Delft Blue Home Decor Design Trend And Influences For Today’s Trends

Delft Blue Home Decor Design Trend And Influences For Today’s Trends

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Delft is a type of old blue and white pottery, but it is also a picturesque town filled with canals in Holland. Delft was a town where artistic greats such as Johannes Vermeer were known to work and create.

The Delft Blue design trend Is about using the color blue in the interior space. Blue reminds us of all the colors of water, our source of life. Blue and all kinds of blue tones also pair well with many other colors, and it is a color that is a basic color and trend for any home or interior look. Read on to see why this interior design color scheme and trend continues to be influential.

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About The Delft Blue Design Trend

View of Delft (Dutch: Gezicht op Delft) 1659–1661 is an oil painting by Johannes Vermeer.

In 1660, the great Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer produced a painting called Views of Delft. This painting shows the City of Deflt Holland with some ancient canals.

That is why the Delft Blue Trend is more than just about the Delft blue pottery that was once so fashionable. It is about bringing a new twist to an ancient work of art while looking at a color of blue that reminds us all of the water.

Delft Blue Trend And Water

City of Delft, Holland

Like the canals used to be the lifeblood of the City of Delft, Holland, water is our lifeblood today. Without water, humans can not survive. The blue colors of the water remind us that we need water for survival.

With the Western United States seeing record droughts and even some cities and states running out of water, water as a natural source is now more important to us than ever before.

Water is essentially the source of life. We need water to survive.

Water also has healing properties known to help heal us emotionally and spiritually. Water and the color of blue in our lives help to calm us and inspire us.

10 Aspects Of The Delft Blue Design Trend

Delft Blue is a timeless design trend that has been around for centuries. It features the classic cobalt blue designs often depicted on tiles and pottery in the Netherlands, but it also reminds us of the blues in the water.

Delft Blue’s design trend can be incorporated into modern spaces and styles with our modern lifestyle.

Read on to discover ten aspects of the Delft Blue Design Trend:

  • The Power Of The Color Blue – Blue continues to be a powerful trend color. All the major paint companies are showing a series of blue colors as part of their design trend colors; this shows the popularity that blue continues to have in our interior spaces.
  • Blue Water Is Our Sources Of Life – Water is blue, so the Delft Blue Design trend reminds us all that water is our source of life. Blue helps to symbolize water and all that water means to us.
  • Blues Lifts Our Spirits – Besides being the color of water, blue and all kinds of blue tones are also known to lift our spirits. That is one reason design trends show blue as a popular interior design color.
  • Classic Blues Never Go Out Of Fashion – The classic blues never go out of fashion. Blue and wall shades of blue continue to be popular interior design choices.
  • Blue Is A Modern Twist To Ancient Look – Delft is a famous type of pottery, but one aspect of this Delft Blue trend is bringing a modern look to an ancient art: to build upon the new through being inspired by the old.
  • Blues And Whites Color Combinations – The Blues and Whites color combinations never go out of style or fashion.
  • Blue Pares Well With Anything – One of the great things about blue is that it will work well with all kinds of looks and colors.
  • Natural Colors Work Well With Blue Tones – All kinds of natural colors work well with blue tones, from natural wood to natural woven baskets.
  • Fashion Weeks Continues To Put Blue Front And Center – All kinds of blue tones continue to show up everywhere in fashion; this shows us that the color tones of blue are here to stay and will be an essential interior design color.
  • Delft Blue Pares Well With Yellow Tones – One of the significant aspects of the Delft blue tones is that they pair well with many other colors, including yellow tones.

About Our Color Trend Choices For The Delft Blue Trend

The Delft Blue Design Trend is one of the most versatile color schemes today, creating a classic and timeless atmosphere in any room. It also gives us a modern, updated look.

The Delft Blue Design trend is very versatile. The Delft Blue Design Trend will add vibrancy and life to any space.

Here is some information on our color choices for the Delft Blue Design Trend:

Delft Home Decor Color Trends
  • Variety Of Blue Color Choices – The Delft Blue Design trend has not just one color of Blue but a variety of colors and tones.
  • Other Muted Colors – The Delft Blue trend includes with it different muted colors. Colors that can go well in almost any kind of design look.
  • Yellow Color Tones – The Delft blue design trend also has another yellow tone that will pair well with the Delft blue tones.

Delft Blue is a timeless and classic design trend that has been around since the days of Johannes Vermeer in the 1600s and continues to be popular in both traditional and contemporary decor. From its origin as a tin-glazed earthenware in the Netherlands to many more modern takes on these color combinations, we seek the Deflt Blue trend as an important design trend.

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