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8 Factors That Affect The Productivity Of A Company

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Productivity is an essential economic principle that many countries and companies look at to see how they are doing economically. Though we can look at individual productivity, economic productivity is usually considered for governments and companies.

Many factors can affect a company’s productivity, such as management, leadership, technical skills, production, organization, and location. Productivity requires that all the involved factors be carefully analyzed to make business decisions with efficiency in mind. Even though productivity affects all aspects of our lives, we will discuss factors affecting a company or manufacturer’s efficiency.

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The 8 Basic Factors That Can Affect The Productivity Of A Company

Are you looking for ways to make your business more efficient and productive but don’t know where to start? Look no further; there are eight basic factors that can affect a company’s productivity.

Knowing these factors and how they work together can help managers create an environment conducive to better, faster results.

Management and Leadership Styles Can Affect Productivity

Management and leadership can severely affect the efficiency of a company. If the manager is disorganized, difficult to work with, and does not know what they are doing, this can impact efficiency and productivity.

Management of an organization should have technical expertise, be professional, exhibit excellent judgment skills, and have the ability to lead a team. A good manager also needs to be future-oriented by helping to bring the company into the future.

The management must have the necessary technical skills and know-how for manufacturing productivity. If they do not have these skills, they may be unable to make the right decisions.

Technical Skills Can Affect Productivity

The world is forever changing, so technical skills are now more critical than ever. Those companies with the right technological tools and know-how to use them will usually have a higher level of productivity.

Productivity and technology go hand in hand. The most productive companies will embrace and use technology to help them.

Technology factors are not limited to the use of technology tools but can also include the technology used to produce goods and services. If a company can adequately use the technical skills or technology available to them efficiently, it will usually also have high productivity.

Production Factors and Productivity

Production factors and technology go hand-in-hand, and both can affect productivity. Production factors are about a company’s ability to plan and execute the manufacturing process most efficiently.

Production factors require a lot of skill in the manufacturing process. Productive manufacturers can differentiate between what is considered productivity and what is not; everything in the manufacturing process is viewed with productivity in mind – things like the quality of raw materials to the entire production process.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process should be looked at, analyzed, and viewed with productivity in mind.

Organizational Factors And Productivity

A company’s organization or lack of organization will directly impact how productive a company is—everything from how effective the workers, office, or administrative staff are.

How a factory floor is laid out and organized, and all its processes will affect productivity. Everything can affect productivity either negatively or positively.

Productivity tools such as Six Sigma look at productivity issues in detail. To learn more about Six Sigma, you can read our blog, Is Six Sigma A Farce? 11 Reasons Why Not, by clicking this link.

Personnel and Worker Issues Affect Productivity

Personnel or workers can severely affect productivity. Everything from selecting the right people for the position to finding the highly skilled workers needed to manufacture your products or run your company can affect your productivity.

A high staff turnover can also severely affect a manufacturer’s or company’s ability to be productive. Your productivity will hurt if you constantly have to train and retrain workers.

Finance Factors Can Affect Productivity

Financial factors can also severely affect a company’s ability to be efficient. Working capital or the lack of it, can severely hurt a business and its efficiency.

Included in this are the returns on the investment and business. The management needs to ensure they get the proper returns on the industry and have the finances to continue to fund the company.

Location Factors Can Affect Productivity

Where you are located can affect your productivity. In many parts of Asia, companies will try to be close to their suppliers to quickly obtain the parts and services they need to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Your company’s location can affect your productivity; in some places, it may be hard to find skilled labor, raw materials, proper economic structures, or other facilities that can significantly influence productivity. Things like steady electricity can affect your productivity; if you do not have electricity for 2 or 3 days a week, this will affect your productivity.

Government Factors Affect Productivity

Some governments are very pro-business; the governments try to do things that will help businesses and manufacturers thrive. Governments that try to make the barrier to entry into a market or manufacture in a location as low as possible can help with productivity.

Other areas may have government rules and regulations that make it challenging to be efficient. The government may have policies, rules, or regulations that make it hard to be productive.

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