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6 Essential Travel Items And Why You Should Also Travel With Them

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I have lived overseas most of my life, meaning I have much experience traveling to all parts of Asia and in many circumstances and travel conditions. I have often traveled out in the middle of nowhere and found six essential items I must always have.

I always travel with a 1) water bottle, 2) a backpack, 3) two wallets, 4) hand sanitizers, 5) a scarf, and 6) cleansers. Though they may seem simple for each of these six items, I have a particular reason and purpose why I always travel with them. They help keep me safe and healthy during my travels.

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6 Must-Have Travel Essentials And Why They Should Be In Your Bag

Navigating the intricate global supply chain world has often led me to traverse the globe, visiting various production hubs and attending numerous business meetings. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my travel essentials to ensure seamless and comfortable journeys.

While some of these items may seem simplistic at first glance, their significance in enhancing my travel experiences is profound.

Join me as I delve into these six indispensable travel items and share why you might consider incorporating them into your travel arsenal.

1 – A Water Bottle

I always have a water bottle I can fill with water in. Most Airports in Asia have water bottle machines from which you can get water.

I always drink this water and have never gotten sick. Most Asian people are cautious about being sure to drink clean and not dirty water as they clearly understand that dirty water can get you ill.

I will usually fill up the water bottle before I leave an airport or get on the plane, as most planes never give you enough water, especially on long-haul flights, and I want to be sure that I always have good drinking water.  

For example, in China, the machines have a hot (which means boiling) and a warm function. I usually use the hot function to disinfect my bottle and fill it with warm water.

I love how the airports have these water bottle functions on their machines as it is eco-friendly in that you do not need to waste or produce more plastic, but it can also help save you money while keeping you healthy.

2 – A Backpack

A backpack is convenient for your travel needs.   It is safe as you can keep it on you, but you can also carry most of your needs. A thief can easily cut off a purse; if you have a wallet, it can be picked up. 

One of my favorite backpacks is a brand called Pac-Safe. They have some tremendous anti-theft features on their backpacks: a small wire so they cannot be cut off quickly or magnetic strips that do not let people try to read the chip on your credit cards. I feel anyone serious about traveling should get a Pac-Safe Backpack.

You can find out more about their backpacks by clicking here. Another great thing about Pacsafe is that it is well-made, lightweight, and has excellent style.

I usually put my passport and money in my backpack so that if someone comes from behind me and tries to cut my backpack open, they cannot reach my passport or my wallet. This is why you often see people wearing backpacks on their front side as they worry about their security and belongings.

3 – Two Wallets

I usually have two wallets. I find that having two wallets is just much better security. If my hotel has a safe, I will put my main wallet in my safe and only take what I need for credit cards or cash. If I am ever robbed, I still have part of my wallet in tack at the hotel.

Besides the two wallets, I also like to keep small changes in a pocket in my backpack. If I need to pull out some small change, I will not pull out a massive bundle of cash but instead will pull out some small money. I have learned over the years that many robbers usually watch their victims.

Many robbers scout out their next victim. They check for people who have just gone to a bank or ATM or pulled out large sums of cash to purchase something. So if you go somewhere and pull out a lot of cash to pay for goods or services, these robbers figure you are a good target to hit.

These robbers know that robbing you is worth the risk since there is always a risk involved that they will get caught for them to rob you. It would be best to show them you are not worth the risk of being robbed. So if you do not show them the cash or hide it in another place they do not know, they may figure you are not worth the risk of rob.

4 – Hand Sanitizers

I know that many people now travel and use hand sanitizers, and many brands exist. Some people may feel that using hand sanitizers is overrated, but I find it good to have hand sanitizers with me if I travel, especially in a third-world country. I hang a small one on my backpack to reach it easily.

Many places now have or sell hand sanitizers, but if you have a specific brand you like, you need to bring enough of that brand with you for your entire trip, as the chances are you will not be able to find it during your travels.

5 – Scarf

A scarf may be something many people do not think about, especially if they are traveling in a scorching climate. But having a scarf with me is essential for my travel, especially in a scorching climate.  

The planes, buses, and trains can be icy when the climate is scorching. Sometimes, they are so cold that if I feel jetlagged, I can start feeling sick with a cold coming on. At least a scarf will help to keep me warm and hopefully stop me from getting a terrible cold.

The best kind of scarves I have found to travel with is cashmere, as they are usually lightweight but will also give me some warmth. Sometimes, good cotton or silk can also do the same thing.

It should be large enough to put over yourself and lightweight so you can carry it easily in a backpack or hang it on your bag, but it can also keep you warm. I also like to get a scarf that will wash easily.

6 – Cleaning Packets And Supplies

I always have a lot of cleaners with me, such as wet ones, Lysol spray, and even Clorox wipes. I have used them on planes, trains, buses, restaurants, and even vendors’ bathrooms. 

Bring wipes when you are traveling.

If I am in a restaurant unsure of their cleanliness standard, I will usually wipe down the table with them and clean up the area. Even on planes, I use them to clean my airplane tray and my area of the plane. It means I have less chance of getting sick than if I did not have the cleaners on my travels.

If you are like me and like a specific brand (I like wet ones, Clorox wipes, and the travel-size Lysol spray), you should bring enough of them for your travels to avoid running out of them.

I find having a way to clean up something is always essential in Asia. I jokingly tell my friends that I walk about Asia cleaning up toilets, as I have used my cleaners to clean up many toilets on my travels before I would use them. 

These are all straightforward and essential travel items, but having them with me can make all the difference between whether my travels are safe and healthy or if I am not. This is why now I consider these six items – a water bottle, a backpack, two wallets, hand sanitizers, a scarf, and cleaning packets and supplies as travel essentials.

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