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About The North Carolina High Point Furniture Market | Mondoro

About The North Carolina High Point Furniture Market

If you are new to the furniture or home furnishing industry, you will hear about some of the furniture shows. One of the significant furniture shows is the North Carolina High Point Furniture Market.

The North Carolina High Point Furniture Market is the world’s top furniture market. If you want to attend a market where you can see all kinds of trendy products in one place, this is the market you should attend. Visitors and Exhibitors from all over the world show and attend this market.

About The North Carolina High Point Furniture Market

For over 25 years, I have been attending the High Point Furniture market for both the fall and spring markets; the only time I missed the markets was during the COVID era when I could not return to the United States but remained in Vietnam. I have seen how the markets have changed over time but, at the same time, have remained the same.

Here are some essential facts to understand about the North Carolina High Point Furniture market:

  • Twice a year – The High Point Furniture Market occurs twice a year in April and October.
  • Dates Vary – The exact dates of the market will vary. Some years it will be early in the month and other times later.
  • Major Market – The High Point Furniture market is a significant furniture market. The market has over 12 million square feet of exhibitor space. Over 75,000 people attend each High Point Market, with over 2,200 companies exhibiting their products.
  • International Market – The High Point Market is an International market. The market has over 100 countries represented with buyers from all 50 states. About 10% of the market attendees are international.
  • International Exhibitors – The companies showing at the High Point market are not limited to US companies. Some international companies who are selling into the USA market are showing there. But as most of the buyers at the market are looking to buy wholesale, most of these international companies exhibiting at the market have offices, showrooms, and warehouses in the United States.
  • New Product Trends – The High Point Furniture market shows the latest home furnishing and decor trends. There are thousands and thousands of new products introduced. If you want to see the latest trends and products, this is the market you need to attend.
  • All Price Points – The market will offer you all price points. Companies are exhibiting at the market that are in all the price points.
  • All Types Of Home Furniture And Home Decor – This market focuses mainly on home furniture and decor. But you will find all kinds of companies exhibiting there, from those selling cushions, rugs, wall art, mirrors, and lamps, plus home decor accessories and all types of furniture. You will even find companies there that sell outdoor products and furniture.
  • Register Before Attending – This is a business-to-business trade show, so you must register before attending the trade show. To learn more about registering for the show, you can click here to learn more about what documents you need to attend the show.

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High Point Furniture Market Is A Top World Trade Show

The size of the North Carolina High Point Furniture Market makes the High Point Market the top furniture and trade show in the world. Even if you set out to see every exhibitor and space, it would be impossible as the market is too vast.

No other trade show in the world can come close to the depth and size of the High Point Furniture Market. There are significant shows in Europe and Asia, but they still do not have the square footage or exhibitor space as the High Point furniture market.

Here is a comparison of some main furniture and home decor shows in Europe and the High Point Furniture market:

Market Exhibitor Space
High Point Furniture Market Over 12,200,000 square feet
Maison & Objet Show (Paris, France) Over 490,000 square feet
Ambiente, Messe, Frankfurt Germany Over 3,500,000 square feet
IMM Cologne, Germany Over 2,500,000 square feet
Milan Furniture Fair Over 2,500,000 square feet
Comparison Of High Point Market Space To Other Major Furniture Shows

As you can see from this list, for a show mainly about furniture, the High Point Market is a significant show compared to many other shows.

Because it is such a large show and there is so much to see during the show, it is a show that you must be prepared for. Unlike other trade shows, you may walk down some halls and go from booth to booth.

The showrooms at the High Point Market usually have a front desk, and you will need to scan your pass before you can come in to see their showroom. Before the showroom lets you in, you need to let them know where you are from and what you want to purchase.

Also, so many different buildings are part of the market. Many of these buildings and exhibitors are in other buildings, so you may need to walk or take the High Point Shuttle or bus to get to some outlying showrooms; this usually also takes time to see the many vendors outside some of the main buildings.

Because this is such a large market, we recommend you go to the High Point Furniture Market with a plan of which showrooms you want to shop and see. The plan will help you to be able to see as much as possible during your time at the High Point Market.

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High Point Furniture Market, Insider Tips And Guide

I have attended the High Point Furniture Market twice a year for almost 30 years. During this time, I have learned some of the best ways to attend the market, and what first-time or any market attendees should do. If this is your first time at the High Point Furniture market, most people do not realize how huge the market is, so you need to plan, be prepared, wear comfortable shoes, and know what you are looking to buy or accomplish at the market.

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