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The 1% Rule Of Gains 


The 1% rule of mariginal gaings is about making minor daily improvements so that those small changes add to more significant changes over time.

1% Gains

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The 1% rule was popularized by Sir Dave Brailsford of the British Cycling team, emphasizing minor incremental and changes of just  1% improvements in various areas to bring significant overall gains.

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The 1% Rule Has A Cumulative Effect

Gradual modifications accumulate into significant transformations when accumulated over an extended period

The 1% Rule Helps Good Habit Formation

The 1% Rule empowers you to establish and maintain positive habits that pave the way for transformation

Ensures Overcoming Resistance To Change 1% At A Time

The 1% Rule enables the implementation of gradual and manageable adjustments that are embraced and accepted more easily

Builds Confidence And Momentum 1% At A Time

Every slight improvement acts as a foundational block, bolstering confidence and generating forward momentum

The 1% Rule Is Customer-Centric Focused

Embracing the 1% Improvement Rule resonates with your company's dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

The 1% Marginal Gains Improvement Rule is a fundamental core value at Mondoro. Inspired by the success of the British Cycling team;  we embrace the philosophy of making small changes each day to drive significant progress over time 

Why The 1% Gains Rule Is Important To Us! 

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