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Is PVD Metal Coating Durable?

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If you are looking at PVD metal, one of the things that many people want to know is how durable PVD coating is.

PVD metal coatings are very durable. The PVD coating on metals is corrosion, rust, and scratch-resistant. PVD coating is so durable that it is an excellent choice for many products.

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PVD Metal Coatings Durability

PVD coatings are considered more rigid and more corrosion-resistant than other metal coatings that use electroplating. PVD is considered to be an extremely durable metal coating.

One of the great things about the PVD finish is that it offers a high-quality, durable finish and is considered low maintenance. Once the finish is put on, it does not require another clear coat, as does a lot of electroplating finishes.

The PVD finish is high temperature and has good impact strength. Due to its application, it is an excellent choice for many kinds of products.

Sample Product of Mondoro Company PVD Metal Coating Table

Here are some of the ways that PVD metal coatings are considered highly durable:

  • Wear Resistance – PVD metal coatings are highly wear-resistant. That is one of the reasons why so many people prefer PVD finishes for their metal products.
  • Corrosion Resistance – PVD metal coatings have good corrosion resistance properties.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – PVD metal coating is also resistant to many chemicals.
  • Abrasion Resistance – The PVD finish is abrasion-resistant.
  • Very Hard Finish – The PVD metal coatings have a tough finish that many say is two times as hard as diamonds.
  • Long-lasting – The PVD finish is long-lasting. Once applied, it is almost impossible to remove and will not wear off.
  • Difficult To Scratch – The PVD finish is difficult to scratch. If a scratch does happen, you can see the steel underneath the PVD coating. You cannot repair or polish the finish if you scratch it.
  • Great Decorative Finish -The PVD finish is an excellent decorative finish for metal. This is why it remains a popular finish for furniture hardware and furniture.
  • Does Not Chip, Tartness, Or Fade – The PVD finish will not chip, tarnish or fade.
  • Uniformed Coating – The PVD finish gives a very uniform finish.
  • Excellent Adhensive – The PVD finish gives excellent adhesion to metal.
  • Low-Maintenance Finish – PVD is considered a low-maintenance finish as you do not need to polish it as brass or other metals.
  • Environmentally Friendly Process – The process of PVD is considered environmentally friendly.

PVD metal coatings are considered to be a highly durable kind of coating. Today, you can find them on many products- everything from the laptop to your apple smartwatch.

In running tests in a laboratory, the PVD coatings are known to pass tests not to rust or erode if placed under 1,200 hours of salt spray. These kinds of tests show have durable the PVD coatings are.

PVD coating is water-resistant, tarnish-resistant, sweat, and regular wear-resistant compared to standard gold plating. The PVD finish will stay longer than other similar finishes even if scratched.

Does PVD Coating Tarnish?

PVD finish should provide lifetime protection from daily cleaning. Because they do not need to be cleaned so much, this helps add to the product’s durability.

Compared to traditional electroplating of brass, nickel, and other gold finishes, most of these electroplated finishes have a clear coat on top of the finish; the clear coat will degrade over time and can quickly tarnish or corrode.

The PVD finish requires no topcoat, so the coat will not fade or become dull. As there is no topcoat, PVD has little maintenance.

What Materials And Surfaces Can You Coat PVD To?

PVD Table

The best material to adhere to PVD is chrome-plated materials. So PVD works well with stainless steel and titanium metals. PVD can also be plated to ABS plastics as long as the ABS plastics are first properly chrome plated.

Also, for PVD coatings, you must ensure the surface you are coating on is precisely what you want. If there are imperfections on the surface, they will show through with the PVD coating. The reason is that PVD is a very thin coating of 0.25 microns and 5 microns.

What Does PVD Stand For?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition coating. PVD is a very thin film coating put on the material through a vacuum.

It is not just a simple sprayed finish but a finish that uses a high-tech finish. The material is vaporized and deposited onto the surface of the part that is being PVD coated.

As the material is deposited onto the surface atom-by-atom, this adds to the durability of the PVD coating. A thin bonded layer is put on the material.

Will Gold PVD Fade Over Time?

Gold PVD coating should not fade over time and be more durable than traditional gold plating. Standard gold plating can scratch or tarnish even within 12 to 18 months. Gold PVD and other finishes are very durable because of the way they are applied to the surface.

The PVD coatings are more corrosion and resistant than many other coatings, making them an excellent choice for many products. The PVD gold coating should not fade over time but remain the same throughout the product’s life.

PVD coating is an excellent finish for many different kinds of products. The finish is resistant to all types of scratch and tarnish. This makes it a perfect finish for many home decor, home furnishing products, and hardware.

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