Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture Compared

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture Compared

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Selecting the right furniture for your garden or patio can be challenging, mainly when choosing natural and synthetic rattan pieces. Both options exude their unique charm, elegance, and functionality, which might make the distinction between them seem blurry to the unacquainted.

Natural rattan is a product of the earth, whereas synthetic rattan is an artificial substance, often a blend of plastics and resins. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll uncover the subtleties of both natural and synthetic rattan furniture, focusing on outdoor applications to guide you toward a well-informed decision.

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Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: A Comprehensive Comparison

Furnishing your patio or garden can be daunting, especially when choosing between natural and synthetic rattan furniture. Each brings a distinctive aura, grace, and practicality. For the uninitiated, the difference between the two might seem ambiguous.

Natural rattan originates from nature, while synthetic rattan is a human-made material, typically comprising plastics and resins. Read on as we delve into the intricacies of natural and artificial rattan furniture, tailored explicitly for outdoor use, to aid you in making the best choice.

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Aesthetics And Design

Natural and synthetic rattan furniture are designed with diverse styles, shapes, and sizes, making them desirable for a garden patio. However, many buyers lean towards natural rattan for its innate aesthetic appeal.

Still, if you want something that will last outdoors, you must look at synthetic or faux rattan.

Rattan Synthetic Outdoor Furniture

The unique weaving patterns of both can help enhance the quality of the furniture’s overall visual allure.

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Durability

Durability is a crucial factor when investing in outdoor furniture. Natural rattan is renowned for its robustness but falls short when exposed to harsh weather conditions, making it less suitable for outdoor use. Hence, it is ideal for interior settings and requires meticulous care and maintenance for longevity.

Rattan Synthetic Furniture

Conversely, synthetic rattan, primarily plastic, is weather-resistant and better suited for outdoor settings. Remember, the durability of any rattan furniture largely depends on the fibers’ quality.

Rattan Synthetic Furniture

But if you are looking for furniture that will only be used indoors, natural rattan is a great option. Not only is it made of natural materials, but it also has some great looks and finishes that can be hard to obtain from faux or synthetic rattan,

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Comfort

Creating a comfortable outdoor seating space is essential. Natural and synthetic rattan furniture ensures ample comfort, often accompanied by additional cushions for enhanced coziness.

The comfort level depends significantly on the furniture’s size and the weave’s quality. But if you are sitting indoors in a pair of shorts, natural rattan is an excellent option, as synthetic rattan can sometimes feel a bit sticky to the touch, especially with heat or sweat.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture

But if you are outdoors, the only reasonable option for you to use is synthetic or faux rattan. Natural or synthetic rattan will not only feel comfortable outdoors but also wear much better.

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Maintenance

Maintenance plays a vital role in extending the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Both natural and synthetic rattan furniture are relatively easy to clean – a regular cleaning regimen with mild soapy water is sufficient.

The plastic-based synthetic rattan is particularly easy to maintain and can withstand various weather conditions, allowing you to keep it outdoors all year round. Even though it can be outdoors, we recommend washing and caring for your natural rattan using mild soap and water.

Natural Rattan Furniture

On the other hand, natural rattan requires additional protective measures such as waterproof covering, indoor storage, or a protective varnish coating. It is best if you also use a very mild soap and water to wash it, and with natural rattan, you must ensure it is dried exceptionally well after washing it.

Natural Vs. Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Cost

When it comes to price, you might presume that synthetic rattan furniture would be the cheaper option, given its artificial origins. However, the pricing landscape for rattan furniture isn’t so straightforward.

The cost of natural and synthetic rattan furniture is contingent upon the quality of the material used, resulting in no substantial price difference.

Natural Rattan Furniture

There are many different qualities and types of synthetic rattan. Some are cheap and will not last long; others are of higher quality. At Mondoro, we only produce higher-quality synthetic rattan as we do not want to have any quality issues in the future.

Both natural and synthetic rattan sets provide durability, beauty, and style. If you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece without additional weatherproofing measures, synthetic rattan furniture may be your best bet.

This comprehensive comparison should make your decision-making process more accessible and informed, ensuring you select the perfect rattan furniture for your outdoor space.

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Can You Fix Rattan Furniture?

One of the first things you must determine about your rattan furniture is what kind of rattan it is; whether it is a natural or faux rattan. To repair, tuck the rattan furniture core under the chair or furniture piece and then glue it. We recommend gluing it twice. If you need to reweave sections, you can follow this same process.

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Can You Paint Plastic Rattan Or Faux Rattan Furniture?

The short answer is that you should not paint your plastic or faux rattan furniture. The plastic or faux rattan material is not made or manufactured to be painted. If you paint on your plastic or faux rattan furniture, the paint will eventually peel and crack; the painting could also damage the furniture.

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How To Bend And Shape Rattan

Rattan can be bent and shaped in a variety of ways. The rattan must first be pliable so that it can be bent. Several methods are used to accomplish this. Once the rattan is pliable, it can be shaped in various ways.

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