How to Cut or Erase a Background In Procreate? Using Procreate

Using The Procreate Eraser Function Tool in Home Decor Design

Procreate is a wonderful design program to use for all kinds of home decor and home furniture design. One of the features that we love is the feature to cut out the background by erasing it.

In Procreate, the easiest way to cut out the background is to use the eraser tool to erase off and cut out the background you do not want. When erasing the background first crop the image as close as possible, so you have less background to erase. Then you can start to erase the background you do not want by using the eraser mode on Procreate.

Cutting out a background in Procreate by erasing it is quite easy to do. You need to follow a few simple steps to erase a background. You can use the erase function to erase almost anything on your Procreate layer. We use the erase function to erase or cut out a background in a photo.

You can watch our video to see how we cut out a background using Procreate:

How to Erase or Cut Out a Backgroun...
How to Erase or Cut Out a Background in Procreate

Here are the steps to erase a background on a photo in Procreate:

Crop the Image

The first thing we do is crop the image. We crop the image because you want to have as little background as possible to erase it.

We try to crop the image as close to what we need as possible. This allows us to ensure that we have less background to erase.

Procreate Eraser and Erase Size Tools
Procreate Eraser and Erase Size Tool Guide

Switch Procreate to the Erase Function

Procreate has an erase function so that you can erase on Procreate. At the top right-hand side of Procreate, you will see an erase icon. It would help if you pressed that on so that Procreate will be in the erase function mode.

The Procreate erase function is similar to your using a regular eraser on a piece of paper. The only difference is that the eraser is on your IPad and you are using your Apple Pen to erase what needs to be erased.

On the left-hand side of the Procreate is the eraser function key. You can set what size you want the eraser to be as you erase the background. You can set this on the left-hand side of your canvas; the same way you will change the setting on a pencil or brush in Procreate.

Once you have completed these basic settings in Procreate, you are now ready to erase your background or anything else you want to erase on your Procreate canvas.

Start To Erase the Larger Areas First

I will start to erase the larger areas first. I do that because I want to get off as much of the background as I can. I will usually set my erase at a larger setting to erase the larger background.

Sometimes with the erase function, it may not get the background completely clean, so I have found that I often need to go over the background with the eraser a few times and in a few directions to ensure the background area is really clean. If you do not need it to be really clean, you can stop this step and erase it as much as you need to.

Feel free to adjust the size of the eraser as you need to. One of the great things about Procreate is that it is straightforward to adjust the eraser’s size as needed.

Use a Smaller Eraser Size to Obtain Fine Detail

Once I have erased all the larger areas that I can with, the larger-sized eraser can use a smaller eraser to erase in finer detail. When I am erasing in the finer detail, here are a few things I will do:

  • Use my two fingers to enlarge the image – I will use my two fingers to enlarge the canvas image. This is as you will do on your iPad to enlarge something. This allows me to clearly see all the fine detail of the image I want to erase.
  • Get as close to the image as possible – I will try to get as close to the image as possible with my fine eraser tip. The only way to really do this is to bring the image in as large a possible and then use your eraser pencil to erase as close as you can to the image.

How to Use The Erased Background Images

Once the background has been erased from the image, you can decide the best way to use it. We use the erased image in a lot of different ways.

  • Color background – Now that the background is erased, you can add another color to the image background. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping the color on the background layer.
  • Add to another background- We used our erased images to add to another background. For example, in our video, we show we have added this woven shade, which we eventually added to a lamp base.

The eraser function on Procreate is an easy way to cut out any background you may not want on your Procreate image or Procreate canvas. We use this function a lot in our home decor and home furniture product design.

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