Can You Bend A Coil Spring Mattress

Can You Bend A Coil Spring Mattress?

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If you have a mattress, it can be challenging to know whether you can bend it. Not all mattresses can or should be bent when moving.

It would help if you did not bend a coil spring mattress. A coil spring mattress is made with a metal frame with interconnected springs on the bed. If you bend a coil spring mattress, you could damage the mattress. If you need a mattress that can compress or bend, we recommend getting a pocket coil mattress.

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A Coil Spring Mattress And Why It Should Not Be Bent

A coil spring mattress is also called an innerspring mattress. A coil spring mattress will use metal coils to provide the resistance and support needed for the mattress.

Many of the newer mattresses use pocket coils, entirely different from the coil spring mattress. A coil spring mattress will have one metal frame with interconnected coils.

The coil spring mattresses should not be bent because they are made from one metal frame, and if you try to bend it when moving it, you could bend and destroy the mattress.

Many of the coil spring mattresses also have memory foam latex or other forms of bedding that can make them comfortable and soft to sleep on. So many people today still prefer coil spring mattresses.

Pocket Coil Mattress Can Be Bent

The pocket coil mattress is made with individual coils known as pocket coils. There are several advantages to a pocket coil mattress:

Quality Sleep With Pocket Coil Mattress

One of the significant benefits of a pocket coil mattress is that most people who sleep on it say it helps them get a better sleep quality than on a coil spring mattress.

If you are sleeping on an older coil spring mattress and feel your quality of sleep is lacking, you may consider getting yourself a pocket coil mattress.

Less Sleep Pattern Disturbances

One of the important things that a pocket coil mattress does is it helps to reduce sleep disturbance by a partner you may be sleeping with. This could also include if you are sleeping with your dog, which tends to jump up and down on the bed throughout the night.

The reason why a pocket coil mattress is better than a coil spring mattress is that all the coils are not interconnected on a pocket coil mattress; each pocket coil is individual, so if your partner moves on one side of the bed, it does not trickle a wave or movement to your side of the bed.

Pocket Coil Mattress Gives Better Support

Pocket coil mattresses give better support. The body’s contours enable the individual coils to fill the gap in your sleeping position. The pocket coils can help you with your sleeping position; you will sleep more comfortably than the interlinked coil spring mattresses.

Pocket Coil Mattresses Are Durable

Pocket coil mattresses are also known to be very durable. This is because the innerspring system is set up in the actual beds. As the pocket coil mattress has individual coils, it allows the body weight to be more evenly distributed on the coils, allowing the mattress to be more durable and last longer.

Pocket Coil Mattresses Offer A Cooler Sleep

The benefits of the pocket coil mattresses are that they offer a cooler sleep because the air can flow through the bed, creating an overall cooler sleep. This is great if you are living in a hot climate.

Pocket Coil Mattress Can Be Compressed For Shipping

Unlike the spring mattress, a pocket coil mattress can be compressed and rolled for easier shipment and delivery. If you have small hallways in your house, putting a pocket coil mattress into a smaller area will be easier than a spring coil mattress.

If you need to move mattresses up and downstairs, a pocket mattress will allow you to move them up and down more quickly.

If you need a mattress that you need to bend or one that you need to put into a location with small hallways or many stairs, we recommend getting a pocket coil mattress. It will be much easier for you to move the bed, but there are also added benefits to sleeping on a pocket coil mattress versus the coil spring mattress.

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