Mattress Moving Ease

A pocket coil and a foam mattress can be compressed and easily moved. This is an advantage if you are looking to move the bed onto a second floor or you need to move it down a hallway.

When it comes down to deciding whether or not you will purchase a pocket coil or a foam mattress, some of the significant differences can be which one you feel you can sleep more comfortably on. For some people, the choice may be a foam mattress, and for others may be a pocket coil mattress.

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