How Can You Tell If A Ceramic Dish Is Oven Safe?

How Can You Tell If A Ceramic Dish Is Oven Safe?

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If you have a ceramic dish that you want to put in the oven, it is good to know if the dish is actually oven safe. Knowing that the dish is ceramic-safe will help ensure you do not damage the dish.

If the ceramic dish is oven safe, there should be a symbol or words at the bottom that state the dish is oven safe. If there are no symbols, you can contact the manufacturer to determine if the ceramic dish is oven safe. To ensure a dish is oven safe, a professional agency should test the ceramic dish to verify it is oven safe.

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Check On The Bottom For Oven Safety

If you want to know if your ceramic dish is oven safe, you should check out the bottom of your dish to see if it has a symbol that says it is oven safe. Dishes that have the symbols have been verified they are safe to be used in the oven.

Some manufacturers may not use the symbols on the bottom but instead write words like ”Dishwasher safe, Oven Safe, Microwave safe, etc.” The words mean the same as the symbols and may be used in place of symbols as a design element.

If there are no symbols on the bottom of the dish, you can contact the manufacturer to ask them if the dish has been tested to be oven safe.

Here are reasons you should only put ceramic dishes in the oven with an oven safety symbol or words written.

Ceramic Is Tested To Verify Oven Safety

The ceramic with a symbol has been tested to ensure it is oven-safe. When we test a new clay or dish for oven safety, we will send the ceramic to be tested by a professional testing agency such as SGS or Bureau Veritas.

Organizations such as SGS and Bureau Veritas are set up to test and verify that products can meet particular safety or other standards. One of the areas they test is oven safety.

We recommend that you only use dishes tested for oven safety in an oven, as ceramic that does not bear this marking can be damaged if placed in the oven.

Even though ceramic is fired at high temperatures, it does not means the clay is made to be used in the oven. Only those clays from a reputable testing agency should be used in an oven; those tested should have the mark as being both food-safe and oven safe.

Microwave Safety Symbol

Microwave Safety Symbol

Along with the oven symbol, most ceramic is tested simultaneously to be microwave safe. Some ceramic with metal or metal in the glaze may not be safe for the microwave.

The dish can damage your microwave or cause sparks if the glaze has metal or metal elements. That is why you should never put a ceramic dish in the microwave unless you are 100% sure the ceramic dish is microwave safe or has the microwave and oven safety symbol on the bottom.

Other Basic Symbols On The Bottom Of Ceramic Dishes

Besides the oven safety mark, other marks can be on the bottom of your dishes which can list what the dish is safe for. Even though most ceramics are safe, you should not take it for granted that every ceramic dish is food or oven safe.

Here are some of the symbols and what they mean:

Food Safety Symbol

Food Safety Symbol

Plates that are food safe also show that the dish has been tested to be used for food. When testing dinnerware, we will ensure that the clay and glaze have been tested for food safety.

Not all ceramic is automatically food safe; there can be many glazes that are not. That is why to be able to use the food safety symbol on dinnerware; an agency should professionally test the clay and glaze as SGS or Bureau Veritas.

The food safety symbol is significant for any dinnerware or ceramic you will use for eating. Not all dinnerware is safe for eating, so you must use dinnerware that is safe for eating.

Dishwasher Safety Symbol

Dishwasher Safety Symbol

Another symbol you can see on the bottom of some dinnerware is that the dinnerware or ceramic is safe to use in the dishwasher. When the dishwasher symbol is on the ceramic piece, a professional testing agency should have tested the clay and glaze to ensure it is dishwasher safe.

Even though most glazed ceramic is probably safe to put in the dishwasher, you should not put it in the dishwasher unless there is a symbol that says it is dishwasher safe.

Freezer Safety Symbol

Freezer Safety Symbol

The freezer symbols will also be on the bottom of a ceramic if the ceramic has been tested to be used in a freezer or can be safely frozen. Not all ceramic clay can be frozen, so only put in the freezer clay that is verified as safe.

The safety symbol or words at the bottom of a dish are written to let you know what the ceramic dish can or cannot be used for. We suggest you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines; if you have any questions, contact the manufacturer or brand directly to find out what the ceramic dish has been tested for.

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