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Is UL Approval Required On All Items Sold In The USA?

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When looking at consumer and other electrical products sold in the United States, many people want to understand if UL approval is required for any items sold in the United States.

A product sold in the United States does not need UL approval; no law mandates that a product must have UL approval to be sold anywhere in the United States. UL or Underwriters Laboratories is a benchmark for safety standards for most manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers that want to produce or sell products with UL approval.

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UL Approval and Items Sold In the USA

To sell an electrical item in the United States, UL approval is not required. UL, also known as Underwriters Laboratories, is a third-party certification company that inspects and ensures a product’s safety.

There are different categories for UL certification, such as UL certified, listed, recognized, and performance verified. There are some differences between UL-listed and UL certified.

Besides UL approval, some products in the United States are also sold with ETL approval. ETL is part of the Intertek group, also known as Electrical Testing Labs. The ETL and UL have essentially the same safety standards.

Essentially a product can be sold in the United States with UL approvals, ETL approvals, or even no type of approval. Having UL approval is not required to sell a product in the United States.

Benefits of UL Approval Products

When a product is UL approved or listed, it is free of any reasonable foreseeable dangers or fire risk. A product such as a lamp that is UL-listed must go through a series of tests to ensure that the product will be safe.

Checking the Lamp for UL Test
At Mondoro, we double-check that the lamps work correctly and pass all the requirements according to the UL standards.

Because a UL-listed product goes through vigorous tests, this helps ensure that the product will last longer as the parts, components, and other electrical parts are up to the UL standard. For the lamps we produce with UL approval, we need to ensure that the lamp parts and components also reach UL standards and pass the UL tests.

The rigorous testing of the products benefits both the consumer and the manufacturer. For the consumer, they know they are getting a safe product and will cause no harm. Manufacturers know they are shipping products free from defects and issues that can cause them further down the road.

Selling Retail and UL Approval

Even though UL approval is not required to sell in the US market, many retail stores and consumers understand the benefits of UL approval. Many wholesalers and retailers will not risk selling a product in their stores that does not have the UL or ETL seal of approval.

Many consumers now also understand that UL or ETL approval is essential to ensure the safety of the products they purchase. They also want to buy a product they know will cause no harm, such as a short circuit or fire.

You do not need UL approval to sell retail to the USA market. Still, it is a wise choice and protection for any retailer, wholesaler, and consumer to purchase a product with UL approval or the UL stamp.

Importing Products and UL Approvals

To import a product into the United States, you do not need to show that your product has the UL approvals to enter the US marketplace. There is no legal mandate that your product must have approval as a UL or ETL approval for the product to be imported into the United States.

For some importers, it can be confusing why they would bother to get UL approval when there is no legal mandate to have UL or ETL approvals to import the product into the United States. But again, UL is the safety standard and the benchmark in the safety industry for ensuring a product is up to the required standard. It is essential for selling the product into the United States market.

UL Listed Vs. UL Certified – The Differences Explained

Even among the types of UL, there can be differences. There are differences between what UL listed means and UL-certified standards.

UL Certification Explained

For some UL marks, the term “UL certification” is used. UL Certification means that the organization has met the UL standards and testing. The UL term certification does not mean that the product has UL approval but that it can pass the tests as UL has set for it.

UL Listed Explained

On the other hand, UL Listed is only for a stand-alone or single product. A product must have a specific function and have passed the UL safety and other tests set for it to be UL listed.

Explaining the difference of UL Lamps holders
At Mondoro, we only use high-quality UL parts for all the lamps we assemble.

For example, at Mondoro, we have UL-listed lamps that we produce. The lights are tested to the specific UL safety and other standards. Every single lamp we make has to be manufactured to the UL standard.

The UL Approval Requirements and Standards

Facts about UL Approval requirements and standards
Facts about UL Approval requirements and standards

For a manufacturer to obtain a UL listing can be a costly proposition. UL approval takes a lot of time and is not easy to get.

But most manufacturers also understand that to sell electrical products such as interior home lamps or lighting in the United States market; they need to produce products with UL components and UL approval.

UL approval requires that every product produced for UL approval undergo a standard testing process to ensure that the product is up to standard. The testing process that each product goes through is one of the significant benefits of manufacturing and having a UL-approved product.

For a company to maintain its UL approval each year is also costly. UL will do periodic inspections and check all the testing and other paperwork associated with the UL listing and approval.

This means that the UL company, the UL inspectors, and the manufacturer all work together to ensure they manufacture a product of the required safety and quality. The safety issues of UL are one of UL’s main benefits.

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What is UL approval?

UL approval refers to certification granted by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent safety science company, indicating that a product meets specific safety standards.

Is UL approval required by law in the United States?

No, there is no specific law that mandates UL approval for products sold in the United States. However, many manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers choose to seek UL approval as it is widely recognized and trusted by consumers.

Why do manufacturers seek UL approval?

Manufacturers often seek UL approval to demonstrate that their products meet rigorous safety standards, which can enhance consumer trust and confidence in their products.

What does it mean if a product has UL approval?

If a product has UL approval, it means that it has undergone testing by Underwriters Laboratories and has been determined to meet applicable safety standards.

Are there other safety certifications besides UL approval?

Yes, there are other safety certifications and standards apart from UL approval, such as ETL, CSA, CE, and FCC, that are recognized and accepted in various regions or industries.

Can a product without UL approval be unsafe?

The absence of UL approval does not automatically mean a product is unsafe. UL approval is not the sole indicator of safety, and there are other reputable testing and certification organizations that assess product safety.

Does UL approval guarantee a product’s quality?

UL approval primarily focuses on safety standards rather than product quality. While meeting UL safety standards is important, it does not guarantee overall product quality or performance.

Are there product categories that typically require UL approval?

Certain product categories, such as electrical appliances, power tools, lighting fixtures, and electronic devices, often require UL or other safety certifications due to the potential risks associated with their use.

How Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Make Money

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Is The UL Rating Acceptable In Canada?

The UL rating is only for the United States and is not used in Canada, but Canada does have a rating called ULC or cUL, which is essentially the same as UL but has been approved for Canada. Canada also has a CSA rating that is essentially the same as the cUL rating used in Canada.

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