5 Business Lessons From The High Point Furniture Market

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Every April and October, I eagerly mark my calendar for the highly anticipated High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. This incredible event is a feast for the eyes, showcasing some of the most remarkable furniture and home decor from all over the globe. It’s a must-see destination for anyone who appreciates design and creativity.

The High Point Furniture Market is one of the largest furniture exhibitions in the world. Every year, thousands of manufacturers, retailers, and designers gather in High Point, North Carolina, to showcase their latest products, network with peers, and stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. It’s an absolute bonanza of furniture innovation and design, and the lessons learned here apply to businesses in any industry.

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5 Business Lessons From Attending The High Point Furniture Market

The High Point Furniture Market is not just a trade show for the furniture industry; it’s a treasure trove of valuable business lessons that can be applied to any industry. I firmly believe that the lessons we can learn here have far-reaching applications beyond furniture.

Read on to learn five key business lessons that we can all glean from the High Point Furniture Market.

Lesson 1 From High Point Market – Relationships Do Matter

One of the most critical lessons from the High Point Furniture Market is that relationships matter. Building and maintaining relationships with your customers, suppliers, and industry peers is essential for long-term success. 

During a conversation with a furniture store owner in Northern Wisconsin who is also from my home state, we discussed her business. As our conversation progressed, I asked which showrooms she frequented and who she preferred to visit.

She explained that she primarily visits the showrooms of furniture industry representatives with whom she has established relationships. While she only selects products she is confident she can sell, she emphasizes maintaining strong connections with her reps and the brands they represent.

While many companies sell furniture at events like the High Point Furniture Market, those who consistently thrive in their business have invested in building robust relationships with their brands.

One of the stores in High Point has room sets on display.

Many exhibitors have long-standing relationships with their customers, some of whom have been doing business together for decades. These relationships are built on trust, mutual respect, and a commitment to excellence.

Lessons 2 From High Point Market – Kindness Sells

Another business lesson from the High Point Furniture Market is that kindness sells. The market is not just a place to showcase products but also a place to build connections with people. 

Exhibitors who are friendly, approachable, and genuine in their interactions with visitors are more likely to attract customers and generate sales.

I was in a showroom waiting for one of my customers to arrive. As I was waiting there, I talked to her co-worker, and this co-worker commented on my customer and how kind she was, and how great she was to work with.

It got me thinking about how in the business world, kindness is often undervalued. But something as simple as being kind can make a big difference in building relationships and earning trust. 

Kindness can help you stand out in a competitive market and differentiate yourself. Simple acts of kindness, such as saying thank you or providing exceptional customer service, can go a long way in building customer loyalty and generating repeat business.

Lesson 3 From High Point Market – Service Is King

At the High Point Furniture Market, exhibitors understand the importance of service. Providing exceptional service is essential to building customer loyalty and gaining a competitive edge in the market. 

From offering personalized product recommendations to providing fast and efficient shipping, exhibitors at the market go above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied.

Those companies that serve their customers consistently seem to rate better than others. Service is essential in any business, especially personal acts of service.  

One of the stores in High Point has a collection of room sets.

In today’s market, customer expectations are higher than ever, and providing good service is no longer enough. To stand out, businesses must provide exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations. 

For some companies, this can involve investing in new technology, training employees to provide better service, and continuously improving processes to ensure that customers have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Lesson 4 From The High Point Market – Easy Money Was Never In Fashion

Another High Point Furniture Market business lesson is that easy money was never in fashion. Business success requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. 

Exhibitors in the market invest significant time, effort, and resources into developing innovative products, building relationships, and marketing their brands. They are willing to try new things, and in the process, many work very hard to be able to do that. 

Many clients travel long distances to find the perfect product and service. Many work very long hours during the market and throughout the year. 

Business -any business – whether home decor or another kind of business takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

The lesson here is that there are no shortcuts to success in business. Building a successful business requires a long-term vision, a clear strategy, a commitment to continuous improvement, and just plain old fashion hard work. 

Lesson 5 From High Point Market – There Is Only So Much You Can Do On Zoom

The pandemic forced many businesses to shift to remote work and online communication. While technology has made it easier to connect with customers and colleagues remotely, there is only so much you can do on Zoom. 

The High Point Furniture Market provides a reminder of the importance of face-to-face interaction and the value of in-person events. Some things can be done in person that you can never do on Zoom.  

In-person events like the High Point Furniture Market provide a unique opportunity to build personal connections, network with industry peers, and showcase products in a way that cannot be replicated online. While online communication has benefits, it cannot replace the value of face-to-face interaction and its impact on building relationships and driving business success.

I believe that all businesses must find a balance between online and offline communication. Hybrid events combining online and in-person components can provide the best of both worlds and enable businesses to reach a broader audience while providing valuable face-to-face interaction.

If someone cannot attend the market, maybe a Zoom call is the best way to show them what they missed. But there are connections, networking, and things you will see in person which can never be done or accomplished on Zoom or online.   

Attending the High Point Furniture Market gave me valuable business lessons and reminded me of these five important ones. I believe all these lessons can be applied to any industry.

All these five business lessons, from the importance of relationships and kindness to the value of exceptional service and hard work and that in-person events are essential, continue to serve as a reminder of what it takes to succeed in business. 

As we navigate the ever-changing business landscape, we must remember these five lessons and apply them to our businesses to drive long-term success.

10 Compelling Reasons to Attend the High Point Market in North Carolina

For professionals in the home decor and furniture industry, the High Point Market in North Carolina is an essential event that offers a multitude of benefits. Here, we’ll explore ten compelling reasons why attending this market is a must for anyone in this industry:

1. Explore a World of Innovation

  • The High Point Market is a hub of creativity and innovation. It’s where you can get a firsthand look at the latest home decor and furniture products hitting the market. Witnessing these new products can inspire fresh ideas for your own business.
  • To remain competitive in the ever-evolving home decor and furniture industry, it’s crucial to understand and stay ahead of current trends. High Point Market provides an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest design trends and consumer preferences.

3. Connect with Industry Leaders

  • This market attracts industry leaders, including designers, manufacturers, and retailers. By attending, you have the chance to network with these experts and gain valuable insights into the industry’s best practices.

4. Forge New Business Contacts

  • Building a strong network is vital for success in any industry. High Point Market is a prime location to meet potential business partners, suppliers, and collaborators who can help your home decor or furniture business thrive.

5. Gain Market Intelligence

  • The market is not just about products; it’s also an invaluable source of market intelligence. You can gather information on consumer preferences, emerging markets, and competitor strategies, which can inform your business decisions.

6. Hands-On Product Evaluation

  • Unlike online shopping, High Point Market allows you to physically touch and evaluate products. This tactile experience is essential for gauging product quality, comfort, and design, ensuring you make informed buying decisions.

7. Attend Educational Sessions

  • Many trade shows offer educational sessions and seminars. High Point Market often hosts informative talks, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry experts. These sessions can provide valuable knowledge and insights.

8. Discover Unique Suppliers

  • If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind products or suppliers that stand out from the competition, the market is an ideal place to discover them. You may come across hidden gems that can set your business apart.

9. Gain Inspiration

  • The ambiance of High Point Market is rich with creativity. Exploring the showrooms and exhibits can spark your imagination and inspire fresh design ideas or marketing strategies.

10. Strengthen Existing Relationships

  • For those already established in the industry, the market provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships with current suppliers, clients, and collaborators. Face-to-face interactions can solidify partnerships and foster loyalty.

Attending the High Point Market in North Carolina is not just beneficial—it’s essential for anyone in the home decor or furniture industry. From discovering new products to networking with industry leaders and understanding market trends, this event can significantly contribute to the success and growth of your business.

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About The North Carolina High Point Furniture Market

I have attended the High Point Furniture Market twice a year for almost 30 years. During this time, I have learned some of the best ways to attend the market and what first-time or market attendees should do. If this is your first time at the High Point Furniture market, most people do not realize how huge the market is, so you need to plan, be prepared, wear comfortable shoes, and know what you are looking to buy or accomplish at the market.

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