Why Do Handmade Home Decor Products Have A Soul?

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At a recent High Point Furniture Market, I heard the famous New York-based designer Thom Filica speak about a new collection and collaboration he is launching with the home furniture and home decor company Cyan. During this presentation,  Thom Filica said he believed homemade products had a soul. 

We live in a world where so much of what we have is mass-produced by machines, yet there is something uniquely special about handmade products – especially handmade home decor products. Like Thom Filica pointed out, I also believe homemade products have a soul. 

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Homemade Home Decor Products Have A Soul

A handmade home decor accessory that has been handmade and touched by another person’s hand has a kind of soul to it.   Whether it’s a piece of furniture, art, or even a simple item like a tray or bowl – something about a handmade item feels different. 

These handmade items are imbued with a kind of soul that can not be found in other products made solely by machines. Another person’s hands have touched and produced that product and, in many cases, have put their skill and passion into the manufacturing. 

Handmade Products Have A Unique Human Connection

The reason why handmade items are so special is because of the unique human connection they have. When people create something with their hands, they put a little piece of themselves into it. 

Weaving A Water Hyacinth To Make A Basket

Whether it’s the slight imperfections that come with a handcrafted item or the unique design that can only be created through human creativity, handmade items are products that we put into our homes that have a soul.

Handmade Items Can Bring Humanity Into Your Home

Handcrafted items are important in home decor and furnishings, as they can bring a sense of humanity into your home.   These handmade items can create the atmosphere of our homes, the items we use to express our style and personality. 

When we choose handmade items for our homes, we are not just buying a product – we are making a statement about who we are and what we value.

Handmade Items Give A Superb Level Of Quality

Handmade items also offer quality that can not be found in mass-produced items. When someone creates something by hand, they put in the time and effort to ensure it is made to the highest possible standard. 

Weaving A Rattan To Make A Rattan Chair

This attention to detail is evident in every stitch, every brushstroke, every weave, and every cut. When we choose handmade items for our homes, we choose items made with care and attention to detail.

Handmade Items Tell A Unique Story

It is not just the quality of the handmade items that make them unique – it is the story behind them. Handmade items are often made by independent artists, craftspeople, or handicraft villages who have dedicated their lives to their craft. 

At Mondoro, we work in many handicraft villages outside Hanoi, Vietnam. In these villages, craftsmen, women, and their families have made these handcrafted products for hundreds of years.  

That is why when you buy handmade items, you are not just buying a product – you are supporting these artists and helping to keep their craft alive. You are helping to show them as you buy into a lifestyle and a point of view –  that you value their skills, quality, creativity, and individuality.

Handmade Items Are Essential In Home Decor

Handmade items are so important in home decor and home furnishing. They offer quality, creativity, and individuality that can not be found in mass-produced items. 

Handmade items are also products with a soul to them when the products put into your homes have a kind of soul that we can not find in other products. 

A Group of Women Crafting a Bowl and Vase from Spun Bamboo

When you choose handmade items for your homes, you are not just buying a product – you are buying into a lifestyle and a point of view as you are helping to support independent artists and craftspeople and making a statement that their work, skill crafts, and products are essential. 

Mondoro Produces Handmade Items

At Mondoro, we are a company dedicated to crafting handmade products, as we strongly believe in the value and uniqueness of handmade products. Mondoro is committed to supporting traditional crafts and local communities by working with handicraft villages outside Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mondoro recognizes the importance of preserving traditional handicrafts and the skilled artisans who create them. We actively seek to work with porcelain, lacquer, and weaving villages, providing these artisans a sustainable income source and helping maintain these traditional crafts.

Porcelain, lacquer, and weaving are all highly specialized crafts that require extensive training and experience. Mondoro ensures that these skills and crafts are passed down to future generations by supporting these villages. 

Applying the Caning Technique by Weaving Rattan Material

Mondoro not only preserves the culture and history of these villages but also creates economic opportunities for the artisans and their families.

Mondoro’s commitment to handmade products and traditional crafts is good for the artisans and the local communities. It gives consumers a meaningful and authentic connection to their products.

It helps give consumers a home decor product that has a soul.

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