8 Steps To Developing A Social Conscience

The other day I heard a comment from former US Vice President Al Gore and how climate change will continue to get worse because of what we are all doing to the earth. His point was that this is a choice we are each making.

There are steps that we can all take to work to develop a social conscience, everything from understanding what a social conscience is to look to see how we can help with the injustices of the world. It does not have to be big; it can be something small and things we do within our community. 

We each choose to work to develop a social conscience. I came up with eight different ways that we can all work to strive to build our social conscience no matter where we live.

1 – Understand Social Conscience

The first thing we can each do is understand what it means to have a social conscience. What exactly is a social conscience?

A social conscience is when we are concerned for society’s problems and injustices. Our social conscience could be anything from looking at how to help the environment to poverty to homelessness to other issues around us.

Social Conscience is about any problem or injustices we may see in our society or community. It is about not just walking away or ignoring the problem but caring about it. That is the first step to us developing a social conscience.

2 – Talk About Social Conscience To Others

Now that we understand social conscience, the next thing we want to do is talk about it to others. When you talk about it to others, it shows them that you care.

I once raised some money for charity, and somebody told me they did not care about poor people. Their comment shook me to the ground. It’s not very often you hear someone with a lot of money say they are not or like poor people – like somehow it is the fault of that person to be poor.

Having a social conscience is about standing up and saying, look, it does matter. It would help if you cared about people – especially those less fortunate. This is not just about you; this is about the world we live in.

3 – Do Something Good For Your Community

Work to do something good for your community. It could be something small as you volunteer in some way to help your community. Maybe it is to go out and pick up some garbage. Strive to somehow serve and help in your community.

If you want to teach your children or others about social conscience, one of the best ways you can do that is by doing some good. If you want to teach and show your employees that you care about the world, one of the best ways you can do that is by showing them what you are willing to help make the world a better place.

4 – Buy From Social Conscience Companies

We can buy and use products from companies with a social conscience and make ethical sourcing part of who they are.

Many companies out there, large and small, are striving to make a difference by having a social conscience and having ethical sourcing be at the core of what they do.

One company that I have always admired is doTERRA. They have made ethical sourcing and socially conscience at the forefront of everything they do in sourcing their products and materials for their essential oils.

5 – Care About Those Who Have Less Than You Do

Another way to develop a social conscious is to care about those who have less than you. If you see a homeless person or beggar on the street and do not want to give them money, you could provide them with a hamburger, take them out for a meal, or help them in some other way.

You can show those who have less than you that you care about them. It does not have to be something grander, but it can be tiny – just showing you care.

Even something as simple as holding the door open for a mother and her baby and allowing someone to have a seat on a bus or train that may need it more than you do. A social conscience is about showing your humanity and that you care.

6 – Clean Up And Help The Environment

Make helping the environment a part of what is important to you. We can all find a way to help the environment and make the world a better place. There are small things we can do, from trying not to use plastic bags or not using single-use plastic.

My father is a great recycler. He checks and recycles everything that he can. We can all do our part by improving recycling, cleaning the environment, and ensuring that our communities are clean.

We can try to save water. We can drive cars that do not pollute the air. Those are all things we can work to do to make our environment a better place.

7 – Be Willing To Do You Part To Make The World Better

If everyone in the world would try to make the world a better place, imagine how much better this world would be. If everyone stops using single-use plastic reused plastic water bottles – we can each make the world a better place.

Suppose we all worked to bring our bags to the grocery store so that we did not need to throw out plastic bags. Or we made sure we reused them repeatedly for a purpose – we can make the world a better place.

We can all do our part to make the world a better place.

8 – Give To Those Who Are Changing the World

If you have money to give to people and organizations actively seeking to improve our world, you are also helping to change the world. Find a cause you are passionate about and support the wrong justices of the world.

The eight steps are all things we can each do to develop a social conscience. We can start with just a few steps and then build upon others. We can start today doing something small to help make the world better.

At Mondoro, we believe having a social conscience is an essential part of any business; having a social conscience is part of our core values. We believe you can do business while still doing good.

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